Level 110
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Imagery of Level 110-Alpha.

Level 110 is the 111th Positive Level of the Backrooms created on ██/03/2034 by an activated particle accelerator in a previous occupier of the designation Level 110.


Level 110 is a spatially anomalous pocket dimension located within the singularity of Level 110-Alpha.

Level 110-Alpha is an event horizon approximately 34.72 metres (113.91 feet) in diameter with an approximate mass of 12 Jovian masses (12x more massive than Jupiter). Level 110-Alpha acts near-identical to blackholes observed in the Frontrooms however does not exert a gravitational force and isn’t affected by hawking radiation as Level 110-Alpha’s lifespan lasts for 10googol years instead of 3.406x1061 years as a blackhole of its size would last because of time dilation observed within the Backrooms.

Level 110 appears as a black void approximately the same size as Level 110-Alpha, with a large quantity of atoms and sub-atomic particles ground up by 110-Alpha with appearance of a large pile. Waste materials in Level 110 appear to have liquid-like properties, however do not appear as a liquid in its temperature or solidity it would experience as a liquid. It appears that biological material does not get ground up into atomic particles (As proven from Level 110’s identification) unlike the remainder of material found in Level 110, reasoning for this phenomenon is unknown.

It is unknown how Level 110-Alpha supports Level 110 as Level 110 is stored within 110-Alpha’s singularity which the law of physics rules as a point with no surface area and thus, no volume.


In March 2034, Level 110 and Level 110-Alpha was created by a collection of scientists originating from the M.E.G. tinkering with the previous holder of the term Level 110, which was originally a particle accelerator. Scientists created Level 110-Alpha through colliding electrons and positrons at 0.5 c (3.353x108 mph) creating a kugelblitz1. Level 110-Alpha devoured the entirety of the former level including the scientists and Level 110 within Level 110-Alpha occupied the classification of Level 110.

Level 110 was identified in February 2035 by Researcher ██████ of the M.E.G. when audio blips were recorded in a 15-minute window resembling a muffled human voice during a conversation.

Quoting from Researcher ██████

We didn’t expect the outcome we got. We thought it would just be another object in the Backrooms, in fact we were about to classify it as Object 96 once we finally received all we were expecting and were looking for, but when the disembodied voice described their environment, we immediately realised the fact that this one was truly a level, well it was still an object, but, you get the point.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

It is currently unknown if it is possible to create a base/outpost/community in Level 110.

Entrances & Exits:


  • Level 110 (Former)
    • You can access Level 110 by simply entering Level 110-Alpha. As Level 110 (Former) still is capable of entrance and exit, this is method is valid.


  • There are no exits capable of use in Level 110.

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