Level 135
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The dense wood of Level 135 .

Level 135 is the 136th Level of the Backrooms. It appears to resemble both tundra and dense northern woods that are very mysterious and have odd properties that make this level strange.


Level 135 is outdoors, appearing as both a flat, snowy tundra and dense sub-Arctic woods. Most wanderers end up in the woods upon getting noclipped. This level is mostly empty and has a heavy atmosphere of loneliness, making wanderers depressed or drained of energy, but this effect can be held back with enough almond water. There is no time cycle in this level, the sky in both the tundra and woods appearing overcast and milky white in all directions. Visibility is limited due to the overcast sky, and the level is mostly devoid of sound, the exception being whispering and howling that can be heard distantly every few hours.

The tundra is infinitely stretching, and certain parts of the tundra have snow and flowing streams. No matter how far a wanderer walks away from the nearby forest and into the tundra, the forest always appears to be nearby. The forest is incredibly dense, and groups of wanderers are typically split up when trying to enter. If a wanderer stays in this level for too long, they can begin to hallucinate, notable hallucinations being that of animals and people from the Frontrooms appearing in the forest and tundra, or loved ones appearing in front of the wanderer, but not speaking to them.

This level has a notable absence of entities, and is mostly empty, the exceptions being sightings of Smilers in the woods, hiding in burrows or in holes in trees, Hounds and Volpes that nest in the tundra, male Deathmoths, and rarely, Clumps. Otherwise, entity sightings are very rare. Some claim to hear incoherent whispering and distant howling that can be heard time and time again, but the source has never been identified.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

The Hunters

  • Led by a woman named Sofia, who was a professional hunter before noclipping into the Backrooms.
  • Hunt the entities in this level for food and sport.
  • Trade meat, furs, and resources in exchange for weapons.

Entrances And Exits:


To enter this level, you can either noclip deep within Level 669 to get to Level 135, or by sleeping in the field of Level -7, which is highly dangerous due to hostile entities. You can also enter through Level 47. One way a wanderer entered was by descending Level 93, before tripping and falling into Level 135. This method has, otherwise, not worked since. After falling asleep in Level 140, you may sometimes wake up in dry areas of Level 135.


There are three currently known ways to exit this level. The Well has appeared in this level before, and it is possible to exit by jumping through it, which will typically take the wanderer to Level 8, Level 66, or Level 127. You can also exit by going into the woods and finding a narrow dirt road and walking down it for 1-4 hours, which will lead your surroundings to slowly morph into that of Level -7 You can also bury yourself in the snow of the tundra, which can either take you to Level 93 or Level -5. Certain parts of Level 135 sometimes lead to Level 39. One can be certain that they are heading to Level 39 by looking at the light levels around them: If it is getting darker, and the sun suddenly begins to set, then it is a sign that you are getting closer to Level 39.

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