Level 126
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Class 4

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The eroded portion of Level 126 .

Level 126 is the 127th level of the Backrooms. It appears to resemble an old and dusty dance or ballet studio.


Level 126 is entirely indoors, yet windows are seen throughout the level with a white light blocking any view of the outside, with instances of Window entities appearing in both the safe and eroded states. It resembles an abandoned and dusty dance studio with shiny wooden floors and barres attached to the wall. The air is dusty and stale, making it easy for wanderers to experience mild coughing fits. The ceiling is made of wooden paneling and beams, where certain entities nest in during the eroded conditions in 126. Every wanderer who ends up in this level starts when the level is in the "safe" state. There is often distant piano heard playing throughout, yet there is no found source. The studio itself is very large, and open wood-floored corridors just lead into other studios.

In its safe state, Level 126 is home to just the window entities, as well as docile child Facelings who have been seen dancing while holding onto the barres in the studio wearing ballet uniforms. While the level is in this condition, it is easy to explore and survive while avoiding the windows. After wandering through this level after a few days, the sleek wooden floors will turn older, the air becomes mustier, and the wooden beams on the ceiling appear to become somewhat rotten. This is Level 126's eroded state.

The Eroded State:

When 126 reaches the eroded state, the level becomes incredibly dangerous. The calm, distant piano music heard in the safe state plays louder and more erratically in the eroded state, along with whispering and the sounds of feet hitting the floor of the dance studio. The docile feelings are not seen in this state and entities such as Hounds, Camo Crawlers, and Clumps nest in the beams in the ceiling. Hearing creaking above you or in the next room is likely due to the unstable ceiling foundations or due to the entities infesting the ceilings. Besides just inhabiting the spaces above, hostile entities are seen throughout the level in this state, making a difficult survival.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

Due to the nature of these level-changing states that vary in danger, there are no bases, outposts, or communities except for a few minor groups that are hidden deep in the level.

Entrances And Exits:


To enter this level, you can either find a door in Level 2 or Level 3 where the piano can be heard on the other side, although this is rare. Another method to access this level is by ballet dancing for 10 minutes up to an hour on most levels. You can also travel deep into Level 72 and jump through the floor.


There are currently three known methods to exit this level. The main method is to travel through the level as deep as possible to randomly no-clip into Level 175 or Level 196. You could no-clip through a window in 126 while the level is in the eroded state to get to Level 105, or survive long enough in 126's eroded state to find a door that leads to Level 5.

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