Level 108
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One of the "spires" in Level 108, seen from a high up window in the level.


A diagram of how the level works, the light grey inside the circles representing the floor inside the hollow spires. The darkest grey's being the corridors, and the light grey in the middle being the random way of going up and down the Level.


An interior hallway of Level 108.

Level 108 is the 109th Level of The Backrooms. It is a complex of hollowed out cylinders with concrete spacings inside each "spire". Each spire has corridors passing through.


Level 108 is a series of hollow cylindrical spaces with windows lining the interior perimeter. There are 44 windows on each Level. With the floor of the spires being the same concrete as the walls and a view of the sky at the top. Inside each of the cylinders there are numerous hallways, all of which follow a hashtag shape pattern, alongside hallways which curve around the windows on the inside. The hallways are extremely dark, with the occasional large object blocking your path, ranging from bed frames to trucks. It is unknown how these objects got here, but it is theorised that they No-Clipped into The Backrooms. For unknown reasons, it is impossible to move any of these large objects. Even the lightest of these objects have been noted to be "heavier than a train."

All hallways excluding the ones adjacent to windows are extremely dark, with only the occasional overhanging light that does little more than illuminate what's below. This Level is quite similar in lighting to Level 6.

Within the center of the different spires, there are methods of going up and down Level 108. The most commonplace methods are elevators and stairs, though there are reports or ropes, climbing walls, and even floating water columns.

This Level has no natural Entities besides Wretches. There's also very little audible noise within this entire level. Everything from footsteps, lights, elevators and window breaking is all extremely muffled and quiet. This effect makes the Level disorientating and can often lead to insanity.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Group Truck

"Group Truck" is a small group of people who live besides a large Semi Truck they found. They are very willing to talk and trade, and are very friendly. They claim to have once been part of a larger group who found themselves on Level 6. Many of their members perished, but a few were able to escape to Level 108, and chose to stay on this Level.

Base Azŭ

Base Azŭ is a team of explorers which split off from the M.E.G. They're fairly aggressive, posing as the main threat of Level 108. They traverse the Level and hunt whoever they can. Their motivations are unknown, due to their aggressiveness making communication impossible.

Entrances And Exits:


There are currently two known entryways to Level 108. On Level 6, a hallway can be found randomly which seamlessly transports you to Level 108 whilst you walk down it. You can also enter a certain elevator in Level 65, that will take you into an elevator in the middle of the hashtag sections of this Level.


There are numerous exits throughout this Level. Entering into an elevator can sometimes take you to Level 65, though there are reports of other Levels which all have to do with an object blocking the hallways. Examples being a car taking you to Level 69, a model railway table taking you to Level 111 and a garden shed taking you to Level 165. Getting lost in the hallways of Level 108 results in the lost traveller entering through one of the Type 2 concrete boxes of Level 170. Going too deep into Level 108 sometimes leads to Level 155.

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