Level 147
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Picture depicting the city in Level 147

Level 147 is the 148th Level of the Backrooms. It appears to be a smoggy, gray city filled with plying buses.


Level 147 resembles a city, featuring all sorts of buildings, from small white stone houses to massive modern skyscrapers. A distinctive feature, however, is the general gloominess of the buildings and their apparent detachment from the observer. Investigators who reached this level found themselves in a passenger bus, which travels through the city streets in a spiral, similar to a cylindrical helix. The path’s spiral-like nature can only be detected by the position of the sun, and it is rarely detected by chance.

Level 147 seems to alter people's memories. It gives wanderers the illusion that they have already been there, traveling around for their whole life. Most people have reported to know the area even when presented with strong arguments against it. It is difficult to track that the bus route is slowly shifting towards the north of the city due to this property, as the majority of people tend to lose themselves in the nostalgia. This memory distortion seems to only affect people whose most memorable public transport route was in a city. Those who remember the road trips outside a city more vividly or fondly do not experience distorted memories.

From time to time, the bus stops and opens its doors. Usually, this happens near structures resembling the frame of a bus stop. Passengers, Trouble-makers, and sometimes the Bus Conductor, a rare appearance, can be found there. Wanderers may leave the bus, usually resulting in death by dehydration or hunger, and sometimes, even freezing to death. It is NOT RECOMMENDED to leave the bus alone unless you intend to explore Level 147 at your own risk.
The city is completely empty. There is nothing to be found inside the buildings, just bare concrete walls, even if the building’s outside is not made of concrete. The total size of the city is unknown. 256 km2 have already been discovered and cartographed, and no one has seen the border of it yet.

It is known that bus 34 is not the only way to travel on the Level 147. Numerous other vehicles are present: buses, minibuses, cars, and others. Some can be dangerous or lethal, such as electric buses, with metal surfaces under a constant voltage of 380 V. These are easy to detect by their lack of a combustion engine’s noise and a large inscription on the windows that reads: “This is an electric bus. Like an electric car, but actually a bus". These buses are not dangerous without direct contact.


Entities in this level can be divided into two groups: Hostile and Non-hostile. Passengers are considered non-hostile, while Trouble-makers and the Bus conductor are hostile. Passengers should be treated neutrally; they do not react to the people they see or meet. Passengers have a humanoid form, but without a face. Instead, they have smooth, black skin. Investigators have reported they look like they are "wearing tights on their head". Passengers are usually dressed in various business suits, sometimes wearing a hat.

Trouble-makers can be dangerous sometimes, but more often than not, they harm the bus itself. They have already destroyed the seats and scratched the walls. They resemble Passengers, but with big eyes (most commonly red) and a mouth with sharp teeth. Don't let them get on the bus. They will attract the Bus conductor.

The Bus conductor appears as a tall man in a leather coat. You need a Ticket to avoid being attacked, and possibly killed, by the Bus conductor. If you have a Ticket, then you can stay on this level for as long as you’d like until you leave the bus. The Bus conductor is dangerous for all stowaways. Most often, these are travelers who accidentally wandered into the bus and Trouble-makers. If you are a stowaway, there’s nothing you can do but wait for death. The Bus Conductor does not pay attention to weapons or any other damage on the bus. It is not known whether or not he can somehow be damaged. The Bus conductor can warp the space of the bus to trap anyone, should they try to escape. After that, he kills the stowaway. Sometimes he will pick up the victim’s belongings. Even if you do manage to avoid the Bus Conductor, this bus ride is still a path to death unless you have plenty of food and water. You may collect items from the corpses.

The Ticket is a flexible rectangular card measuring 8.5 cm by 5.4 cm. It is made of a material that resembles plastic but has better thermal conductivity, which makes it cold. You can find it on the ground near the bus stops. Sometimes, it is covered in mud, so spotting it can be difficult. Tickets are quite rare and highly prized when trading. If you show it to the Bus conductor when he comes up to you, he will take your ticket, but after that, you will be able to ride for as long as you like - he will not attack you anymore.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

CBS (Coalition of Backrooms Survivors) Base Astra.

  • Base A is the main research center for the method of setting up Level Keys to open new levels.
  • Base A has 488 members.
  • It is located in one of the skyscrapers of Level 147, which was fully equipped with the forces of CBS.

Entrances And Exits:


  • You can randomly get to Level 147 by no-clipping out of reality in other levels.
  • If you find Bus 34 at Level 11 and get on it, you will most likely end up in Level 147 with everyone else in the bus.
  • After a long walk on streets at Level 9, sooner or later, you will start to feel the effects of Level 147 or simply notice a strange environment around. This is the most unsafe way to get there.


  • Using another bus, there is a chance to get to a skyscraper made of glass panels. Entering it, and going through the maze of corridors inside, will lead you to Level 4 or Level 0.

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