Level 131
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A picture of one of the sunnier areas of Level 131.

Level 131 is a vintage television store with a lot of stock (televisions) on shelves.


Level 131 has the general appearance of a vintage television store, and is most commonly lit with a sort of quasi-sunlight. Though searching for a source of said sunlight never heeds any results, as the source seems to be just out of the room, in every room. This sunlight isn't omnipresent, and will eventually degrade to the point of darkness, where the light source will change to electrical light sources such as lamps, or the televisions themselves. Sometimes an area will be left unlit. When entering Level 131 the wanderer will most often appear in a sunnier region of the Level. Entities can appear anywhere on the Level, however, most commonly appears in darker regions, and thus finding your way to a sunnier area is strongly advised.

Sometimes all sunlight in the area goes out like a light switch, and every TV in the Level plays static, and it's all you can hear, this normally means The Wandering Static is going to appear soon, though it can appear without this occurrence. The Wandering Static is a unique humanoid Entity that sometimes appears inside Level 131, though these appearances are rarer than other usual Entities'. If many of the televisions of Level 131 activate spontaneously and begin playing static, leave immediately.

When exploring Level 131, it is suggested to not touch many of the TVs if possible, as multiple may react when one is touched, which can lead to noise loud enough to attract Entities. Many of the T.V.s will turn on at seemingly random, though walking past may also activate them. The televisions have been seen playing multiple channels in multiple languages, but never long enough to have any context as to what is playing. TV static has also been seen many times on screens, as well as what looks to be recordings of past or possible future events of one's life, however, these seem contained to only their life in the Backrooms, as no footage of the outside world has been noted. In the darker areas of Level 131 these televisions will be more active. These televisions may be sentient in some way, as the destruction of one seems to send other televisions into a "panic" of sorts, rapidly flipping through channels and moving any knobs, buttons, or otherwise "appendages" they may have. Vintage radios have also been seen in Level 131 though are not as active, nor as common, and seem to act similarly.

Random objects can be found throughout Level 131, including a bicycle, an alarm clock, a toolbox, etc. Many documents have been found of what seems to be the shop owner of sorts, such as a high school diploma, but the names of each have been scratched out, and no other evidence of a supposed owner has been found.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 131, much like Level 104, can be entered through a television, however, Level 131 differs in that a television with a broken screen can be found on any Level and entered through the screen. The inside of said television cannot be seen, rather appears as a black void. Moving the TV is possible, though at random points in time it will disappear from one location, and reappear in another Level. Be careful when entering as glass from the screen remains and can cause damage.


To exit, one must explore the Level anywhere from 400 to 1600m. At this point, an exit can be found, resembling the front of a store. Outside is what seems to be an extremely bright white light source, and upon exit, the light will fade and the wanderer will now appear in a Normal Level. If in a darker area of the Level, a metal door with a neon "Exit" sign can be found, surrounded, or even blocked by TV stocked shelves. Upon exit, the wanderer will appear in any Negative Level. It is strongly advised you search for the former exit, but if being chased or otherwise in danger, this door may be used at the wanderer's own risk.

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