Level 115
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Class 3

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Level 115 is the 115th Level of the Backrooms, discovered on 8th August 2017.


8th August 2020. Only known image.


Level 115 resembles an indoors skiing resort. Its hallways twist and turn for what seems to be forever, and the vents on the sides of the walls blow out freezing air, the temperature of this air depends on where you came in from. Sometimes it will snow frozen almond water (advised not to drink unfiltered), and it will reach -10 degrees Celsius and below, making this level hard to settle in. Chair lifts occupy a lot of the level, and are mostly functional. The facelings are the main entity here, and are harmless if left undisturbed. They can be seen with warm clothes, and attempting to ski. Shops adorn the halls, with a faceling shopkeeper, who can sell you food and almond water for supplies. Occasionally skinstealers and hounds can be spotted wandering around; the hounds are not aggressive however, but they may attack if provoked.

Additional Content

Insulated Blankets can be found randomly throughout the level. You can use these blankets to keep yourself from dying of hypothermia.

Matches can be found in the storage rooms of this level, including Wood, Metal and many other materials present in the room with the intended purpose for "Repairs".

This level gives you an immense feeling of nostalgia and dread, it's best to ignore this though.

Bases, Communities, and Outposts:

Environmental Research Team

Partakes in the study of the environments of many levels.

Entrances And Exits:


Entering Level 115 is hard. You'll have to noclip through the seabed or ground of any water level by chance, which can be extremely dangerous depending on the level.


Exiting Level 115 is relatively easy; you have to go to the main lobby and ask the Faceling worker where to go - you'll be directed to the ski lifts, however there is a slight chance all power may come out and you'll be brought to a dangerous sub-level of 115.

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