Level 15
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The Futuristic Halls of Level 15.


An empty room in Level 15.

Level 15 is a series of futuristic hallways with occasional pitch-black areas created by the absence of any lighting. Sounds of engines can be heard from afar when traversing through these hallways; these noises are coming from machines that are located in large rooms closed off by reinforced doors made out of metal. A part of the wall of these rooms is made out of thick glass.

These machines range from the size of a laptop to unmeasurable dimensions, and the noises they emit don't seem to be affected by their size. Some machines have clear tasks, which are easy to notice — like producing steel rods — but most of them don't seem to have one, with some not having any Frontrooms equivalent whatsoever. Rarely, one may stumble upon a room that contains machines that have been destroyed; machines of which appear to have either exploded or broken due to unknown reasons. It is theorized that the cause of these explosions is a lack of maintenance, since nothing seems to prevent them from breaking down. The glass on the wall of these rooms appears to have been shattered, but not broken, indicating that it may be composed similarly to laminated glass.

This level is thought to be infinite; however, this is only an assumption made since it might be simply too large for a proper measurement to be made. Thus far, it has been verified that it covers a surface area of at least 6 080 km².1
The rooms and hallways are made out of white or gray concrete, with beams of white steel lining up against the walls and ceilings. Long symbols—which look like arabesques—can be found inscribed on the beams. These appear to have only a design purpose. Large lights on the walls, ceilings, or ground give an eerie glow to these empty hallways. The only thing that is breaking this color scheme is the dried-out blood and bodily fluids that can be found alongside corpses present throughout the Level.

These corpses seem human, but the manpower inside the Level doesn't allow for proper dissection, identification, or removal of these corpses. They are dressed in lab coats, and the causes of death seem to be from violent fights using different kinds of weapons. Makeshift knives and spears can be found alongside some corpses, but no firearms have yet been discovered, even though some bodies show clear signs of gunshot wounds. Despite the absence of bugs to help with the decomposition process, the corpses seem to have lost enough water to indicate that they have been here for several months, or even years.

Several kinds of rooms can be found in this place. The engine rooms have already been mentioned, but other ones exist, which appear to be laboratories, dormitories, kitchens, and control rooms, as well as storage containing food, water, or numerous types of equipment. Almond water is notable by its absence in the entire Level. The majority of these rooms are empty and devoid of furniture, while others have been the theater of intense fighting. Computers can be accessed and can connect to the I.L.N.2
These computers are running on unknown versions of Linux, which is called "Avalon 2.4". They are hosting files that appear to be written in an unknown language; a language of which is currently being studied and researched by the Cygnus Order. However, it is known that some of these files are journals, mails, studies, or manuals about the aforementioned engines and machines, and their tasks.

No entities have yet been discovered inside this level, however, numerous corpses of Hounds have been found piled up in a room that seemed to have been used to cremate a large number of undefined objects.


Level 15 was first discovered when a wanderer entered it during an event that occurred in level 10.3 They entered it only to end up in a large control room, which they used as a camp to explore further. After two days, the door slammed shut by itself and hasn't reopened since. That wanderer, who we will call Enric from now on, has effectively been stuck in this level since the door has never reopened itself and no other way out, or in, has been found to this day.

Two years went on since Enric's arrival at this level. He explored a portion of it, still using the main control room as his principal camp. Using the computers, he was able to contact groups and provide proof of the existence of this level, as well as keeping a weekly update of his progress in this place. These updates can be found on Enric's personal website.

He spent the first year exploring the area, and by his estimations, he has covered around 6 080 km² during that year. The second year was dedicated to looking into the files and technology more in-depth, but sadly, no breakthrough (allowing him to exit this level) was made during these researches.

