Level 107
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Class 4

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A wrecked room of 107. Note the power box on the wall.

Level 107 is the 108th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 107 is an expanse of heavily dirtied and destroyed rooms that do not, at first glance, seem to have been inhabited by any living beings in a while. The tiled tan walls of 107 are signature of its appearance, and the roofs above rooms seem to have their tiles forcibly torn out, leaving a writhing mass of wires and unidentified rotten wood supporting the tops of rooms. Many doors between rooms are heavily damaged, and most have fallen off their hinges. One extremely notable thing about 107 is that every single room seems to have a power box attached to one of the room's walls. Steel bars can be seen supporting certain rooms that stretch from the floor to ceiling.

The floors of most rooms are covered in a layer of chipped wood and debris, making strong footwear highly recommended as to avoid injury. Thick opaque windows in rooms appear to emit strong, bright light, but they are the only source of natural light on Level 107, so a light-emitting device is strongly recommended. Level 107 constantly emits an ambient noise described to resemble a screeching audio recorder emitting static. This ambiance can easily cause people to go insane if heard for long enough, usually taking its toll after 72 hours of repeated listening.


107 is plagued with a variety of entities. Wretches can be found in many rooms, often with supplies like Almond Water and rations nearby. Additionally, Mockers, Wormlings infected with The Disease, and Tiletraps can often be found lurking within 107, as well as other common entities.

Reports of other unidentified entities have also been confirmed, and many people that have gone to 107 have reported loud screeching noises coming from the ceiling, but this is not backed up with any evidence.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases or outposts on this level, due to the pre-existing audio conditions of Level 107.

Entrances And Exits:


Recent reports have shown that specific doors on Level 106 will take you to Level 107. Additionally, it has been proven that finding a peculiar well on Level 135 has a very small chance of sending individuals to 107.


107 features certain holes in the wired roof every 35 rooms, according to a new study by researchers. Climbing up these holes in the roof will transport you to another level, usually leading to Level 68. No-clipping through the floor brings you to Level 108.

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