Level 15
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Class 1

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The Futuristic Halls of Level 15.


An empty room in Level 15.

Level 15 is the 16th Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered by a Reddit user u/incomplete-sentanc.


Level 15 appears to be futuristic hallways with occasional pitch black areas, along with the sound of an engine in the background, sentanc claimed he went to find the source of the noise but stated that it's hard to find. There is also lights all over with fans right under where you walk. There is occasional Rooms here that each contain one control room. Using these controls does nothing. There is also a discovered computer here. There is thought to be more computers here. This level is almost devoid of entities. The only documented ones are Hounds and Smilers. The level size is though to be 0.7 million square miles. Most of the rooms here are devoid of furniture. in this level it is very common to find objects and other random things.

Level 15 is thought to be split into two sections, 1st class, and the lobby. 1st class is the first area you will encounter. It represents a 1st class on a futuristic airplane, though coming across rooms with chairs is incredibly rare, making this area different from a regular 1st class. There are rarely entities here, though it can happen. This area is mostly made up of halls though it is possible to find control rooms here. The lobby is the second area you will find here after wandering far enough from where you started. This area entities are more common, though they don't seem to be that aggressive as usual. Rooms are more common here and occasional cameras cam be found on the ceiling every now and then. Furniture is more common here, though its normally just a single chair. The main "lobby" here has a futuristic table with futuristic chairs. On the table is a computer linked to the cameras in the 5 mile radius.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this Level, though it is not that hard to set one. (keep in mind that attempting to find communities in any Level is not recommended, as the Backrooms are infinite, and the community could be dangerous).

Entrances And Exits:

Level 15 is extremely hard to get in to, as only one has got in. Sentanc claims that he opened thousands of doors in Level 3 and then one led here. The only known way to leave is to No-Clip into Negative Levels.

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