Level 111
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An example of the floor in Level 111.

Level 111 is the 112th Level of the Backrooms, it takes on the form of a miniature railway, with the scenery looking much like a British Countryside town from the 50's or 60's.


Level 111's floor immediately stands out to the new traveller, the floor seems to be entirely comprised of a model railway in OO/HO scale (1:76 and 1:87 respectively). The model buildings all look and feel to be made of cardboard kits, though destruction of them is impossible. Meaning traversing can be difficult, as often times you'll find yourself tripping over on the impenetrable buildings, or carefully standing on the roofs of them to travel around that way.

Level 111 is entirely indoors, with the walls taking up the look of an empty high school gym. The walls are a plain white, with the "logo" for the school in question being three random letters in a bright orange, the letters changing depending on what room you're in. There are doors inside the gyms, which will always lead to other gyms of the exact same design, with the model railways always spanning the entirety of the floor.

There are small holes that have been dug out into the walls of the gyms, which all have track running into them. The walls are known to have spaces inside of them, these spaces are known as the "fiddle yards". A location where the model trains enter and go to other tracks and other rooms. The room is completely dark and seems to be entirely inaccessible, since anything that isn't a model train just ends up going to the Insulation.

Though the model buildings can't be destroyed or moved, the trains themselves can. The trains all usually take the forms of 1950-1960's rolling stock, they all run at a semi-constant speed, but seem to slow down slightly if another train is ahead or about to cross some points near them. If one is to step on or derail a train, a shrill screech will be heard from inside the walls and up in the ceiling. Upon this happening, all exit doors lock, and what happens after is unknown. Though there have been cases of an extra model figure appearing after someone has derailed an engine.

Most model figures take the form of various entities, with Facelings taking up the streets, Clumps in alleyways, Windows taking form of a lot of the windows of the model buildings. Any other windows looking into miniature levels, mainly Level 0, Level 53, Level 26 or Level 27.

The model entities here are entirely non-violent, and seem to be inanimate. The model figures that aren't entities take the form of small figures who seem entirely humanoid, though they're not facelings, since their faces have been painted to portray a face of pure terror. More and more figures seem to appear progressively, which also coincide with disappearances of explorers after derailing or tampering with engines.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Model Enthusiasts

The Model Enthusiasts are a small group of people who enjoy watching the trains, since the level has next to no entities, these people enjoy "just simply watching the trains go by." They are entirely peaceful, and are always eager to talk about either themselves, their groups, or the real trains that the model ones are based off of.

The Gaugemaster Controllers.

The Gaugemaster Controllers are the entities that are rumoured to be the cause of the screeching that happens when a model engine is derailed. They're mostly non-hostile, and seem to only care and interact with people if they tamper with their models.

Entrances And Exits:


To enter, you can find and chisel away at small holes found in The Insulation, or you can enter by entering a door in Level 52, the door can be identified by the sounds of chatter and sounds of model engines going around, similar to the sounds of Level 111 itself. Albeit without the sounds of chatter. Another way of accessing Level 111 is to find a train table inside some of the houses of Level 94, interacting with the table will then take you to this Level.


To exit, you can find doors out to Level 52 or chisel out holes to The Insulation. Another way to exit is to find large exit doors that go to Level 9.

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