Level 134
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Class 4

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An unknown backrooms photographer took this picture of the wooden bridge from below. .

Level 134 is the 135th level of the backrooms. It was discovered by an anonymous 4chan user who shared their story of exploring this level on the site.


Level 134 is nothing but an endless brick pathway. No matter how far you go, you will still be walking on the pathway. The bricks in the middle of the pathway are painted red and the rest are grey. To the right of the pathway, as it is entered the first time, is an endless beach with nothing but sand and rocks, while to the left is an unseeable void, which cannot be fallen down in. The time of day is always late in the afternoon during summer, so there is a blue-greyish sky with some clouds. While in Level 134, you have endless energy, so you can walk all you want. However, the pathway has a chance to have some slight alternations randomly. For example, there is a chance that at one point, you will find a round-about in the pathway. Rarely, you may pass under some bridges, giving an echo effect as you walk and make noise. You can walk down the beach in Level 134, but it is a little dangerous, and is advised to stay on the pathway. Even more rare is a wooden bridge that passes over the beach. The wooden bridge acts as an escape route.

The 4chan user who documented their journey in Level 134 started off well, but slowly got driven to insanity.They took their time while exploring the Level, which could be why they went insane. A moral was given out by other explorers of Level 134: You have to keep going.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no Colonies or Outposts in Level 134, but it is possible to meet other people at the same time when in the level.


There are a few entities to be wary of in Level 134. For example, there are Insanities and Sark Crabs waiting for you in the beach, along with rarely some skin stealers. However, there are also some hounds down under the bridges. It's better you run away from these bridges quickly.

Entrances And Exits:


So far, Level 134 can only be entered by going down a very similar pathway from Level 132. You will soon see the building dissapear, which means you have offically entered Level 134.


Level 134 can be exited by different ways: The most common way is when you see a split on the pathway. One is going upwards. Going up that one leads you to Level 132. Level 134 can also be exited by walking far enough to find the wooden bridge. There is a staircase that leads you to some ruins, and that is Level 133. Finally, you can leave Level 134 by jumping in the sea and drowning yourself, which leads you to Level 7.

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