Level 132
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One of the few pictures of Level 132 It is the 7th floor, and it looks destroyed. Some theorise that it was under maitenance.

Level 132 is the 133rd level of the backrooms. It was discovered by a YouTuber whose channel recently got deleted. A video of him exploring this level, along with other backrooms levels, such as Level 125, was recovered


Level 132 is a tall apartment building with 7 floors. Each floor has 3 apartments. There is an old, worn down elevator that doesn't work. The apartment building is also directly next to a beach, with endless sand and sea. Somewhere on the beach are a few finished simple sand castles. Most of the apartments of Level 132 have a bare minimum amount of things in them, such as simple furniture like beds, tables, chairs and couches. Some also have more detail in them like fridges with food in them, some miscellaneous objects like supplies, fans, Televisions and toys. However, the two apartments that stand out from the rest are apartments 332 and 333. These two apartments definitely indicate that there were some people who lived here. For example, in apartment 332, there are some board games set on the table, like Monopoly and Cluedo. The Television in apartment 333 will be on to any new explorers who enter this level, and continuously plays static. However, you can actually change channels, and changing to channel 3 allows you to play some retro videogames. Apartments 332 and 333 are the safest locations in Level 132. Nothing can harm you there.

The video of the mentioned YouTuber who explored this level was a livestream, as the sole purpose of the channel was to upload himself exploring backrooms levels. The video consisted of him exploring all the apartments in Level 132. Before he ended the livestream, he said about how he strangely felt nostalgic while exploring the building. Level 132 was given the nickname "Beach House"

Colonies And Outposts

Fly Swatters
The Fly Swatters are a small group of 10 people. They are made up of the mothbusters from Level 2 and Level 3, and they hunt any death moths that lurk around.

The Marina
A very small group of 4 people by the beach that supply explorers with food and water.


There are not much entities in Level 132, besides some Death Moths. One other special entity is called "The Castle Keeper" and resembles a Skin-Stealer. It will kill anyone who tries to destroy one of the sand castles in the beach.

Entrances And Exits:


There are 4 ways to enter Level 132, so far. One way is by going far enough down the beach in Level 100. You will soon see the outskirts of the building. Another way is by clipping through the pyramid in Level 46. Another way is by picking up a book that shows the beach in Level 125. It glows to indicate. Sleeping in Level 178's hot springs can also lead to 132. Finally, you can enter Level 132 by also going down a split path on the stone pathway in Level 134.


Level 132 can be left by either going very far down the beach to Level 100, or the Stone Pathway to Level 134. Level 132 can also be left by going down a road opposite to the building, which leads you to The Hub. Finally, you can leave Level 132 by also going down to a secret basement in the building. Going down further will either lead you to Level 3 or Level 6, and there is no way to return back to Level 132 from those levels.

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