Level 124
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Level 124 is the 125th Level of the backrooms.It was discovered by Reddit user u/giantgoat15 whilst he was sleeping in Level 5.


Level 124, also known as "The Purple Room" is a rare Level of The Backrooms that can be accessed randomly by sleeping in any Level of The Backrooms and thinking about it very carefully. Discovered by u/giantgoat15, he described Level 124 as a level that resembles a big, Gothic mansion with a living room and a huge dining room, all black and purple, hence the name. Other features of Level 124 are windows that you could not see through, no matter what, warmth and an overall relaxing hue, thanks to the comforting purple colors. u/giantgoat15's cousin claimed that he also went into Level 124, even though he wasn't in The Backrooms in the first place. He simply has only dreamt of it. This could mean that Level 124 is the only level besides Level 0 and Level 1 that can be entered from the real world. However, u/giantgoat15's cousin claimed that he left Level 124 as soon as he woke up. Another lucky explorer who entered Level 124 was game developer SavvyDev06, who entered Level 124 whilst dreaming about it while sleeping in an airport gate in Level 36. After exploring it for a while, he tried escaping it by breaking through the windows. Doing so, he fell out of the mansion and landed, somehow, in Level 97. While he was falling, he saw the mansion from outside, being the first Backrooms explorer to do so. He confirmed that the mansion of Level 124 is actually surrounded in the infamous "Blue Hell". While in Level 124, you may feel like multiple people are eating in the dining room. Despite this, anyone who enters Level 124 gets a strange, nostalgic feeling and total security. It is unconfirmed why this is the case. Communication with humans is impossible.

It is very easy to survive in Level 124. While in it, you never feel thirsty or hungry, no matter how long you stay in it. This is still unconfirmed to why it's the case. There is, however, food on the dining table, such as chicken legs, rabbit stew, pork and lamb kebab, Squid, bread, fish and many condiments to go with the food. The food supply never ends.


There are no dangerous entities in Level 124. However, there is one special, harmless entity, known as "The Grandmother". The Grandmother, resembling an old woman with some jewelry, may greet the backrooms explorer who entered Level 124. She would appear on the other side of the dining table, and say "Are you okay? Don't worry, you will be". The explorer can choose to either approach her or leave her. If they leave her, she will say "Don't worry, I understand" and disappear, never appearing again for the explorer. If they approach her, she will invite them to sit next to her. When they do, The Grandmother comforts the explorer for a while, but soon says goodbye and disappears. No photo of The Grandmother has been taken.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no Colonies or outposts in Level 124 because of its size of being nothing but a mansion, but it is possible to have a group here.

Entrances And Exits:


To Enter, Level 124 can be entered by anyone in any Level. They just have to think of it and nothing else while sleeping but this Level. If they succeed, they will enter a dream sequence where they walk up some stairs and enter the dining room of the mansion. Level 124 can also be entered through Level 97. If the explorer arrives at Level 97 and have been innocent their whole life, they will be teleported to Level 124. This is unconfirmed why.


To Exit, Although there is a feeling of total safety, anyone who wants to leave can simply go down the stairs that they used to enter the mansion. You can also break the windows and jump out of the mansion itself, and land in Level 97. Do this at your own risk.

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