Level 141
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The old "Bright Hub"


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Class 4

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A picture of one of the boilers.

Level 141 is the 142nd Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered on 5/21/96 but only ever documented on 11/6/20.

This level is an infinite boiler room similar to Level 5's Boiler Room. But instead of having only one boiler, this whole level is made of boilers.


The Boiler Rooms

This section is the most common variation of Level 141 and is the most probable area you'll begin in. Despite that, this level is excessively hazardous since temperatures reach up to 56°C (132°F) on average. You undoubtedly have to bring some protection before coming here. If you choose not, you'll die of overheating unless you have a special Heat Protection Suit hidden in The Employee Break Room.
Gas leaks are an everyday affair here. So if you ever hear anything similar to gas leaking out. Get out of the room you hear it in. Due to the knowledge of this gas being propane gas, that can and will suffocate you. You should evacuate the room as fast as possible.
Stairs and elevators also can be found to take you to other levels of the Backrooms, but infrequently so.
On occasion, you may locate objects such as shovels, dried-up bottles of almond water, hatchets, holdable pipes, Heat Protection Suits, and other industrial equipment inside.
The only reported entity in this part of Level 141 is Dullers.


The inside of the "Employee Break Room."

The Employee Break Room is where the employees take breaks from working on the boilers. Some can harbor furniture as to others that can be barren. It seems that all of the employees have died as their bodies are both inside and near the room.
There may be the discovery of an open pipe in this room. If you can find it here, you can go through it and escape. Thou don't attempt to smash open one of the pipes, as the propane gas will fill the room. You can find these rooms from a door labeled with a red heart and golden stripes.

Codename: 141


A picture of "The Tunnels".

The Tunnels

The Tunnels are a large web of tunnels that go in-between the primary sections of The Boiler Rooms like a highway linking two towns.
These tunnels look like highways and are not as burning as the Boiler Rooms as they only ever go up to 50°C (122°F) on average. Pipes line the walls of The Tunnels. If you hear a leaking noise, turn around and run in the opposite direction of where you heard it. It's a propane gas leak that can suffocate you just like it would in the Boiler Rooms. You may find the tunnel to branch into 2, 3, or 4 other tunnels. It's totally up to you which way you want to go as they all go to similar areas and are not predictable.
Doors line the walls on occasion. These doors have a number next to them; this is a "codename." To find out which door takes you wherein Level 141, you must use its codename.

The Boiler Rooms: 141
141.1 has never been found.
The Tunnels: 141.2
The Cold Boilers: 141.3

They're used to tell which door takes you to each location. Doors with other numbers lead to the level of that number. Doors without a number can take you anywhere but are VERY rare. Doors with confetti are just a way to tell you where the party is! =)).


The only entities in this part of Level 141 are Dullers, and they are a little bit rarer. When you see a Duller slowly walk away. If that doesn't work, run for your life. However, if you have something to defend yourself with, like the list of items mentioned above, you may want to use those.
You may find random text saying "141- TDH -TBH" with the "TDH" text scribbled out for an unknown reason. Nobody seems to know the true meaning of this text.

Codename: 141.2


The Fueling rooms.

The Fueling rooms.

The Fueling Rooms is a large room composed of fuel tanks attached to The Tunnels. This room works similar to the Employee Break Room with how you find it, just with a fuel tank on its door. The distinction is that you cannot locate this door inside any part of Level 141 besides The Tunnels.
Inside the room, you can encounter large fuel tanks used for fueling all of the boilers. People suspect that the pipes that line the walls in The Tunnels are fuel pipes as they carry propane inside them. These rooms are small, only being about the size of a cabin. While other sections of Level 141 are more vast than some metropolitan areas. When somebody breaks one of these fuel tanks open. A propane gas leak occurs, which in turn kills the person. These rooms are colder than most of this level, being a nice 30°C (86°F).


