Level 113
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Class 2

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Branch A of Level 113.

Level 113 is the 114th Positive Level of the Backrooms discovered on ██/██/████ by the Outcasts while exploring the depths of Level 23.


Level 113 is an entirely automated power-station seemingly beside a delta.

Level 113 is noticeably worn down with moss growing on walls and ceiling, cracks appearing on walls, floor and ceiling, several flickering/broken LED light fixtures and even several missing windows, as if the plant had been abandoned for years.

Level 113 is composed of two separate sections, labeled and referred to by automatons in Level 113 as Branch A, B and C Branch A and B

  • Branch A is by far the most active branch of Level 113. Branch A is home to the power transformer, maintenance hall and power generator. Branch A is mainly populated by a “species” of automaton composed of a claw with a camera connected to the hinge of the arm holding the claw. (see “Notable Automatons” for more info).
  • Branch B is the most worn down branch of Level 113. Branch B is home to the connection to the power-lines outside Level 113, the back-up power supply, the service room, the storage rooms and the incinerator. Branch B is mainly populated by several hundred “species” of automaton in the state of disrepair. These broken automatons are presumed to be incinerated.
  • Branch C is supposedly the third section of Level 113, showing multiple automatons entering Branch C, however, animal entry to Branch C leads to Level 23, thus documentation of Branch C is impossible.

Level 113 is home to several automaton species which all have a separate anatomy, behaviour and size. Notable automatons found on Level 113 can be viewed below. Seemingly, automatons on Level 113 is aware of the Backrooms and Level 113’s name in particular with each automaton being labeled as “ATMTN-113.#”. Reasoning for this is unknown.

Notable Automaton Species

ATMTN-113.1 - Deum De Machinis

ATMTN-113.1 is Level 113 as a whole. ATMTN-113.1 administrates all commands given to automatons in Level 113. Unlike other automatons, ATMTN-113.1 lacks a proper designation by “itself” however, a lack of a proper “ATMTN-113.1”, it is assumed Level 113 IS ATMTN-113.1.

ATMTN-113.4 - The Claws

ATMTN-113.4 is the dominant species of automaton in Level 113. ATMTN-113.4 has a general appearance of: a lily white mechanical arm approximately 4m long with a 70cm chainlink three-spoked claw with an outstanding grip, cameras can be seen behind the claw presumed to view it’s surroundings. ATMTN-113.4 is generally docile, only attacking when it is provoked or it’s work is stolen/tampered with. ATMTN-113.4 is locked to it’s position and is incapable of locomotion of any sort.

ATMTN-113.8 - Surveillance


A Distracted Instance of ATMTN-113.8

ATMTN-113.8 is the second most common automaton in Level 113. ATMTN-113.8 has an appearance of a pitch black security camera with a warning siren attached to it’s underside. If anything not originating from Level 113 trespasses boundaries of Level 113, ATMTN-113.8’s warning siren will be triggered and will release collections of ATMTN-113.9. ATMTN-113.8 is incapable of offense or locomotion.

ATMTN-113.9 - Turrets

ATMTN-113.9 is the most dangerous automaton in Level 113. ATMTN-113.9 has a general appearance of: a slender lily white body held up by 4 chainlink legs with any form of mechanical long-range weapon below 2 metres long. When an instance of ATMTN-113.8 flags a subject as a “threat”, generally 10 instances of ATMTN-113.9 attack and proceed to kill the subject.

ATMTN-113.9 is incredibly impressive at aim showing perfect results during a test performed by the M.E.G. involving a stereotypical target (see Addendum-L113) scoring a bullseye 49/50 times. ATMTN-113.9 is presumed capable of locomotion, however, this has not been proven.

ATMTN-113.12 - The Neutralized

ATMTN-113.12 is the dysfunctional automatons in Level 113. ATMTN-113.12 is typically incapable of movement or offense.



On ██/██/████, the Outcasts’ food supply was significantly dwindling and thus 5 members of the group ventured from the camp as the other 12 secure the camp during the search. On the third day of the search, one member of the search team found a door labeled as “Branch B”, however was ignored. Curiosity got the better of him, and opened the door and unknowingly discovered Level 113.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Entrances & Exits:


  • Level 3
    • Enter a door labeled as “OUT OF ORDER”.
  • Level 9, Level 80
    • Follow a single series of power-lines for ~40 minutes.
  • Level 23
    • Enter a door labeled as “Branch B”.


  • Level 2
    • Enter a door labeled as “Service Room”.
  • Level 23
    • Enter Branch C of Level 113.
  • Level 11
    • Use a Level Key (found on Level 113) on the Exit Door of Level 113.
  • Level 0?
    • Enter a door named "Mining Facility" to go to Level 0?


Addendum L113.1 - “Target Practice”

An instance of ATMTN-113.9 is triggered by ATMTN-113.8 by a drone with a target strapped to it. The ATMTN-113.9 instance had scored 49/50 shots to the target. This test was attempted with 5 other instances and added the exact same results.

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