Level 113
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Level 113 by TheAntarcticTheAntarctic
Rewritten by TheAntarcticTheAntarctic

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Level 113: Verum Terra Machinis
Class: Lambda Unsecured Hostility from Sapient Entities

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« Description »


Fig. 1Region א from Region ב

Level 113 — colloquially “Verum Terra Machinis” and formerly “Deum De Machinis” — is an urbanised environment divided into three (3) defined sectors, singularly designated as Region Aleph (א), Region Bet (ב) and Region Gimel (ג).

Region א is classified as the regions previously known as the entirety of Level 113, being a large automated facility similar in structure to that of a oil-fueled power station; Region א is noticeably dilapidated as displayed through the presence of imperfections and crevices strewn along the walls with stains upon the walls. The walls of א are largely composed of concrete and reinforced with rebar and steel framework, only interrupted when a window is present. Tiled flooring spans the entirety of Region א composed of an unidentified ceramic material, the properties of which partially match those of bricks. The lights of Region א are largely incandescent lightbulbs that appear to be faulty and shine with variable quality, sometimes shutting off without warning.

Region ב is an urban environment to the likes of a large U.S. city. composed purely of metallic materials such as aluminum, iron, cobalt, and copper. Region ב has the highest quantity of entities within its limits and can usually be located on Region ב’s avenues and the ground floor of most buildings in ב. The buildings are designated as anomalous phenomena, sometimes described as an overlooked entity species in Level 113; they are designated as such because they have demonstrated primitive intelligence through ‘playing dead’ when a possible harmful stimulus is nearby. The buildings are mostly empty except for two: the Fortress and the Power Station (see Region א). The Fortress in Region ב appears similar to a heavily fortified bunker in the centre of ב. It is encased in around 25 plates of pure tungsten, giving the bunker great resistance against may weaponry of many types. The King of Level 113 is known to reside in this location along with most Royal-Grade Machinarum.


Fig. 2 — Entity 35’s common behaviours in Level 113

Region ג is a mechanical framework surrounding the entirety of Region ב and Region א, similar to that of a foundational framework to the entirety of Level 113. Little information is known about ג due to the inaccessibility of the region; however, closer inspection of ג can be recognised with the use of powerful spotlights and laser range-finding. Region ג is structured as a form of cage with support beams spread unevenly cross its frame; additionally, ג is home to 11 instances of Entity 35 — the only species of liminal entity to exist in Level 113 and other levels — on the highest regions of the cage, but these entities do not appear to act similarly to Entity 35 on other levels. Instances of Entity 35 have been seen to mimic different shapes and symbols. The following symbols are the most common to manifest (Figure 2).

Level 113’s main distinguishing feature is the vast intelligence gap between its entities — the Machinarum — and the entities of other levels, with every unique entity-type in Level 113 to have an estimated IQ above 125. The Machinarum are highly intelligent automatons that are protected with either aluminium or plastic plates and appear in different shapes, sizes and behaviours based upon their role in the Machinarum hierarchy.

Security-Grade Machinarum (SGM) are a branch of Machinarum built for defensive procedures where Level 113’s confidentiality can be ensured to be kept secretive. The SGM typically ensure that their presence are hidden from the knowledge of opponents through means of encryption or camouflage.

« CDT Digital Espionage Unit »
Confidentiality Defense-Type Digital Espionage Unit

The CDT Digital Espionage Unit is a common espionage automaton that can only be found inside Level 113. Digital Espionage Units typically appear as small motorised vehicles with three wheels with a radar dish mounted atop it. The purpose of the Digital Espionage Units are to alter of infiltrate documents and telecommunications from within Level 113; however, these automatons can execute their mission through any attempts necessary.

« CDT Photographic Espionage Unit »
Confidentiality Defense-Type Photographic Espionage Unit

The CDT Photographic Espionage Unit, or occasionally CDT Physical Espionage Unit is a common espionage automaton that can only be found inside Level 113. Photographic Espionage Units typically appear as small motorised vehicles with one wheel with a series of cameras arranged into a spherical pattern mounted atop it. The purpose of the Photographic Espionage Units are constructed to spy on opponents and to clarify safe passage for ground Machinarum forces.

« Discovery & History »


Fig. 3 — High-Definition Screenshot of Level 113, taken by Kara H. Thanatos

Verum Terra Machinis was first recorded in 1986, following the First Machina-Humanity War by wanderers who emerged from the remains of [REDACTED]. One survivor — Kara H. Thanatos — chose to use her damaged camera to monitor where the Machinarum were travelling to; in doing this, he located an exit door on [REDACTED]. Thanatos wandered around in Level 113 for 25 minutes and 16 seconds until being spotted by a CTD Helical Unit and being shot in the lower leg, hip and the head, killing her. The camera kept filming for another 13 seconds until it was shot by the same Helical Unit. In the following year, each bullet was extracted from Kara’s body along with the camera’s SD card by an unnamed individual in absolute secrecy.

« Wars involving the Machinarum »

« First Machina-Humanity War (1986) »

« Belligerents »

  • Machinarum

The First Machina-Humanity War began on 26 December 1986, supposedly after 6 wanderers from Level 80 entered Level 113 with weapons on their person. Mistakingly recognising the journey as an attack, the monarch of Level 113 at the time — Bismarck-Richelieu — declared war upon Entity 1 the following day. Level 0, Level 7, Level 9, Level 11 and Level 94 were the main fronts for the war. During the First War, the majority of battlefronts were repaired; however, Level 0 suffered heavy damage. Humanity emerged victorious after the First Machina-Humanity War, with Level 113 being blocked off from the rest of the Backrooms.

« Second Machina-Humanity War (2014) »

« Belligerents »

The Second Machina-Humanity War began on 29 September 2014, caused by deepening tensions between the Machinarum and Humanity after a defense agreement between the Machinarum and Entity 67 and the further militarisation of Humanity (especially after the militarisation of the Major Explorer Group and Backrooms Remodelling Co.) A declaration of war was signed by Overseer A and B, declaring that the continuation of the Machinarum was tantamount to allowing ‘an intelligence singularity forming in our backyard’.

A raid was carried out by Team ‘Karl’ on Region א and Level Fun by 2 October 2014. In October, Yamato-Richelieu declared for all military assets in Level 113 to be deployed against the attacking forces; this sent the front lines to the borders of Level 11, Level 4, and Level 302 — levels deemed essential for the Backrooms’ ecosystem. A ceasefire was agreed upon by 30 October 2014 and Entity 1 forces were pressured into abandoning 8 levels, including Level 6 and Level 10.

« Bases, Outposts & Communities »

Since the Second Machina-Humanity War, no human-built colonies are allowed into Level 113. If one is constructed, the Machinarum will enable a shoot-to-kill policy against any human beings present.

« Entrances & Exits »

« Entrances »


« Exits »

Exits from Level 113 are only currently known to exist in Level 11 and [REDACTED].

  • Level 11 - “the Endless City”
    • To enter Level 11, you must locate an exit door inside Region א leading to another random exit door in Level 11. Once exiting, the door will automatically lock, disallowing two-way entry.

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