While Dullers have appeared here, they are uncommon due to how small the rooms tend to be. However, there's one entity, dubbed "The Fuel Guy." That appears in every fueling room. They wear black overalls and look human. They operate on the tanks to secure each section of the Boiler Rooms to get enough fuel to function. They are friendly unless you either attack him or cause a gas leak.
The only way out is the door you arrived in from, leading you back to The Tunnels.


Pipes covered in snow inside The Cold Boilers.

The Cold Boilers

The Cold Boilers are a reverse version of the Boiler Rooms. Instead of being super hot, they're super cold. This section of Level 141 constantly goes into the negatives. Temperatures here are a low -70F° (-57C°) on average. So bringing at least a jacket is required to survive here. Gas leaks don't ensue here due to the freezing temperatures. Elevators don't work. Stairs are ice that will crack and break when too much weight is on them.
The Employee Break Room does exist but's frozen over in a heap of snow and ice. There appears to be nothing in the room at all.
For some reason, it appears to artificially snow in the Cold Boilers. Ice, icicles, snow up to 1.5 meters deep (some people say even further), and damaged boilers are all found here. Pipes that lead to levels like Level 2 are clogged with ice, making it impossible to go through. Almond water's here, but it's frozen solid, making it impossible to drink.
Some doors are locked and need a key that's difficult to find, but any key from this level will work. You can discover these keys scattered everywhere. But they're most commonly located in the Employee Break Room. The lights are dim and occasionally non-existent, making some of this level exceptionally dark. So carrying a flashlight is advised.

Snow shovels and holdable frozen pipes are around here too.


Dullers freeze to death when coming in here, so your chance of dying to them is non-existent.

Codename: 141.3


A brightened picture of the blackout event.

The Blackout

A Blackout is an event that takes place after all the electricity's used up. This event can take between 1-5 weeks to occur in any location of Level 141. This event provokes an immediate blackout for the entire level. EVERYTHING stops operating as the temperature drops to 10°C (50°F) on average. So it could be helpful to wait for the blackout. However, you do require a flashlight to see.
Dullers are exceptionally hard to see blending into the pipes themselves, Making them a significant threat.

How to stop the blackout event

To stop the blackout event, you first need to find the Employee Break Room. There will be a "Backup Power" switch at the back of the room. Rotate it to the left and wait for about one minute. Then the level will re-gain power instantaneously.
Note: while there are multiple Employee Break Rooms in Level 141. When you use that rooms' backup power, you cannot use it again as it's one-time use only. When the blackout occurs again, you must locate a new Employee Break Room to use the "Backup Power" again.

Record Temperatures.

Note: These are estimates
Highest: 118°C (224°F)
Found after going into a "very bright" room.
Lowest: -214°C (-353°F)
Found inside the Cold Boilers

141s Logs


This is the documented history of this level, there may be more history that's unknown to us.

Bases, Outposts, or Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts, or communities on this level.

The M.E.G. attempted to create a small outpost here, but the intense heat made construction unbearable and made the people miserable.


  • No-clip into Level 5's boiler.
  • Find a building in Level 11 with boilers inside.
  • Find a metal bolt door in Level 2.
  • Using the arcade machines in Level 25 can sometimes send you here.
  • Going into and through a pipe can rarely take you here.


  • If you find a flight of stairs or an elevator, it can take you to Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, and rarely Level 102 or Level 65. One person has said to have gone to Level 401 but this is not confirmed.
  • In The Tunnels, if you find a door with a number next to it. Then that door will lead to that level. If you find a numbered door that goes to an un-documented level, it will be locked until it gets discovered. After that, the lock will unlock itself without any keys necessary. These doors are VERY rare.
  • Going up the ice stairs in The Cold Boilers will always take you to level -5.
  • Going through the pipes in the break room can take you back to Level 5 but can also take you to Level 2.
  • No clip into one of the boilers to go back to Level 5 or any Negative Level.
  • Find a metal bolt door. This can take you to either Level 2 or Level 14.
  • A random door can take you to Level 11.
  • Find a door with confetti nearby! Then you can join our party! =).
  • Falling through the floor during the blackout stage has a chance of leading to Level 272.

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