Level 110
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Dedicated to my deceased friend — Nathaniel Lucia in memoriam.

—— M.E.G. Exploration Department operative Clephens Edmont


Class Schwarzchild

  • Unsafe and Unsecure
  • Boundless Profundity
  • Everlasting End


It was a common exploration — Nathaniel and I were exploring the space station in Level 78… We noticed a strange porthole: looking through, we saw a mysterious celestial body in rapid rotation that was emitting odd blue light. I was unsure if it was a neutron star, a black hole, or even a quasar. Still, we stepped through that airlock, only to find ourselves in a brand-new level…


The black hole at the center of the level (to be confirmed).

The main structure of Level 110 is a massive, artificial, annular-tube-shaped space city surrounding a giant black hole, with an estimated diameter of about 1000AU. There are currently no known laws of physics able to explain how it exists, as it conflicts significantly with the natural laws we know.

The light emitted from the accretion disk of the black hole, being an eerie phosphorescent blue, is the main natural light source in the level. Some structures in the space city also emit dim light, but other than this, there is no light in the level. The accretion disk, composed of inferno-hot plasma, rotates around the black hole, and increases its speed as time goes on.

May the black hole eventually swallow it all, but I can hardly wait.

The inner diameter of the tube structure is about 10 kilometers. The whole structure is divided into several sections, with each section being around 50 kilometers long and connected to other sections by enormous hatch doors.

This length is almost negligible compared to the whole structure, but it is mind-blowing for a newcomer like me.


Ruins (to be confirmed).

The gravity system of the level is strange — objects near the inner wall of the space city are applied a vertical force towards it, which is about 1.5 times Earth’s gravity. The force on objects closer to the center of the cross-section of the tube structure will be weaker, eventually reaching zero.

It's like a centrifugal force, but we were unaware of the rotation of the tube wall.

Some abandoned structures resembling relics left by an advanced civilization can be seen on the tube wall — in fact, the entire structure is an enormous relic. Some relics are shorter than an average man's height (1.73 m), but some take up the diameter of the tube. Most of the structures are damaged, inaccessible, or extremely dangerous (with some releasing plasma of several thousand degrees Celsius when approached by objects or entities).

The relics are likely to be randomly arranged, and we cannot figure out any order or meaning from them based on our understanding.


The natural environment is extremely terrible: being devoid of oxygen and having a bone-piercing cold. In general, the temperature inside the space city is around -50 to -20℃. Wanderers must wear specific equipment, such as space suits, to have a chance of survival.

Mercifully, we happened to be in our space suits at the time, meaning we were not immediately killed upon entry.

There are ruptures in certain areas of the tube wall, and the number and size of ruptures will increase as wanderers stay in the level longer. As per early measurements, the ruptures are connected to the outer vacuum, whose temperature is only about -272.95℃. Due to the fact that the ruptures and the tube wall are both an indistinguishable dark blue, wanderers must be highly cautious when exploring. Moreover, when getting near a rupture, wanderers will feel a sudden temperature drop and will be subject to a mysterious gravitational force that “pulls” them towards it, and if they get close enough, they will be unable to resist the massive gravitational force and be dragged into the vacuum. It is unclear whether this effect is related to the central black hole.

I… I don’t want to think about it again… Nathaniel was far ahead of me, I wanted to stop him, but he didn't hear me. The environment gradually became colder as we moved forward, and I came to realize something was wrong. This was the first time anyone had reached this level, and we didn’t know what would happen, so I instinctively wanted to turn back. But how could I leave Nathaniel behind?

Just as I turned around again, Nathaniel had disappeared…

I could no longer find him, no matter how much I searched…

No, it was all my fault… I should have stopped him…

Tears blurred my vision. My surroundings gradually dimmed, but then brightened up again… My tears had drained, and I found myself back in Level 78. I saw an airlock's porthole displaying a street in Level 11, so I walked through it…

Bases, Outposts, and Communities


I don't want to mention this level any more.

Entrances And Exits

  • Walking through an airlock with a porthole displaying a mysterious celestial body emitting odd blue light in Level 78 leads to Level 110.


  • By no-clipping into a painting of a black hole in Level 57, one has a slight chance to enter Level 110.

You're playing with fire.


You can return, but you must sacrifice your partner.

A pair of virtual particles were created on the event horizon; they were supposed to mutually annihilate, but the antiparticle leaped into the black hole, allowing its particle partner to escape.

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