Level 148
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Class 5b

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Environmental Dangers

Level 148 is the 149th level of the Backrooms.



A photo taken in an unknown spot of the level.

Level 148 is known as "The Living Level" due to its anomalous ability to shape and alter its surroundings when movement is sensed. Sounds even as minuscule as wanderers’ footsteps can be sensed by the entity and lead to hostility. Although it is seldom used, studies have shown that the level appears to even have the ability to communicate by directly speaking to wanderers on the level. This ability has led to hypotheses from researchers that the level is actively intelligent, manipulative, and acts with malicious intent. The entity can communicate by either inscribing its messages on the wall or speaking to the wanderer. Its voice has been described as low and hoarse, usually leading its prey into a false sense of security or a feeling of hopelessness in order to make prey easier to kill.

2 different states in which the level functions have been documented, those being the Basic State — in which it is relatively safe to traverse the level — and the Alarm State — in which it is unsafe to traverse the level. In its Basic State, the level consists of randomly assorted halls resembling rooms or corridors seen in other levels. Wanderers have reported seeing massive open rooms or voids along with staircases of varying shapes. Most halls and rooms can contain a seemingly infinite amount of random items, the most helpful and common being bags of chips or junk food, sleeping bags, self-defense items such as switchblades, working cell phones, and clothing. Each hall and room can also include furniture ranging from grand pianos and bunk beds to foldable chairs and cardboard boxes, all matching their respective room.

It is unlikely that wanderers in the level will encounter more than 2-4 entities per hour during the Basic State, meaning that it is ideal to traverse the level this time rather than the Alarm State. Items like Smiler Repellent that are used to rid the surrounding area of entities do not yield any effect on this level; why this happens is unknown. During Level 148’s Alarm State, the entity within the level will seemingly “wake up” and become extremely hostile and malicious. If possible, find a small, enclosed space in which you cannot be found. Make as little movement as possible, as vibrations may cause a reaction from level 148, as listed below. During this state, any and all light in the level coming from lamps or lights on the walls or mobile lights that wanderers may carry will go out, and if lucky, only dim. Accompanying the lack of light on the level during the Alarm State will be a faint red glow, providing barely any light. Quite often, wallpaper may begin to peel, and destruction without any visible cause may occur.

The length of time one cycle may take has been documented to be from 3 hours to 4 days. Food, items, and tools are fairly common throughout the level along with fully furnished rooms with an array of basic household items. It is presumed that these items were left behind by other wanderers, though this is not confirmed at the present time. Above all, it is extremely ill-advised for anyone to enter the level unless traveling with proper equipment.

The Living Level

As stated before, the level is an entity on its own, able to eat, sleep, hunt, feel pain, and communicate. The level is responsible for all of the level traps during the alarm state, because this is when the entity is "awake". While every hall and room is technically a part of The Living Level, it is usually not considered as a part of the entity during the basic state. The strangest thing about this entity is its method of communication. Even when it is "sleeping," it is subconsciously able to communicate with wanderers by writing on the walls or talking in human speech. Tests have been conducted with bilingual operatives of the M.E.G. which revealed that the voice would be in their native language. One test involved 2 operatives who spoke 2 different native languages — one who was a native speaker of Spanish and a second who was a native speaker of Russian — in order to see what would occur when the entity spoke to them. To their surprise, both operatives heard the same thing simultaneously in their own native languages. Further tests have proven that wanderers who are illiterate, non-verbal, and/or deaf experience strange results. Illiterate people will never experience writing on the wall; rather, they will only be subjected to vocal communication. Non-verbal and deaf people experience the opposite of this. People who are illiterate and non-verbal will not experience communication at all. People who are blind will experience physical contact from 6 supposed fingers that tap the wanderer in Braille, even if the wanderer does not know Braille — oddly enough. Other tests have yet to be conducted.

It can also manifest trick escapes in the form of Mimics, which if not well educated on them, can lead to injury to the wanderer. These trick escapes will have the appearance of a doorway with a sign above it labeled "EXIT." Upon entrance, the door will close shut and the Mimic will consume the wanderer. It is also possible to engage in full conversation with the level, but these conversations are usually short-lived. In terms of hostility, the level is very hostile towards any vibrations that the level can feel, but it is assumed to have no vision, because its own traps may sometimes trigger more traps, and some attacks may not occur in the exact location of the vibration. Due to the level being a living organism, researchers have hypothesized that it is able to die. When damage is done to the walls, the level may "bleed," which is confirmed to be organic matter resembling blood. If harmed while it is asleep, the entity will awaken and trigger an Alarm State. These alarm states typically last shorter than they would when caused naturally, but it is not recommended to cause one on purpose. The Living Level has also been proven to breathe and produce waste in the form of highly acidic piles of bones and flesh. The walls are extremely thick, and no attempts to further breach the "skin" of the entity have been made due to dangerous conditions, leaving further biology of the entity unknown.

Level Traps:

Level traps are hostile reactions the level will use to respond to vibrations during the alarm state. These traps are designed with the intent to kill anyone on the level, but escape is possible, granted that one knows the proper methods explained below. Possible effects include environmental changes, surroundings being altered, harmful gasses, the sudden appearance of harmful entities, or effects altering the mind and/or body.

