Level 121
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Class 3

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The first photo of Level 121 taken by explorers.

Level 121 is the 122nd Level of the Backrooms, Level 121 of the first rare levels, with only 24 explorers known to enter in total. Level 121 is also capable to bring transport to multiple levels.


Level 121 is an infinite hallway of self-storage closets. Each of the storage closets contains objects such as broken record players, damaged mattresses, etc. Some storage closets contain items like Granola bars, Almond water, and at a rare chance, jars of honey. In some of the storage closets contain entities. Entities are mostly common in even-numbered storage closets.

The only entities known on Level 121 are Scare Sensors. There's a chance there are multiple entities. Level 121 was discovered by a member of an unknown group. And has been researched since then.

Level 121 is also proven to cause mental insanity when going further down the halls of Level 121. When going further down the halls of Level 121 the numbers representing storage units begin to become longer and going on the roof and ground, as you go through the hallway, it fills more and more with numbers. 2 explorers have dared going down the hallways of Level 121, one of the explorers never was heard from again and the other was found dead.

Level 121 not only is also extremely hostile from "The Belongers". Which are a very violent group that will kill every living creature in their path, Level 121 is recommended to be ventured with another person or equipped with a weapon.


The only photo of a Scare Sensor taken by a deceased explorer.

Colonies And Outposts

The Belongers

The Belongers are a group of teenagers that are highly hostile when approached. The Belongers are very violent and kill anyone they see, then take all of their items. In Sector 12 or "Belongst Hallway" is where members of The Belongers hide out. The Belongers also roam around Level 121 so BE CAREFUL. And report all sightings of a member of The Belongers to a M.E.G Operative. All reports of members of The Belongers have said to see a badge with the initials "TB".

Entrances And Exits:


  • Level 22: Locate a red car with a license plate saying IMH-APPY, go in the car and start the engine this should transport you to 121 or 2.
  • Level 57: The 332 Hallway, go to the left, and there should be a painting of a blue bottle with text reading “Almond Water” Clip through it, it should take you to 121 or 12.
  • Level 18: You must not sleep for 2 days, and when entering level 18 there should be an Elmo pillow located in a bathroom, sleep on it, and you should wake up to level 226 or 121
  • Level 11: In an unknown area, someone has claimed when entering level 11, there is a storage unit and entering it brings you to level 121, of course, this is not proven official.
  • Level 13: Go To floor 111, Enter apartment 8826, and it should transport you to 121 or 74.


Exit: Open storage unit 4532, there should be a box with a white void inside, go inside the box, it should take you to level 12 or 123 (depends on how much items you brought with you from 121)

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