Level 11
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A photo from the footage captured by the drone.

Level 11 is the 12th Level of The Backrooms, and this Level is an infinite city.


Level 11, or "The City" is like Level 9, but instead of middle-class suburb houses, there are apartments, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, police departments, fire departments, motels, schools, train stations, anything you can find in an your average American city. People have reported that It seems to have aspects and landmarks of several well known cities, Including, but not limited too: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and Toronto. Level 11 is also cluttered with parks, plazas, ice skating rinks, basket ball fields, and metro stations. There are also nuclear powers plants usually with 1 or 2 reactors scattered around Level 11 and are usually 40,000 kilometers apart.

Although Level 11 seems stationary, intersections here are very common. For example, an exploration drone spotted the empire state building while observing surroundings. The drone was flown near the building but lost contact approximately 10 feet away. Facelings are extremely common, and can be found pretty much everywhere. Level 11 seems to have an effect on both adult/child Facelings and even Hounds making them neutral towards travelers, and not only that, but the “effect” makes Facelings act as ordinary human beings. Death Moths, Crawlers, Observers and Smilers are rarely seen here, although their powers are substantially weakened.

WiFi is also very common here. Names consist of letters and numbers with no pattern (e.g. KTUcfJe20W, Q1lyxzkayR). Almond Water can be found pretty much everywhere in Level 11, ranging from water fountains, commercial freezers, and soda vending machines. If you’re looking for night vision goggles, first aid kits, or packs of almond water, visit a store in Level 11.

This Level was discovered when footage has been caught on tape by drones that were later disconnected.

Colonies And Outposts

The Eyes of Argos

  • The main base of the Eyes of Argos.
  • Is a building known as The Headquarters.
  • Its a safe place to stay or even trade unless you have committed a sin.

Entrances And Exits:


To Enter, Level 11 can be accessed through Level 9 by wandering 100 to 200 miles (161-322 km) or traveling in The Metro. When entering Level 11 through Level 9, it is noticeable that the surroundings seem to slowly change. It is also possible to enter through Level 87 by going through certain doors.


To Exit, If you have just entered Level 11 from Level 9 and you want to leave, walk back 100 to 200 kilometers in the opposite direction you were heading. If you entered from The Metro, get back on the train and it should take you to The Metro once it leaves. Depending on which building you walk into, you can end up in levels ranging from Level 0 to Level 6. If you stare at the sky for 4-726 minutes (12 hours), it is reported that you can reach Level 24. There is also reported to be a certain blue building that can take you Level 23. Hailing a cab and getting in will drive you to Level 30 or Level 32, or finding a stadium-like building with a sign saying "WaterWorld", enter the building to take you to Level 43. If you see a sign called "Sewage", go down the stairs to go to Level 41. It is also possible to go in a mansion to go to a strange and yet mysterious Level 82, as an anti-sanity level. You can also find a rock climbing building, climb up the rock wall in less than 5 minutes, pass out, and end up in Level 101

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