The Flood


A photo of Outcome #1 before the photographer's demise.

The Flood has 2 possible outcomes. In the first, a flood seems to engulf whatever the size of the hallway is, and rapids of waves that have been recorded to go up to 70mph will sweep anything in the hallway away with brutal force. In the second outcome of The Flood, walls made out of the same metal as the Dome will lock the hall approximately 10 feet away from each other. The water produced during this outcome has a temperature of 10˚ F, yet doesn't freeze. The water will reach the ceiling in a matter of seconds and will stay as such for 7 minutes. After 7 minutes, the walls will collapse, but the rush of water can cause even more vibrations, causing another trap. Most wanderers will freeze or drown by then, however. In order to avoid outcome #1, one can block themselves by using furniture or by going inside of a nook to avoid the wave. The only way to avoid outcome #2 is by bringing proper Scuba equipment into the level, resulting in this attack having the highest fatality rate.

The Squeeze


A photo taken during a Squeeze.

When this reaction is triggered, any wall, floor, or ceiling will instantaneously begin to close in on the entity or wanderer at a rapid pace. This will result in the instigator being crushed, unless they have escaped. When the side has made contact with the other, it will stay that way permanently, closing any passage back in the other direction. In case of this occurrence, it is advised not to approach any dead ends, which may have you sealed shut with no exit. The only escape from this trap is by running out of the closing space before it closes completely.


The Swivel is a trap that causes small sections of the level to swerve and twist uncontrollably, leaving large sections of the level either missing or impassable. When a Swivel takes place, sections of hallways will disconnect from the entity and begin to rotate at speeds of up to 55mph. The consistency between Swivels is that all Swivels have a "connection point" or an axis that the section of the hall is fixed to. Locating the connection point as a Swivel begins is crucial, as this is the most stable point on the platform. Wanderers trapped in a swiveling section of the level will be thrown violently against the walls or flinging them into the void area. Unfortunately, wanderers trapped on a swiveled section have never escaped, due to the high velocity turning motions of the section. These do not, however, have the highest fatality rate because of their scarcity and the possibility to easily survive and/or escape.

Telekinesis and Physical/Mental Issues

When a telekinesis trap occurs, so will one issue from a list of physical/mental problems. These include but are not limited to blurry vision, organ failure, muscle failure, wiped memory, seizure, hallucinations, and blindness, among others. When vibrations are sensed and a telekinesis trap is used, many physical changes could happen in almost a half-mile radius. Recently, wanderers on Level 148 have reported the floor falling and subsequently the void opening, random objects being picked up and flying directly at the wanderer at high speed, and chunks of wall and ceiling falling or being thrown at the thing that triggered it, entity or wanderer. The best way to protect yourself is by shielding yourself by using any object you can find; a mattress from a bed works best, but if no such item is found, even printers found on the level can be the difference between life or death. The other option is to get away from any large objects and get in the most open space possible so that dodging is easier.

Entity Swarm

When an entity swarm occurs, leave as quickly as possible. This is by far the most dangerous documented event during the alarm state that has occurred as of now. As many as 25 hostile entities will suddenly appear through unknown means, usually out of sight, and will instantly kill anything nearby. These entities seem to be much more aggressive in mannerism and far more intelligent. The most commonly seen entities include Clumps, Stranglers, Child Facelings, and Growlers, though others have been sighted through camera footage. When an entity swarm occurs, do not freak out. The easiest way to flee an Entity Swarm is by first taking your shoes off. This will reduce the sound you make and slightly lower the chances of being seen. Secondly, take off any items or clothing reducing your speed. When both steps are completed, run in the most easily accessible escape, assuming it is not blocked by an entity. If it is blocked, either take an alternate route, or dodge the entities for as long as possible, and wait for an exit.


The name of the trap is literal in its sense. The level will ignite a small fire which will begin small but may destruct a large portion of the area. The flames produced are impossible to extinguish, burn at 2,192 °F, and are black and blue. The flames travel slowly and can be outrun, but they come in huge quantities and are still difficult to escape. They are most commonly known as "Infinifire". When you can no longer hear, see, or feel the heat of the flames you are most likely safe, but keep moving in the opposite direction of the fire. These flames do not seem to harm the surroundings of Level 148, and burn marks have not been discovered following an Infinifire outburst. If burned by the fire, one may suffer deeply painful and permanent scars, which have no known treatment. If more than a small portion is burned, or the flesh is penetrated, the limb must be amputated due to possible deadly infection from ashes. This infection will slowly rot the flesh of the wanderer and spread throughout the wanderer's internal system, chewing away at vital organs.


Level 148 has many of the most dangerous entities known to the backrooms, which are as follows: Smilers, Hounds, large colonies of Parasictic Paint, Plague Goblins, a very hostile version of Tile Traps, and Phobic Centipedes, among many others. These entities will remain the same during the alarm state, but with an increased entity count added onto these included in the Entity Swarm. A tip that should be noted is that all entities are very hostile and seem to have effects similar to the effects of Cashew Water.

