Level 116
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The central rink of Level 116 .

Level 116 is the 117th level of the Backrooms. It is a looping and empty ice rink with temperatures varying depending on where in the level you are in.


Level 116 is a looping, very cold ice rink that has different sections and portions that can all be easily and safely accessed. This level can be accessed through colder levels such as Level 47, Level 115, Level -5, and The Gift Plane. It can also be entered by drowning yourself in Level 7. The main area explorers typically end up in is the viewing area near the rink, but it is also possible to end up on the bleachers. The ice rink itself is the largest part but is hard to directly use due to the slipperiness of the ice, and it is recommended to borrow a pair of ice skates to be able to access the rink directly. This level is generally safe, the only entities being Facelings, Smilers, Clumps, and the entity native to this level known as “The Tutor”.

The faint sound of laughter and ice skate blades against ice can be heard from all directions, and the view from the central ice rink allows for most portions of the level to be seen. All Facelings in this level are docile, and can sometimes be seen playing in the arcade, skating on the ice, or opening lockers. The smell of cold air and steel radiates from all around. The viewing area is visible from the rink, a narrow wall of glass separating the two areas, while rows of open bleachers surround parts of the rink, a noticeable void beneath them where Smilers and Clumps hiding underneath lay. The washrooms are not terribly far off, the women’s and men’s signs written in English and French. One noticeable feature of Level 116 is the upside-down, colour inverted green-and-black flag with an upside-down maple leaf in the centre, theorised to resemble the Canadian flag on the walls near the scoreboards. There is a Wi-Fi connection.

The washrooms can be noclipped through, and resemble standard washrooms with the familiar buzzing noise of Level 0. There is no visible end to the rows of stalls, and travelling too far down can lead to getting lost. Occasional Clumps hide in the toilets. Leaving the bathrooms and going left leads to the viewing area, while going right leads to the bleachers.

Travelling towards the faint arcade noises can lead to the arcade, a small space facing the rink with working games such as a shooting gallery, pinball, and a claw machine. An exit door between machines leads to a blue-carpeted hallway that goes to either the party room or dining area. Noclipping into any arcade game leads to Level 31 or Level 40. Entering the dining area can also lead to the snack bar, where a Faceling wearing a uniform can give you almond water or food if asked. All food is safe, and you can sit on the chairs in the dining area safely to eat. Behind the snack area is an employee’s only section, where the Faceling can be seen entering and leaving. If you enter the area, you will only find brooms and broken skates. The party room is typically empty, with posters and deflated balloons scattered around the area. It is possible that entering the party room and closing the door behind you can sometimes lead to Level Fun =), but this has not been tested.

The locker rooms can be entered by going down the viewing area into an open space full of lockers which lead into another identical room and can lead to getting lost. The Tutor can sometimes be found in the locker rooms.

The kids rink is a smaller rink near the central ice rink, with fragile ice and child Facelings sometimes appearing to skate being its main attributes. The ice can easily be broken, and can lead to Negative Levels.

The skate rental portion is easily reached and is located not terribly far from the viewing area, a blue countertop with a Canadian measurement chart and brochures written in English and French facing the rest of the rink. The ice skate rental is looping, and exploring will end up taking you back to the rest of the rink. The skate rental is run by an entity native to this level known as the Tutor. The Tutor is theorised to be related to Level 31’s the Coach. The Tutor is a complex and intelligent Faceling entity, appearing as a faceless woman with brown hair in a side ponytail in a hockey uniform, typically holding a hockey stick with a helmet obscuring her head. She is friendly and can help you live safely in this level, and can lead you out if asked, however, asking her questions about the Coach or the Backrooms will make her upset.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

While it is possible to have communities in Level 116, none have been formed yet.

Entrances And Exits:


This level can be accessed with varying degrees of difficulty through colder Levels like 47, 115, -5, and The Gift Plane. To enter Level 116 through Level 47 would require you to dig through the walls of Level 47a’s igloo to jump through the hole dug. Walking down Level -5’s infinite hallway allows for access into Level 116, but the chance is very small, and travelling deep into The Gift Plane will allow you to noclip into Level 116. The most common way to get to Level 116 would be for you to use Level 115’s ski-lifts to get into the level. Drowning oneself in Level 7 would be the least recommended way to enter, but can still be used if desired.


Common ways to exit Level 116 can include noclipping into an arcade machine into Level 31’s arcade or Level 40, asking the Tutor or any Faceling where the exit is, or breaking the ice of either the main rink or the kids rink which will lead to an unknown, presumably undiscovered Negative Level. Another way to exit is to fall into the void underneath the bleachers, but this is highly dangerous and will commonly lead to death or getting mauled by a Smiler. Noclipping through a locker in the locker rooms will lead to Level 115.

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