His mental well-being has been one of our prime concerns during all of this time. Thanks to the constant availability of the I.L.N., we were able to stay in contact with Enric and provide him with books, music, games, and other distractions that would allow him to set his isolation aside for some hours. We were also able to make him contact his family on Level 11. Overall, he seems to have coped well enough with the situation, but he has still requested to be followed by one of our psychiatrists to make sure that he remains sound of mind throughout the time he is spending within the level.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The only known base on this level is Enric's, which has been set up inside of a large control room and has existed for around two years—as of now.
Traces of other camps have been found while exploring this level, but they were all abandoned and seemed to have been made by the people that can be found dead all around this level. No other traces of wanderers have been found thus far.

Entrances and Exits

It is extremely hard to get into and out of level 15; only two ways in and out have been recorded as of 14/12/2021.

The first one is accessible only during an event that has only occurred once during the recorded history of the Backrooms. A large wall made out of the same materials and with a similar design as the one from the inside of level 15 appeared inside of level 10. It stretched out into the distance without a visible end.

Enric was — as far as we are aware — the only one discovering a door that lead into the level—without preparation or contact with any group. The wall disappeared two days later, trapping him inside.

However, some documents found by Enric in the computers across this level allow us to theorize some sort of explanation for that phenomenon. A recording of one of the scanners that can be accessed on the terminals found in this level can be displayed under these lines.4

All of the devices displaying these scans are consistent across the level: They are all showing the same thing at any given time. Different objects will appear and cross the screen and some are linked with green lines, but when two shapes overlap each other; they are highlighted in green. Most of these objects are moving at a constant rate across the screen, and only a few of them have been seen accelerating or slowing down. No orange line has been seen changing during their time on screen.

The only shapes that have stayed immobile over the two years that Enric looked at them are the center one and the small circle located on the right part of the screen.
We can notice how the orange lines that predict the shapes' movement are displayed only when those shapes related to them are on the screen, this behavior is similar to that of the green lines that are linking the objects. These are only displayed if both objects are on-screen.

The first theory is that Level 15 used to be a space station and that these objects were moving around it. This theory is elegant, at first, because of the aesthetics of the radar, which closely resemble those found in spacecraft. However, this theory still leaves a lot of questions unanswered: What are those links? Why are objects that cross each other being highlighted in such a way? Why isn't the small circle having a trajectory? Furthermore, the trajectories of some of these objects are strongly not matching the ones of objects that would be in space.

A second theory attempts to link this radar (including its scan) with the event of the apparition of the wall in Level 10. It says that the objects displayed on the screen are levels; that green lines are the connections that wanderers can use to travel across these levels, either through no-clip or doors which allow for access to a new place; and that when shapes overlap it means that two levels have "collided" into each other, resulting in the levels no-clipping into each other, making parts of said levels appear in one another.
Something that is still unsure is if this radar is merely a simulation or if these levels are moving across a flat plane.

This theory was strongly supported when Enric was able to find what appears to be another exit (presumably to exit Level 15) one that could be represented—in the radar—by the green line going from the center onto the small circle on the right of the screen.

It's theorized that this green line is linked to a strange room that was found two hours away from the main camp. That room has an appearance identic to the ones that contain engines and can be found throughout the level, but it has a notable difference that cannot be found elsewhere.
All of the engines of the rooms appear to be missing, and a doorframe, leading to what appears to be the empty void of space, can be found in the back of it.

That doorframe glows a soft, white light and appears out of this world -if it means anything in the Backrooms- and doesn't have a door in it. What's beyond the frame is looking like a night sky, distant luminous dots can be observed.
A large sphere of clear, blue light can be observed in its center. It appears still and is suspected to be a star. More observations are needed to be able to identify more information about it.

Thankfully, the strong–reinforced door leading into the room itself seems intact, preventing a depressurization of level 15. Despite this, Enric was asked to spend as little time as possible in this area as it may be possible for this object to have irradiated the surroundings.

While this seems to be a way to enter a new, undocumented level, it is not viable to attempt exploring it. We are currently hoping for another event where level 15 could be accessed from somewhere else to be able to get Enric out of this place.

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