POI: Knox ████, AKA The King of Level 148

Knox ████ is a 35-year-old male who noclipped into the Backrooms when he was around █. He is the first known wanderer to see Level 148, yet he is very protective of information regarding his experience with the first few days of the level. Upon asking for an interview, he becomes very defensive about the topic and has even hit a M.E.G. employee. He is a highly influential person among those trapped on Level 148 due to his survival expertise and training, and has thus been given the nickname "The King of Level 148". When not bothered by his past, he is a very talented hacker, has phenomenal aim with his pyroil squirt gun, is fluent in the Latin language, █ █ ████ ████, and is the sole leader of The Dome located on Level 148. He has an introverted disposition and is not very sociable unless information regarding the Backrooms is asked of him. As for appearance, he has a strong build, short black hair, green eyes, and glasses. He can be spotted most easily by seeing the scars strewn about his lower left leg, most likely due to a traumatizing hound attack. It is rumored that after the audio recording of Knox entering Level 148, Knox was remarkably able to escape the entity and flee, through unknown means, eventually discovering The Dome.

After Knox's first few days inside of Level 148, Knox quickly began to change his personality from his quiet, introverted manner to becoming more reclusive and tough. Knox has since studied the biology of the entity in order to better understand its limits, and eventually, kill it. Because of this, Knox has formed an uncanny "bond" with the entity where the entity will not purposefully harm Knox. The reason for this is currently unknown. Knox can talk to the entity anywhere outside of The Dome, and the entity has been proven to respond to Knox 60% of the time, a much higher percentage than any other wanderer.

(Your security ain't that good btw I shut down your firewalls like a piece of cake) Really M.E.G? You're making a thing on me? What the hell? I won't stop you but that info is scarily accurate. If you are going to trust someone for a survival guide, it's me. If you need food or trading while on 148, find me. Sometimes I will roam the halls and rooms bcs I got this place memorized like the back of my hand. I censored some stuff I didn't really want people to know too; maybe ask me first??? And yes, my first days on this level changed me. I was already introverted, but now I ain't gonna give a shit if you are wasting my time.

Audio Transcript

This is a recording found on an unmarked microphone in the level's halls.


Level 148 was discovered on 5/14/2009. The very first recorded wanderer to travel through Level 148 was Knox, A.K.A. The King Of Level 148.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

The Dome

In seemingly random spaces, crawlspaces can be found which will always lead to a 225x225ft open room with a rounded ceiling with walls made out of an unidentified metallic substance. Because of the linearity of the level, these will never change, and key entrances have been listed below. This is the only room documented where the level's effects do not take place, and entities do not roam. The cause of this phenomenon is an ongoing theory without a clear explanation. The leading explanation for this is that Level 148 had been a regular level in the past but was somehow taken over by this entity.

There are around 10-20 wanderers inside the room at all times, and they are open to trading and are generally very kind to newcomers. These wanderers are not related in any way unless they were traveling together when they arrived at the Dome. They have set up multiple tents in the room and will let anyone stay as long as they need to. The current leader is a wanderer named Knox, who is supposedly the first wanderer to arrive on the level.

Crawlspace locations leading to The Dome:
  • A 40ft by 40ft room representing a haunted house has an entrance under the stairs.
  • A small, wooden room with stockades and guillotines has an entrance to the left of the wooden table.
  • Any halls with a multitude of black doors; one of the doors in each hall will have a crawlspace behind it.
  • A room that resembles a recording studio has an entrance under the desk.
  • A 115ft long hallway with the appearance of a bounce house has a crawlspace located behind the inflatables.

M.E.G. "Team Hellscape"

"Team Hellscape" is a group of around 10 M.E.G. operatives led by M.E.G. member Elizabeth Parker that exit and enter Level 148 by noclipping into a bronze mirror that connects Level 148 and Level 365. This team's goal is to study the biology of Level 148, as well as do regular checkups on The Dome and its residents. Trips can take as little as several hours to as long as 2 weeks. This team is friendly and will assist all wanderers in exiting Level 148 if they are willing.

Entrances And Exits



The most common way to enter Level 148 is by noclipping into the floor of any basement-type room. But once again, entrance to the level is not advised if one does not come prepared. Entrance is also possible by opening any door in the Backrooms. 17 reports of this have been heard of and are extremely rare, although it is thought that traveling between levels too quickly can lead you here.
The other noted entrances are:

  • Wandering in certain directions for over an hour on Level 65.
  • Entering some trapdoors on Level 151.
  • Entering a tall bronze mirror on Level 365.
  • Getting caught cheating on Level 345.


The main exit to the level is by noclipping into any level that can be possibly noclipped into, but noclipping on purpose is impossible on Level 148, and only noclipping on accident will transport you out. This results in wanderers being stuck on the level for months without escape. Other possible exits include:

  • Recovering from a fall into the void can take you to Level 166.
  • Noclipping into a tall, bronze mirror will send you to Level 365.
  • Holding a bag of popcorn can send you to Level 68.
  • A room seeping green water and mud will transport you to Level 66.
  • Halls compromised of a fleshy substance lead to Level 276.

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