Level 119
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Class 4

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The only known photo of Level 119, which is a slide.

Level 119 is the 120th level of the Backrooms.

It was discovered on 6/29/20 by Reddit user u/chianticat10.


Level 119, much like Level 58, seems to be an abandoned waterpark. It contains infinite slides, which some have special effects when riding. Although none of the slides are rusty on the outside, for some reason they are on the inside. The cause for this is unknown.

This level has a unique effect similar to Level 777's Casino where some slides will randomly disappear with a blink of an eye, sometimes coming back just as quickly. Everyone in the slide will fall to their death unless they are not to the height where they can get a serious injury or die.

The slides can sometimes glitch into each other, making sliding down them completely impossible. If you get stuck inside a slide that is glitched into another slide, the area you are in (most likely extremely cramped because of most of the slides being thin and not wide) will flood. The cause of this is unknown. However, you lose oxygen much slower, making the process of oxygen deprivation and dying much, much slower. Although there is an extremely low chance for this to happen, the chances increase the more time you spend in Level 119.

List of slide effects

There are approximately 982 slide variations in this level, but we have only documented the most common for convenience. Do not try to go into the undocumented ones, as they are probably dangerous.

Blue Slides

Red Slides

  • Infested with The Partygoers =), Entry of this slide is ill-advised.
  • Other than the Partygoers infestation, no other effects. It is likely that the Partygoers chose these slides because of the red slides having no effects.

Black And White Slides

  • Instant death.

Yellow Slides

  • Transports you to Level 0. These slides are considered to be the safest exit and slide in the level.

Pitch Black Slides

  • Infested with Smilers
  • If you somehow make it through the Smilers, you will be teleported into the exact middle of The Smiling Room.

Orange Slides

Pink Slides

  • Summons approximately 3 - 4 Partygoers in the level. Don't worry, this slide is completely safe! =) We won't hurt you. =)

Grey Slides

  • Has multiple grues inside the holes in the slide.

Beige Slides

  • Sends you to Level 601. Entry is inadvisable. These slides also glitch out frequently.


Smilers and Partygoers can be seen occasionally roaming around this level.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


You can find a water supplies store in Level 11 which is weirdly named: "Alom Wotor" Entering this store will make you pass out, eventually waking up in Level 119 with the exit gone.


Listed above, You can leave through various slides. A different way without the slides is to travel approximately 91.78 km and find a glass sliding door. This will lead you to Level 11.

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