Level 109
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The only known image of Level 109.

Once a busy hospital, now a scarcely populated level of The Backrooms
We, The Doctors, are here to help you

Welcome to Level 109


Level 109 is an infinite array of hospital corridors with different lengths. Singular instances of some corridors have been known to stretch for several miles before reaching another corridor.

During a set of experiments, wanderers used lasers to measure the distance between different sets of corridor ends. The results showed that the average length of a level 109 corridor is around 2.9 miles (Roughly 4.6km).

These corridors contain numerous different doors which all lack labelling, which makes it so that no one could know for sure what lies behind a certain door. Such doors will appear in large quantities down every corridor, always seemingly leading to a different room.

Upon opening a door, a wanderer will find a room resembling a specific hospital department. Please read the files below for more specific information on these rooms.
Often, these rooms are referred to as "auditoriums", for their size averaging the size of an auditorium.

Unlike the corridors, auditoriums have a fixed length, and do not stretch onwards for miles on end. They are much wider than the corridors, but their length from the entrance door to the opposing wall is considerably shorter.
The previously described laser test was applied to a large amount of auditoriums, and their average area was estimated to be around 9700ft2 (Roughly 900m2)

The auditoriums are considered particularly dangerous due to the fact that they oftentimes house the entities which inhabit level 109. Not all entities live in their own auditorium, as some of them decide to roam the hallways of level 109 instead. This occurs when a wanderer leaves a door to an auditorium open, as the entities present in the level cannot open the doors by themselves. Because of this, the M.E.G. has declared it to be of great importance that wanderers keep the doors closed at all costs to make traversing level 109 safer for all wanderers in The Backrooms.

Apart from entities, one can also find valuable medical resources inside the auditoriums which would be found inside normal hospitals. Other than that, almond water can also be found inside the rooms, albeit in a sparser quantity. Gathering these resources is highly dangerous however, because as previously mentioned, several entities live inside these auditoriums.

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SUPPLY ROOM A room which contains numerous supplies for one's survival. These can range from numerous valuable medical supplies to other resources like almond water. Relatively Safe
OPERATING THEATER Standard facility where surgeries would normally take place. One may find abandoned and occupied ones. The abandoned ones will not be labeled and won't have any M.E.G. volunteers guarding it, usually containing little to no resources, aside from a few medical tools. The occupied rooms will be guarded by M.E.G. volunteers and may not be entered, for the environment is aseptic and should not be disturbed. Relatively Safe
ICU Standard Intensive Care Unit, containing most of the equipment necessary for providing proper care to wanderers who are severely injured. Just like the Operating Theater, one may find occupied and abandoned rooms. The abandoned rooms tend to be very dangerous, as entities appear to be much more violent. Relatively Unsafe
PHARMACY Standard Pharmacy Department, where all medicine is prepared. These rooms usually contain small amounts of valuable medicine, but are usually infested with entities. Relatively Unsafe
BIOHAZARD ROOM Contaminated Rooms which pose a severe threat to one's health. These rooms have been exposed to large quantities of Entity 19 and are unfit for life due to the highly dangerous and toxic environment. Unfit For Life


Thus far, several different entities which are native to The Backrooms as a whole have been observed in level 109, such as Skin-Stealers, Hounds, Clumps, Deathmoths, and The Disease.
The amount of entities which are present in a single room can vary from a few (Three to ten) entities to dozens, if not hundreds of them, which albeit rare, has been noticed a handful of times.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

As of now, only one community has been formally established in Level 109.

The Doctors:

  • Consists of a handful of people who either used to be doctors in The Frontrooms or are being taught medical basics by said doctors.
  • Have taken numerous rooms from the hands of the entities of level 109 and repurposed them as medical outposts.
  • Very friendly, and offer help and supplies to all wanderers that come across them.
  • Protected by M.E.G. volunteers, who also route any wanderers to the correct rooms.

Unfortunately, many wanderers are unable to find "The Doctors", mainly due to the sheer size of level 109. But one should never give up trying should they end up here.

Entrances And Exits:


One can enter Level 109 by noclipping through a glitched wall in a hospital of Level 11

Wanderers may also enter this level by getting severely injured to the point of getting knocked out in Level 14. They will wake up inside of level 109 upon regaining consciousness. This is really rare however, with only two cases confirmed so far. Speculation is still ongoing as to why this happens.


Entering any of the doors labelled with an exit sign in Level 109's corridors leads to Level 114.

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