Level 133
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Class 1

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A picture of the Amphitheatre

Level 133 is the 134th level of the backrooms. It was discovered by an archaeologist who was in the backrooms.


Level 133 looks quite similar to some ancient Greek ruins. The seaside ruins mostly consist of destroyed buildings made of rock and marble. There is a big wall around the ruins that looks destroyed. Around the ruins is a seemingly endless sea, however the beach is not endless. The main attraction of Level133 is an ancient amphitheatre that resembles Curium in Cyprus. It is obviously built like how the ancient Greeks have built amphitheatres in Athens. Making noise on the very bottom of the amphitheatre creates a large echo that can be heard all the way to the top. Some of the ruins have taps that dispense out Almond Water. Level 133 is quite small compared to other levels, as it is mostly a star-shaped island with only the ruins, the beach and some roads on it. On the summit of the island is a small building that looks much more recently built.

Colonies And Outposts

Archeaologist Facility.

  • Made up of about 10 people.
  • Friendly to new explorers.
  • Research all about Level 133 and its secrets.
  • Facilitate on the building on the summit of the island.


There is a very small amount of entities on Level 133. There are a few Skin Stealers on the beach, and occasionally, Insanities wash up on the shore. Simply stay away from the beach to avoid them.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 133 can be entered by either going up a ladder on the wooden bridge in Level 134, or by entering a secret door in Level 51.


Level 133 can be exited by swimming far enough down the sea. You will eventually find yourself in Level 100 or on rarer occasions, Level 134. Level 133 can also be exited by noclipping through the amphitheatre, which will leave you in Level 17.

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