Level 114
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Class 4

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Level 114.

Level 114 is an unconfirmed level in the back rooms. The person who discovered this level is unknown. It is the 115th level of the backrooms.


Level 114 resembles a 1980s hospital. The floors are very slippery, almost like ice, and you can fall easily. The strong stench of blood and sterile can give one a headache, or make them go insane. Some hallways appear to be empty, while in others there are supplies scattered on the floors. All doors that are closed are locked, there are only a few doors that are wide open. In the rooms there are rotten corpses and medical equipment, sometimes you can find almond water, however it is a rare chance.

This level is extremely disorientating, making you easy prey for the entities that exist here. It is not recommended to stay in this level for very long although you can find medical supplies very easily, making it a worthwhile journey.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no discovered colonies.

Entrances And Exits:


To enter this level you need to find a vent in Level 14 and enter it.


There are a few hallways where the floor isn’t slippery. In these hallways there is one unlocked door, once you enter it, you have escaped level 114. This will lead to Level 4

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