Level 122
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Class 3

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Picture of Level 122 when it’s safest


Picture of the food court in Level 122

Level 122, is the 123th level of The Backrooms and was discovered on 9/12/2020. Throughout this level you can find coins, almond water, food, and sometimes, Royal Rations


Level 122, has the appearance of a never ending mall, with neon lighting strips lining the roof and sometimes the floor. These lights are known to change color, the color of the lights demonstrates how safe the level is at that time of the lights being that given color. If the lights are purple, you are safe and no entities will appear, if the lights are yellow something is on it’s way and you should find somewhere to hide just incase, if the lights are very dark red, hide immediately. There are stores lining the walls of the mall, most of them have a pull down iron garage door covering what’s on the inside, only a few have been found open, but they are rotten and falling apart, you can find Wormlings here and sometimes Smilers can be seen hiding in the darkness of these stores. This level is oddly very clean, that is because there is an exclusive entity for this level (see below)

The Maintenance Chief

The Maintenance Chief is one of the two exclusive entities on Level 122, The Maintenance Chief wears all green, he wears a green boiler suit, black business shoes, and a green conductors hat. He is the one responsible for the cleanness and sanity of this level, he is usually a very passive entity but can get into those moods…he walks around with a mop and a bucket full of soapy water, he’ll walk around whistling, keys jingling by his side, sometimes you can find him sticking keys into random cracks on the walls, a door will appear shortly after with the label “Janitor’s Closet”. If you try to enter the closet while he’s in there he will push you away and tell you “This is for employees only, stay out.”If you try to talk to him he won’t respond until he finds a messy spot on the floor, when he begins to clean he’ll then start to talk to you about The Frontrooms and what he remembers about living there before he got trapped in this level. He wants to go back but can’t, so he decided to do what he knows how to do best, clean.

The Sever

The second exclusive entity of Level 122 is The Sever. He is found working at the food court in this mall, he is dressed in all white clothing, wearing a white button down shirt, white trousers, and a white sailors hat, but he doesn’t seem to have a head so the hat just kinda floats there. The Sever is a very passive entity and will not attack unless you don’t pay for your meals, or climb over the counter and walk into the kitchen. The Server will greet you once you walk up to the counter of the food court and he will ask you what you want, if you don’t want anything he’ll tell you to come back whenever you’re hungry or have a question.

Bases, Communities, and Outposts:

The Food Court

  • There is no exact location of The Food Court, but if you taste watered down soda and smell pizza, you’re getting close
  • The Food Court is a place in the Janitor’s Mall where you can stock up on supplies and meet up with other travelers
  • The Food Court also houses one of the two exclusive entities that live on Level 122 and that is The Server. The Server will provide you with food, Almond Water, rarely clothes, and it’s not unusual if he gives you some Royal Rations, just eat those cautiously, one traveler was found dead shortly after he was given one…
  • The Server is willing to trade at all times, The Server will also ask you if you would like to join his cooking team, if you say yes he will hand you the same clothes he is wearing and will tell you to put them on, once the clothes are on you are forced to help around the kitchen. Forever. If you say no The Server will accept the answer and will kindly keep serving you everytime you come back to Level 122

Entrances And Exits:


There is only one known way to get to Level 122. You must be in level 109 and find a four way intersection of hallways, you must then trip and fall in the middle of the hallways, you will not be able to open your eyes for about 20 seconds, after that you will open your eyes to find you have made it to level 122


To exit Level 122, you must find a trash can next to the food court, if you see a plate of food that looks brand new and untouched, jump into the trash can and you will end up in Level 11 outside a random restaurant. There have also been reporting's of people arriving in Unnamed but this seems to be very rare.
You can also exit Level 122 by asking The Server to give you “The Usual” he will then proceed to walk away from the counter and into the back of the kitchen, you’ll hear pots banging and things falling on the floor and the smell of chicken stew will fill the air, you will being to feel dizzy and lightheaded, you will then blackout, and the last level you were thinking about it where you will wake up.

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