Scene-01.2 - "The Refuge"
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"We found it"

I think we've escaped. There's no way they can find us here. All that running has finally paid off.
- Jane

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A picture of the apartment buildings viewed from afar.


Level 11.2, formally known as Scene-01.2, is a sublevel of Level 11 located far in the outskirts of the level's central area. The sublevel was discovered by a frontline explorer team scouting Level 11, and was found abandoned and barricaded. Level 11.2 consists of many identical orange and white apartment buildings, covered in snow and shrouded by a dark sky.

The environment of Level 11.2 is freezing, often lingering around -11°C.1 This causes it to snow very often, covering the apartment buildings and streets. Level 11.2 has no day-night cycle as the sky always has a somber black tone. This, accompanied by the streetlights, gives the sublevel a yellow tint that many have described as comforting.

It has been universally agreed within the M.E.G. that Level 11.2 starts once one has reached the apartments, but it is unknown where the real transition to Level 11.2 is. This is due to the blending of the main level and sublevel, where the sky gets gradually darker, and Level 11 buildings get smaller and more vacant the closer to the apartment's proximity. This blending effect is known to start a few kilometers away from the orange apartment complex, but an accurate measure has not been taken due to the versatility of the effect. There is also an absence of facelings which usually populate Level 11. The reason for this phenomenon is unknown.


A picture taken in the middle of Level 11.2.


Level 11.2 was discovered in February 2015 during an exploration mission by M.E.G. Team Reed. The apartment complex was found with its windows and doors heavily but poorly barricaded. The barricades were found with a lesser level of erosion to the building's walls, confirming a community had once populated the buildings and placed these barricades. Some of these blockades were also found partially damaged and with gunshot indents, especially the ones on the side closest to Level 11. This indicates struggle took place or attempts have been made to enter.

It took one full day for our specialists to lift these barricades, but it was very well worth the effort. I still remember the shock on our faces as we discovered to beautiful time bubble that had been preserved within."

—— Darkmond Khan,2 M.E.G. (2015) ——


A hallway inside one of the buildings on Level 11.2.

Interior and Properties

The inside was discovered to be the former home of refugees from The Leaders group3. Most apartments were used for living space, while others consisted of classrooms, lounges, infirmaries, etc. A lot of resources were also left behind with only the essentials and military equipment4 being gone. The fridges also seem to restock every other week, full of random foods from The Frontrooms. No pattern to this has been found as of yet.

A lot of doors were discovered to be labeled with different level numbers. These labels were in the form of wooden signs and have been amateurishly nailed onto the wall beside the door, indicating it was the work of the former community. After being tested, it was found that Level 11.2 holds many very tightly concentrated exits. Not only that but after using each exit, the wanderer can return through the same door. The gateways to Level 283 and Level 189 have proved especially useful. This, coupled with the sustainable food and essentials led The M.E.G. to set up an outpost in this sublevel.

Bases, Outposts and Communities


A picture of the apartments in Level 11.2 after colonization.

M.E.G. "Base Omicron"

  • This is the seventh main base of M.E.G.
  • The purpose of this base is to research the previous occupation of The Leaders and use the many gateways to make this level an exploration hub.
  • This base houses around 250 people.
  • This base is in close connection with Base Epsilon on Level 283.

The Banner Building

The Banner Building is the only building in Level 11.2 that does not resemble the standard orange and white apartment building. It is described as a colorful building with a bunch of different geometric shapes and banners painted onto the walls. The banners are painted in such a way that it looks like they're hanging down from the roof.


An image containing the enigmatic Banner Building.

The special thing about this building is not the appearance, but the barricade that was placed on it. When Level 11.2 was discovered, the outer barricade of the building was found to be the same black metal casing as the other buildings. After that was removed, however, an invisible barrier was found underneath that to this day remains impenetrable. The impenetrable barrier has been characterized as a hard, invisible forcefield that is completely resistant to the external world. Due to the nature of this barrier, any attempts to breach it were discontinued by M.E.G. in January 2016.

