Level 109
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Class 2

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The only known image of Level 109.

Level 109 is the 110th level of the backrooms. It is currently not confirmed.


Level 109 is a hospital corridor lit by neon lights that expands about half a mile in one direction. Entering any doors in this level will almost always lead to another room with a similar neon light aesthetic to the hallway, however these rooms will usually be the size of a large auditorium and usually the entities in this level will attack here. Entering a door can occasionally lead you to Level 0, a random Negative Level, or The Hub.


Level 109‘s entities are uncommon, but the entities that are found are quite hostile. The entities found here are Skin-Stealers, Windows, Hounds, Clumps, and occasionally male Deathmoths. The only entity in Level 109 that doesn’t hide out in its many large, auditorium-like rooms are the Windows.

Colonies And Outposts

Only one colony is confirmed to exist here.

The Doctors:

  • One of the easiest to locate colonies in the backrooms, as they reside in one of the large auditorium-like rooms on this level
  • Friendly and willing to trade, but hostile when need be
  • Speculated to be led by whoever took the image below, who exactly this is is not known.

Entrances And Exits:

To Enter, entering Level 109 is quite difficult, as well as leaving. The only way to enter is to enter one of the blood red rooms in Level 0, and even then it is not likely that you will be teleported to Level 109. to Exit, exiting is slightly easier, as on occasion entering a door will take you to Level 0, The Hub, or a random Negative Level.

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