Level 105
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An image taken on a balcony of one of the more run down areas.

Level 105 is the 106th level of the Backrooms. It is a strange but tame level as levels go.


Level 105 is a seemingly endless cathedral. The halls and rooms have green and yellow striped carpets and the walls are made of material expected from a Gothic cathedral. It seems very run down in some areas. The air conditioning works too well in most parts, meaning the level is uncomfortably cold.

The most common creatures here are Facelings, which display the same effect as Level 11.

"Church Service Rooms"

Dozens of these sorts of rooms are peppered around the level. Here, Facelings will occasionally be encountered taking part in what is observed to be a church service in rooms similar to the one in the picture. As they usually don't have mouths, all they do is hum when one would be expected to sing hymns, and it's been described as unsettling by some.

If you join in with them, they will offer you Almond Water after service. If you attack them, they will kill you by drowning you in grape juice1.

"Children's Church”

These are often much smaller rooms, as it is where Child Facelings are usually found. They produce a higher pitched hum during their "hymns". They do nothing as long as you don't touch them. You can usually find some kind of food within these rooms, though it is best to wait until the rooms are empty, so as to avoid potentially provoking any Child Facelings.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases or outposts on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


To enter, find a cathedral in Level 11 and go inside. You will walk through a dark 10 mile hallway before ending up here, or going through a window in Level 126 to get here.


Simply find a Door with an Exit Sign, which will lead back to Level 11. To go to Level 666, you must arrive at an altar or any other religiously significant area, and recite Revelation 13:16-18 of the KJV Bible in English 5 times. A voice of an unknown source will recite the aforementioned verses 1 more time and drag you down to Level 666. If you see balloons near a door, you are near a Party! = )

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