Level 125
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Level 125 is the 126th level of the backrooms. It was discovered by a YouTuber whose channel is recently deleted. A video of him exploring Level 125 was not recovered.


Level 125 is a very big mansion with tons of rooms. There are Four (4) bedrooms, Two (2) kitchens, Three (3) bathrooms, Two (2) living rooms and a very big garden with a pool. There is also a large corridor in the middle that is used as a general hub to move around the mansion. By the entrance of the house is a grand piano, and on the floor close to the piano is an unfinished game of Jenga. Trying to play with it will do nothing, as the moment a brick is removed, it will appear again on the same spot as before and will disappear from your hand. Knocking the whole tower over will result in it repairing itself, but knocking it over again sends you to Level 97. Level 125 mostly consists of the color white, which the reason why its nickname is "White Mansion". Level 125 does not allow anyone to look outside the garden of the mansion. If you try to look outside, you will see nothing but bright light. Perhaps no one is meant to leave Level 125 this way. The rooms of Level 125 are filled to the brim with furniture, clothes and miscellaneous objects everywhere, which means that people have been here before, and possibly may have even lived normally as a family. There are theories that Level 125 was a normal mansion in the real world that No-Clipped into The Backrooms and became its own Level. This also explains the unfinished Jenga game and a TV that is on, but continuously keeps on playing static white noise. Normal explorers in Level 125 get a slight boost in their speed, and they feel slightly more lively, even though they are alone, as communication with others is impossible, even when they are in Level 125 at the same time. The objects around Level 125 may indicate that there has been some kind of party in the past, and it was all left forgone.

The YouTube video showcasing Level 125 was a livestream, and is just the explorer wandering around the mansion, exploring it. There isn't anything special, just information gathered for the description of the mansion. One thing to note, though, was one moment when he went outside and looked up to the sky. The video actually showed Level 124 flying in the sky above Level 125. It was pretty bizarre. Another thing worth to note was when the video ended. It ended as soon as the explorer entered through a door, entered The End and approached the voice that told him to "come over, it's safe". He was discovered back in Level 0 with a decapitated head, and his channel got deleted by that entity. However, it was recovered while someone was screen recording the livestream.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no Colonies or Outposts in Level 125, but it is possible to establish them in the future.

Entrances And Exits:


To Enter, so far, there are two ways to enter Level 125. One way is by going down the stairs of Level 124. There are two staircases to go down: One going back to the original Level the explorer was already in before entering Level 124, and the other going down directly to Level 125. The other way is by hurling yourself off the top of a tunnel in The Hub. No one knows why.


To Exit, simply go up the stairs back up to Level 124, or play the piano. Playing it for about 3 minutes will send you to Level 0. There is also a mysterious door that appears by a living room. It leads to The End.

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