Level 137
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Class 4

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Photograph of Level 137 .

Level 137 is the 138th Level of the Backrooms. It takes on the appearance of a dark residential structure that is presumably infinite. It is a high risk but high reward level to explore. Despite being such a harsh environment it has a notable human population due to the profitable business of scavenging.


Level 137 is a nightmarish maze consisting of stucco walls and incandescent lights. It is shrouded in a pitch black darkness which can only be illuminated via Level 137's lighting fixtures, and cannot be lit by any other light sources. Numerous trials have corroborated this claim. The level is abundant with supplies such as almond water and radios but is teeming with hostile entities. There are an innumerable amount of light switches, a majority of which are non-functional, and electrical outlets in this complex.

Some appliances have been recovered from Level 137, though none of them operate and have been hollowed out by default. In the distance, ceiling fans and air conditions can be faintly heard alongside the typical wails and shrieks of the occupants of Level 137. There are closet doors in some rooms, which contain a variety of clothing. Depictions on the clothing can vary from solid colors to graphics of various geometric designs. There is a very distinct rotting odor which is emitted through the vents which has been traced to numerous corpses found slumped against the walls of Level 137.

It is easy for one's sanity to decline rapidly after being exposed to this caliber of abnormality, so it is mandatory that you be stocked with a plentiful amount of almond water. Exits are copious but have proven burdensome to reach as the excessive quantity of hostile entities residing in Level 137 makes it difficult to exit without injury. Cabinets in some rooms may contain almond water in large quantities making it a profitable yet treacherous way to obtain the liquid.

It has been proven difficult to navigate due to it's high entity population but apparently entities have active and inactive hours. It is believed that everyday Level 137 will enter a "blood hour" phase in which lights will be tinted red and entities will manifest more often. There is also a period of time in which Level 137 will enter a "cold hour" where entity count would be reduced significantly.

The incandescent lights can be unscrewed and fixed to a battery to create a makeshift flashlight. A notable example of these flashlights is the Jørgensen Device which was used in one of the first expeditions into Level 137. These devices would prove useful at navigating through the level but could also attract unwanted attention from entities.

Colonies And Outposts

Due to the resource heavy areas of Level 137 it has gained the interest of many groups which have sought out to construct outposts to maximize profit from such resources. The level is often explored by groups of wanderers who will often set up outposts so the following list is most likely incomplete.

Forward Operating Base Midnight

FOB Midnight is a M.E.G outpost constructed for research and military intervention. It is mostly defunct as all operations there were halted until recently. It consists of multiple beds, boxes of rations, and a weapons cache. It only has a population of 24, though this number fluctuates from time to time. When set up it only consisted of one room though this has been expanded to 23 adjacent rooms over the decade.

On January 12th, 2016, a militant group exchanged fire with M.E.G operatives. The militant group known as The People's Syndicate seized 4 rooms belonging to the FOB Midnight. Since then, the M.E.G sent volunteer squads to help the denizens of FOB Midnight. Syndicate forces were then pushed back to the last room. M.E.G tacticians decided to hold their positions and starve the enemy out. The Syndicate tried to push further into FOB Midnight but were dispatched by M.E.G militia forces. This was known as The 137 Skirmish.

Since then, FOB Midnight has been a profitable outpost of the M.E.G and it's allies. Recently, an initiative to double the size of the outpost was started. When the initiative is finished FOB Midnight will be able to sustain a larger population.

Luxemburg District

The Luxemburg District is a collection of outposts pledging loyalty to The People's Syndicate. It consists of 62 adjacent rooms and has a population of 82 people, which was previously 103. Since this district is located in the harsh environment of Level 137, they do not venture very far beyond their districts barricades so it is hard for them to interact with other outposts in proximity. During one particular battle between the Luxemburg District and FOB Midnight their barricade was breached by armed forces of FOB Midnight resulting in 23 Syndicate casualties.

Residing Entities

The entity population in Level 137 is large and diverse as the level is a suitable environment to host many of these entities. Some of the entities residing in Level 137 include but are not limited to…


Entrances And Exits:


The most common entrance to Level 137 is multiple air vents in Levels 0, 1, and 4. Air vents leading to Level 137 will have a faint humming sound, if it doesn't have this sound it will not lead to Level 137. It is important to enter legs first into vents leading to Level 137 as the fall from the vents could result in serious injury if you go in head first.


The only confirmed exits are the ones that also serve as entrances though an anonymous 4chan user reported that a door with a golden handle in Level 137 lead him to Level 20. He stated that he was unable to go back to Level 137 via the same door.

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