Level 125
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Class 1

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  • Passive Entities

The first entrance building of Level Legacy, and The Front End.


The end of Level Legacy's stable road, located in The Plains.

Level 125 is the 126th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 125 is an extended replica of Route 66 and the land around it and is heavily inhabited by both humans and instances of Entity 147. This land extends twenty miles away from the road before slowly deforming and changing into an uninhabitable landscape. Survival for both humans and 147 instances is only possible within thirty miles from the road. Level 125 seems to have a day and night cycle nearly identical to Earth's, but rather than 24 hours, it lasts 26 hours. Due to its sheer size, weather varies by location but generally follows a monthly pattern, meaning the same weather repeats every thirty days. No stars are visible within Level 125's sky. Specific animals from the Frontrooms such as coyotes, deer, earthworms, grubs, and bobcats can be found along with other fauna which reside only within Level 125. Most unique flora within Level 125 is found beyond the "ROAD ENDS" sign, as such most of it has not been documented.

There is a sign labelled "ROAD ENDS” within The Plains. This sign is considered the end of the habitable zone of Level 125, as everything beyond the sign slowly becomes uninhabitable due to more and more air being replaced with CO2 the further out you go. Despite this, the CO2 doesn't seem to seep into the areas behind the sign and the massive highway that leads to it. Along with this, structures past the "ROAD ENDS" sign are often less accurate to the Frontrooms, such as gas stations that dispense Liquid Pain and food stores that sell inedible and objectively disgusting products. Between 25 and 30 miles away from the road, buildings become distorted and sometimes impossible to enter or dangerous to even interact with. Along with this, buildings beyond the twenty mile point often display their signs, writing, and products in complete gibberish.

Though some fauna unique to Level 125 can be found throughout the majority of the level, most unique flora within Level 125 is found beyond the "ROAD ENDS" sign. Due to this, much of the unique flora of Level 125 is undocumented. Some unique flora include purple citrus fruits resembling oranges in shape and size, seedless watermelon-like vegetables, glowing pumpkins carrying lactic acid, etc. Along with the several unique plants, Level 125 also has several unique entities as well. An in-depth list of flora, fauna, and unique locations will be provided below.



Unique Locations:

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Costa Grande

Costa Grande is a large coastal village in The Front End that is well known for its seafood and great weather. Due to its high distance from any other large community, maintenance of diplomatic relationships have been deemed unnecessary to Costa Grande.

Human population: 211
147 instance population: 342
Manant population: 67


Stillwater is a river village located at the midpoint of Creek Rock that is well known for its uptight security and hot weather. Stillwater and Skipstone are currently on good terms with each other.

Human population: 94
147 instance population: 156
Manant population: 23


Skipstone is a large savanna hunter-farmer community located right at the furthermost edge of Creep Rock. As mentioned previously, Skipstone and Stillwater are on good terms.

Human population: 76
147 instance population: 102
Manant population: 28

New Shawnee

New Shawnee is a large farming town in the middle of Oakenhome. It is best known for its vast array of natural produce such as carrots, potatoes, cabbage, blueberries, and more. New Shawnee currently has good ties with Skipstone and Stillwater.

Human population: 128
147 instance population: 210
Manant population: 40

Big Rock

Big Rock is a large hunting village in the middle of The Woods. Big Rock is most well known for its fur products and its wildlife preservation policy, in which no hunter is allowed to kill anything more than three animals a week, no matter their size. Though Big Rock does have agriculture, it pales in comparison to New Shawnee's agriculture. Big rock is on good terms with both New Shawnee and The Border.

Human population: 182
147 instance population: 211
Manant population: 36

The Border

The Border is the largest village in all of Level 125, located right behind in The Plains and Their Crooked Path. Its high amount of rain water along with its blossoming farming and fishing industry often leads this town into trade with other smaller villages. Along with that, a few buildings outside of the border seem to restock small amounts of foodstuffs and other supplies every seven day night cycles. Due to this, The Border is practically regarded as a safe haven for those stopping there.

Human population: 294
147 instance population: 410
Manant population: 57


Level 125's first section, The Front End, can often be found by chance when sailing the ocean surrounding Level 121. If you pass out while attempting to leave Level 83 there is a solid chance you will wash ashore in Level 125. Cracked and damaged wooden doors can be found in Level 4, and upon opening these doors you will be noclipped outside the entrance building of Level 125. This is the most recommended route to take if you plan on entering Level 125.


Level 125 can be exited by sailing back out from The Front End, in which case you will encounter the islands of Level 121 or Level 100. If you wander too far beyond the distortion point in The Woods, you'll noclip into Level 135. Distorted farmhouses can be found beyond the "ROAD ENDS" sign, and upon exiting one of these farmhouses you will noclip to Level 10.

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