Level 120
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Class 2

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A picture of a computer block in one of the server rooms.

Level 120 is the 121st level of the Backrooms. It takes on the appearance of repeating rooms with broken servers. Some of these servers are able to generate white-void rooms or pitch-black hallways.


Level 120 is comprised of broken server rooms with massive blocks of computers ripped apart on the dirty, white floor. The walls have dirty yellow wallpaper plastered onto rotting wood. The roof is primarily made up of regular office ceiling tiles, with smashed or inactive fluorescent lights within them. These rooms are usually pitch-black, with the only light coming from the second, rarer type of room. The server rooms come in clusters of 15-23.

The second set of rooms in Level 120 are made of pure white voids. They're grouped into clusters of 6-12 rooms, with black doors that lead to other white-void rooms. These voids tend to attract Smilers, though they will often be too indulged in the light this room naturally emits to attack you.

The final set of rooms is the Pitch-Black Hallways. These are thin and very long corridors that connect to different server rooms. Though entities don't usually reside here, it's heavily advised not to walk through, since it's easy to trip, and if that happens, you have a large chance of injuring yourself and accidentally spawning Sub-Misglitches, one of the three entities found here.

Reaching the White Voids or Black Hallways is relatively easy and only requires finding an intact computer block. Booting this up will "load in" either the Black Hallways or White Void Rooms. To escape these rooms once you are in them, just travel in one direction to reach the edge of the room clusters. At the end of each cluster are windows that will lead back to the computer block that brought you into the sub-section. Breaking these windows is not normally required, since they're usually already broken.

Bases, Communities, and Outposts:

There are no known bases, communities or outposts on this level.


Misglitches are glitched, zombie-like versions of those who die in the Backrooms. Though there's usually an extremely low chance of someone becoming a Misglitch in other levels, it seems as though anyone who dies here instantly becomes a Misglitch.

Misglitches are black humanoid figures. They are surrounded by pixels and will often have red marks on their bodies where the person died, if the death was for something that happened internally, they will just be black in appearance.

These creatures attack by extending a pointed, tentacle-like arm at their victim. It will slice at their prey with this to make them either just draw blood or die. If the intention was to make them bleed, then Sub-Misglitches are created, at which point they will kill the victim.


Sub-Mistglitches are a variety of a Misglitch that spawn whenever someone's internal fluids or organs are exposed to the air of this Level. This can be anything ranging from a mere drop of blood to one's whole intestinal tract. They attack exactly the same as Misglitches, by extending out a tentacle of pixels and slashing, though this variety of Misglitch is far more hostile and efficient with their killings.

Though both of the above entities are incredibly dangerous, the chance of stumbling upon one or making one is relatively low, hence why Level 120 only has a survival difficulty of 2.

Entrances And Exits:


To enter, you can use an arcade machine in Level 25 that has had its front screen smashed. The color of the machine itself isn't important, and it's possible to create your own entrance to this level in Level 25 by shattering the screen of any arcade machine. Alternatively, if you find a labeled door that reads "Server Room" in Level 4.3, you can go through it and end up on this level.


To exit, you can find doors in either the Server Rooms or the Black Hallways that will take you back to Level 4.3, or noclip through the walls in the Server Rooms to end up in Level 70.

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