Level 117
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An image taken in Level 117.

Level 117 is the 118th Level of the Backrooms


Level 117 consists of a seemingly infinite number of rooms. These rooms are connected directly through doorways and resemble school classrooms. The rooms are very similar in design with slight variations, often featuring chalkboards, desks, and cabinets. Occasionally school supplies such as pencils and binders can be found around the level. The level is lit by lighting fixtures in the ceiling, some of which are burnt out.

Level 117 has an 18 hour day-night cycle with 7 hours dedicated to day time and 11 dedicated to night time. During the night time all of the lighting fixtures will switch off and Janitors will begin to roam the halls. Smilers can occasionally be seen in the darker corners of Level 117, but are rarely seen at night. Some reports say that this is because they are afraid of the Janitors, but this is not confirmed.


Aside from Smilers, there are 2 main entities that can be found in Level 117: The Janitors and an entity who calls himself Mr. Freeman.

Mr. Freeman:

Mr. Freeman can occasionally be seen during the daytime "teaching" in empty classrooms. This usually consists of the entity giving lectures about topics found in High-School level Algebra and Geometry classes to the empty classroom. Some say there is more than one identical Mr. Freeman. These reports are unconfirmed. Mr. Freeman is friendly to Wanderers, may invite them to listen to his lectures if he sees them.


Janitors are the most common entity found in Level 117. They appear as shadowy figures wearing navy blue uniforms and carrying flashlights. Janitors also often carry around large brooms and trash cans and will sweep the floors of the classrooms. They will not react to wanderers unless the wanderers get very close. When a wanderer gets close to a Janitor, the Janitor will quickly engulf that person in shadow. Afterwards the Janitor will return to cleaning duties with the person no longer there. It is unknown what happens to people engulfed by Janitors, but there have been several unconfirmed reports of these people reappearing as students in Level 52. Because of the Janitors, it is inadvisable to visit Level 117 during the night time.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts and communities in Level 117. This is likely due to the danger that Janitors pose during the night time.

Entrances And Exits:


The primary method of reaching Level 117 is by entering classrooms in Level 83 which very occasionally lead to Level 117. Some people have also had success entering though Level 18, but this is not reliable.


Some rooms in Level 117 contain cupboards labeled "calculators". When entered, they lead to Level 4. There are also reports of no-clipping through the walls to reach Level 190, but this is not yet confirmed. Red doors can also be found rarely throughout the level. When entered, these lead to Level 74.

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