Level 121
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A view of the main island from across the water.


Level 121 from its highest point.

Level 121 is the 122nd Level of the Backrooms.


Level 121 is an archipelago composed of several forested islands in a seemingly endless ocean. Level 121 seems to contain six islands (three named) of varying sizes, the largest of which, Irisia, is 30 square miles (77.7 square km). Its day and night cycle is twice as long as Earth's. This cycle seems to have no effect on the habitability of the islands. The temperature never goes higher than 85°F (29°C) and never goes lower than 30°F (-1°C).

The climate in this Level is best described as temperate. The air is unnaturally still, as there is almost no wind at any time. However, it rains Almond Water extremely frequently, and there are also storms on occasion. The entities here are not affected negatively by Almond Water and drink it for sustenance.

Most of the forest on the island is old-growth. The most prominent entities on this Level, Entity 147 instances, have created small settlements and have cleared out the forest surrounding them, creating new-growth forest on the boundaries.

There are about 300 instances of Entity 147 that inhabit this Level. The majority of them live in a settlement on Irisia called Domum Terra, which has a population of roughly 150. The other two largest islands, Violeta and Verbena, have a population of about 50 each. Scattered across the other smaller, rocky islands are a few isolated instances. Out in the seas, upon wooden boats and floating houses, are the remaining 50 instances who live together in a collection of boats called Domum Aquae.

One of the strangest parts about this Level is the fact that many of the roads and buildings of the major land settlements lead into the ocean. Just below the surface, underwater houses and roads can be seen, leading further into the depths. When asked about this, Domum Terra residents reacted violently and refused to explain, thus we can only theorize as of right now.

The islands contain a wide variety of flora and fauna that closely resemble those found in the Frontrooms. However, many species have altered appearances and behave very differently from their Frontrooms counterparts. Some can be considered dangerous, others useful or harmless. When travelling in Level 121 or visiting the M.E.G. Embassy, it is important to be aware of these plants and animals:



Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Domum Terra:

Domum Terra is the largest city in Irisia, and the entire Level. It has a population of about 150 Entity 147 instances and boasts a surprisingly unique culture in comparison to their oceanic brothers. When a major decision is to be made, all members of Domum Terra congregate in the village center to take a majority vote. Domum Terra consists of several buildings made of wood, leaves, rocks, and fur. These building materials are often bound together using Spidertree webbing. Despite the haphazard architecture of their buildings, the residents of Domum Terra seem to have developed their own culture surrounding a supposedly immortal reality-bending being known as "The Gardener." On the shore of Domum Terra, atop a large stone outcropping, is a stone statue of this being, looking out towards the sea. The statue is lean and tall, with a laurel wreath upon its head and a long scarf around its neck. The most noteworthy thing about it is that its curly hair has been conspicuously painted purple.

A secondary statue looking back at the Gardener has been observed. This statue is almost completely submerged in water and is made of the same material. Only the head is visible above water. When asked, Entity 147 grudgingly referred to this statue as "The Mariner." The Mariner statue features long black hair, jagged teeth, and scales carved onto its skin, making it almost look like a half-human sea monster. Its bright purple eyes endlessly watch the settlement of Domum Terra from beneath the waters.

The inhabitants of Domum Terra are extremely protective of the native species that inhabit the island of Irisia. They get steady supplies of wood from Level 23 by no-clipping back and forth between it and Domum Terra. Because of this, they have no need to cut down trees on Level 121 other than to clear space for housing. It is not recommended to harm any native species, even Catbirds, while in the presence of an Entity 147 instance from Domum Terra.

Domum Terra citizens are friendly and willing to trade, provided that you follow their customs. Their diets consist mainly of Catbirds and Needlefruit, and will provide such recourses when trading.

Domum Aquae:

Domum Aquae is the second-largest settlement in Level 121. It is a conglomeration of boats and floating wooden houses approximately five miles (8km) off of coast of Irisia and Domum Terra. Many of these boats are anchored in the shallow water to the ruins of ancient buildings lying submerged just beneath the water's surface. Citizens of Domum Aquae eat large fish and drink collect rainwater on the rooves of their houses for drinking. They are less friendly to trade, but are still willing to under certain circumstances. If you plan to fish in Domum Aquae, you must only keep the largest fish — it is customary to release small fish back into the ocean in order to maintain the environment.

The citizens of Domum Aquae worship the Mariner. Every 100 days, a group of citizens will sail to Irisia to take an Elysian Sheep back to Domum Aquae. There, they will sacrifice the Elysian Sheep and celebrate the Mariner's accomplishments, including the creation of Level 121. While the Mariner is the primary deity of Domum Aquae, the citizens also celebrate the Gardener in smaller ways. This is not the case back on Domum Terra, where the Mariner is shunned completely and excluded from any celebrations.

M.E.G. (A.k.a. "Major Explorer Group") Fuchsia Embassy:

The Fuchsia Embassy was established by the M.E.G. to manage diplomatic relations between the Entity 147 instances of Level 121 and humans. There are currently five active members. Supplies are received from Level 135 through Level 23. If you find yourself on Level 121, the best thing to do is to find the Embassy, which is located to the far right of Domum Terra. The Embassy has helped numerous lost Wanderers return to Level 135 and Level 23.

Entrances And Exits:


Level 121 can be entered from Level 23, but only by chance. To do so, one must enter the water reservoir on that Level which may no-clip Wanderers to other Levels instead of Level 121. Because of this, the M.E.G. considers this entrance unreliable. Entity 147 instances are able to consistently enter Level 121 through Level 23, but how they do it remains undisclosed. Level 121 can also be entered by diving into the ocean on Level 134. Sailing across the ocean from the shore of Level 125 may also lead you to the islands of Level 121. Occasionally, trying to no-clip to Level 8 from the cave entrance on Level 7 will instead no-clip Wanderers here.



Exit to Level 23.

Level 121 can always be exited through an odd empty log located near the edge of Domum Terra. Entity 147 instances are always cooperative in showing Wanderers the exit at all times. This exit leads to Level 23. Diving into the ocean may no-clip you near the hull of the ship on Level 85 or near the island on Level 97. Sailing across the ocean will eventually bring you to the shore of Level 125.

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