Level 119
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The only known photo of Level 119, which is a slide.

Level 119 is the 120th Level of the Backrooms.

It was discovered on 6/29/20 by Reddit user u/chianticat10.


Level 119 , much like Level 58, seems to be an abandoned waterpark. Not much is known about it since it was just recently discovered, but there is a working slide, as seen in the photo we have been provided. The taker of the photo has provided us with some additional information as well, saying that there is multiple slides that work and none of the slides are rusty. While most of the slides are undocumented, a red slide leads to an inflatable maze infested with Partygoers. A M.E.G operative exploring this area was quickly converted. It is ill-advised to use this slide. The other slides have unknown endings.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known Colonies or Outposts on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


If you stay too long in Level 33 in one spot you will notice a store that was closed before opening. The sign will say "Water Land Waterpark!". From the outside it looks like a normal store with many supplies for swimming, etc… However, once you step in you will shortly black out, waking up here.


To leave this level, the only believed way to leave is to slide down a certain functioning slide, yet this is unconfirmed.

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