The Banner Building was the only building found lit up after the first layer of barricades was removed, and many have reported seeing a shadow figure wandering the hall of the lit-up places of the Banner Building. They describe seeing this figure sprint across the lit-up hall horizontally. Normally this would be written off as a hallucination, but due to some notes found in the apartment buildings, this building has been declared as extremely high importance. 2 tents have been set up by The Banner Building and operatives are now on constant watch. Since these installations, nothing more has been seen in these hallways.

Recovered Diary

Upon the colonization of Level 11.2, many belongings of the former inhabitants of the Leaders were looted and collected for analysis. A few written texts were found with one in particular giving a detailed insight into the lives and situations of the former inhabitants. This was the diary of Jane Mahayfaio, a diary consisting of 4 entries.


"We're Here Now"

The date reads the 9th of August, 1992. I am writing this as I stand here with my feet in the snow, waiting for our military team to deem this area safe. I love gazing upon these big orange bulks of concrete that I may very well be able to call home soon. It looks a hell of a lot nicer than the apartment buildings I lived in Scene-01.1 before their army came. I think we've escaped. There's no way they can find us here. All that running has finally paid off, I don't think Emstable has the time to chase us more anyway.


Honestly, I just hope there are no entities here although for some reason I feel like I already know there aren't. I feel so alone and isolated here. I feel safe. I still remember the excitement on my father's face a few hours ago when we realized we made it. He's a pretty big shot within The Leaders, but a brand-new scene is still a pretty impressive find. I've never seen him smile like that since Mom was still with us. Before Emstable took her.


"A Refuge"

This place is a lot more amazing than I thought. There's so much food and Almond Water here that I can practically drown in it. We got confirmation from headquarters yesterday and this place is now called Scene-01.4. It was a hard decision to even tell headquarters about our survival and this place we found in case there was a spy in headquarters that would send Emstable straight to us. Either way, HQ told us to not leave under any circumstances, despite all the level gateways we found in these hallways.


I don't think anyone even wants to leave either, especially not after what we found inside that colorful building. Dad told me not to write what it does in case this diary gets in the wrong hands one day, but it's something nobody has ever seen before. Even if I was allowed to say what is it, I'm not sure if I could even do that. The only word I guess would describe it as is "incomprehensible".


"A Warning"

I had pretty much lost interest in making these entries, but today everything had changed. All of Scene-01.4 was silent. I didn't know why and nobody would tell me until Dad finally did. The thing in the colorful building had told us that Emstable was coming. Headquarters then radioed in, confirming the Emstable's march was in our direction. "One of the biggest mobilizations ever seen," they said. At this point, the only thing I felt was disbelief. I can't believe I had once thought those swine would give up on finding us, that I would finally have a normal life.


Worst of all, it looks like headquarters are getting desperate. They're drafting us, the women and children too. We have enough weapons, but we can't even use all of the valuable gateways we have access to here. I think it's over now, we're no match against their powerful rifles and manpower. We've been ordered to place barricades and protect all the value here in Scene-01.4 and I guess that is all we can do as we wait for them to come. Our inevitable death.



They're here now. I can see the smoke rising and the fire brewing in the distance, a classic Emstable way of instilling fear and announcing the arrival of their battalion. The thing in the rainbow building said it'll create its own impenetrable barrier around the building so at least I can die knowing that Emstable won't receive that much power if they somehow get past the first barricades. I write this as I sit in the chair of the final building yet to be barricaded, gripping my rifle in my other hand as I listen to the cries of the family in the apartment adjacent to mine. Hopefully, if you're reading this, The Leaders have already won the war. If you're Emstable however, I hope the thing in the rainbow building meets you, one gloomy night.


Entrances, Exits and Gateways


One can find Level 11.2 by wandering 876km north-east of Level 9's entrance to Level 11.


Walking away from the apartment complex leads you back to Level 11.


Level 11.2 is connected to the following levels through apartment doors:

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