Level 124
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Written by Aerial7Aerial7.
Thanks to PythoPytho for helping me to improve the level and to CutTheBirchCutTheBirch for finding a frick ton of SPaG mistakes!
4th part was inspired by Fandom level !.
Blinking code taken from Level 6.2.


The voice recordings below must not be trusted. Though the explorer took many photos and has a lot of evidence to prove the level's existence, we cannot just trust him without checking. So, we're going to send people here and update the article as soon as we can confirm whether or not the level exists. Watch your back.


Our operatives gave us enough proof and info to confirm Level 124's existence and have a full picture of it. Nobody came back; we sent four. We greatly appreciate their work. Thanks to every person who participated here.


Class 5

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One of the photos of the starting bedroom. Taken by an M.E.G. operative.

Level 124 is the 125th level of the Backrooms.


There is no unified description of Level 124 because of the complexity of the level itself. The level consists of 4 parts, in which danger can vary.

1st part

This is the starting point of Level 124. Its appearance depends on wanderers' memories. Usually, this part appears to be an apartment or house from a wanderer's childhood, but it never has any lighting inside. Though it looks very similar to wanderers' houses from their childhoods, wanderers will feel unsafe here.

Staying in this place for a long time will cause death in 98% of cases, which is not only because of the psychological effects of the level itself. The main cause of wanderers' deaths is an undocumented entity, which is unique for this level, called "Chaser". This entity looks like a 30-year-old office worker, but it will transform into the wanderers' biggest fear while getting closer to them. Its origin and motivation are unknown and will likely continue to be unknown. Some dialogue was recorded with this entity.

The only exit from this part of Level 124 is to find a glitchy object here. No-clipping will teleport wanderers to the 2nd part of Level 124.

2nd part

After no-clipping from the 1st part, wanderers will find themselves in the 2nd part. This part of Level 124 appears to be a staircase. This place is completely safe, but there are neither resources nor food. There is no beginning and no end of this staircase; that is why going down searching for an end is useless. The only possibility to exit this part of the level is to find a very suspicious-looking black door after walking down for several hours or, if you're lucky, minutes. After using this door, wanderers will find themselves in the 3rd part of the Level 124. In random places in this part of the level, wanderers can no-clip. No-clipping will lead wanderers to Level 432.

3rd part

The 3rd part's appearance can vary, but usually, it is a room where a party seems to have taken place. This part of the Level 124 can be considered the "main" part. It is completely secure and safe to stay in for a long time. The feelings of being chased from the 1st part increase too, but much more slowly.

This part is your last chance to go back. If you're not ready for the 4th part's challenges, you better turn around and go back to the 2nd part.

4th part

Once you enter the 4th part of Level 124, your only option is to run for your life. The 4th part itself is a very short red-lighted hallway, which has several doors to the left and right. However, only 2 work, one to the left and one to the right. One of these doors leads to a very long hallway. This hallway's length is 10km (~6.2 miles). The second door leads to the entities' base. If a wanderer enters this zone, "Chaser" will talk to the wanderer.

After the conversation ends, hordes of entities from these hallways and rooms behind closed doors will run right below the wanderer, leading them into the aforementioned hallway. The entities' speed is usually a bit lower than the wanderer's, but if the wanderer tires, they will be mauled to death by hordes of entities.

After that, the wanderer's only option to survive is to run through this hallway. To the left and right of the wanderer, energy drinks and bars will appear, helping them to not tire. In random places in the hallway, wanderers can no-clip, but it is not recommended because no-clipping here will lead to negative levels.

If the wanderer successfully runs through the hallway and knocks on a door labeled "EXIT", they will be teleported to Level 0. Only one man, the man who also recorded the voice log, successfully did it.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

Due to Level 124's complexity and instability, it is impossible to create a base, outpost, or community.

Entrances and Exits


  • Falling asleep without any thoughts about levels in Level 215 will usually lead to Level 124.
  • A dark bedroom in Level 282 usually leads to Level 124.


  • Successfully running through the 10km hallway will lead to Level 0.
  • No-clipping in the longest hallway in the level will lead to a random negative level.
  • No-clipping in the 2nd part of Level 124 leads to Level 432.

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