Level 127
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Class 3

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Photo taken of Level 127, by an unknown user.

Level 127 is the 128th level of the backrooms and is an unconfirmed level. Level 127 is a very hostile level and you should try to avoid it at all cost.


Level 127 is what appears an old abandoned tunnel system that continues for thousands of miles, there is the main tunnel system which then separates into smaller tunnels that seems to shrink the more you go down. Level 127 is similar to Level 6, being very dark, but light sources to work on the level. The main tunnel is the tunnel with the most entities, you will see these entities the more you go down it, so you should avoid the main tunnel system. Level 127 has what appears to be cobble webs almost everywhere, you may also find graffiti in an unknown language. Those who have entered Level 127 (which is not many) and have escaped have recorded their path.


Wall Scrapers:

Wall scrapers have been only found on Level 127, they are tall, humanoid, skinny pale creatures that have very long nails, if you see a Wall Scraper, scraping away at a wall, run the other way as fast as you can because they are very hostile in this position, but if you encounter a Wall Scraper not scraping at a wall, slowly back away.

Other entities on Level 127 are Female Deathmoths, Hounds and Dullers.

Colonies And Outposts

It is pretty much impossible to make any outposts on this level.

Entrances And Exits:

To Enter, it has been said that there is a door in Level 3 that wasn't locked, if you walk in this door you will be greeted at the beginning of the main hall in Level 127. In Level 6 you might No-Clip through the ground. after entering, you will be greeted in the main hall in Level 127. there is a a 0.127% Chance of entering from Level 34, by wandering around in Level 34 for 127 hours (or 5.29 Days). To Exit, it is said that an unknown user who has escaped Level 127 has recorded their experience. If you ever happen to make it in Level 127,in order to get out, you must take the first left when the main hall splits. if you continue going down the hall you may encounter entities. You will then take another left when you encounter the next split, then you will take a right and then you will take a left, continue down that hall until you will find two staircases. take the left staircase. It is unconfirmed what happens after you travel down the left staircase.

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