Level 134
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Image taken in Level 134, however the pier is a seperate dock from "The Captain's Pier".

Level 134 is the 135th level of the Backrooms. It's regarded as a safe enough place to settle, similar to Level 11, however getting to the level itself is more dangerous and difficult, causing it to be much less common to settle in.


Level 134 is described best as an infinite beachfront. The beach is consists of white sand and turquoise water. The temperature of said water is unstable and can go from tropical to near-freezing. The weather inside Level 134 changes regularly, though it does not pose any threat to life besides the possibility of encampments or items being washed away. The level also has a semi-regular day/night cycle, though the periods of daylight and night fluctuate similar to how the weather patterns do.

Upon entering the level, it's likely to arrive on or around the main pier, which has been dubbed "The Captain's Pier" by us, The Captain's Crew.

The Captain's Pier

This area is the main wooden pier upon entering the level. Several smaller ones can be found upon further exploration of the level, though The Captain's Pier is the most heavily settled dock on the beachfront.

The pier itself contains various shops, and though it isn't infinite like the beach, it may grow or shorten in length at random, causing shops and buildings on the pier to disappear or appear. Each shop is typically empty unless inhabited by a wanderer. It is to be noted that the first few shops have been mostly stripped of materials by the Crew, though newer ones that appear are up for grabs by anyone able to loot the shops.

If, on a clear night, you were to make it all the way to the end of the pier, it's possible to see what are easiest to describe as ghost ships. They don't seem to pose any real threat and there's no hint at them being anything more than a strange occurrence, but they've never come close enough to be explored.


The area, though mostly devoid of entities, will commonly have Sark Crabs. These are regarded of more of a pest than an actual threat, and several have been captured by the Crew as pets. Another creature native to the level are Volares, best described as "flying sharks". Neither of these pose much of a threat, though Volares and Sark Crabs have been stealing food and trinkets respectively (Volares are known to be incredibly aggressive, though they're too small to cause any notable damage).

Bases, Communities, and Outposts:

The Captain's Crew

  • Led fearlessly by our Captain!
  • Always welcome to any newcomers that want to join, though we have a bit of a dress code, and sea shanties are played nonstop. We have been told on occasion that this may deter some, though if you don't enjoy that we recommend you go back to the shanty-less M.E.G. or something.
  • We have some of Captain's specialty rum!
  • We have our own musicians (technically we have one guy, Alexander, who has an instrument, but we all sing regularly while traveling)!
  • Our base consists of hammocks under the pier, rafts on the water, and we have a big bonfire we light every night!
  • I know this sounds like a big advertisement, but this is a great group. The more the merrier!

Entrances And Exits:


This level can be entered through Level 7.2 and swimming upwards. This entry method will typically lead to swimming ashore, bet there is an odd chance you may end up swimming through the sand. The level can also be accessed through Level 43 by positioning yourself to sit under a drip of water running off the roof. After around 10 minutes, you'll likely open your eyes to find yourself inside of one of the shops on the pier. This level can be entered at random as well, most commonly in levels with high concentrations of water or sand.


By diving back into the ocean, usually when the water is coldest, it's possible to enter Level 7. Entering any of the pier shops or breaking through the floorboards may drop you into Level 5.

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