Level 104
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Class 2

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A photo of a television that leads to level 104, taken before transportation to the level.

Level 104 is the 105th Level of the Backrooms, and appears to be a sort of recreation of a stereotypical sitcom set in a 1990's era household.


When entering Level 104, almost every time the Wanderer will appear in the living room or dining room of what appears to be a large suburban home. The home is furnished and complete with working plumbing and electricity, although the faucets and taps only run black water. Cabinets are stocked as if a regular family had been living there, though all of the food product containers have expired dates. None of the food appears to be expired, and has been deemed safe for consumption by Wanderers passing through.

The house itself has the normal rooms of a house such as kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Each varying in look. The house itself is infinite and is furnished in every room. While wandering through the Level you may hear distant chatter in the background, although the source is unknown. Items can be found in different areas where one will expect the item to be. During your exploration one may find many camera set-ups, spotlights and recording equipment lying around some rooms.

Isolation on this Level is very common but is very rare to become a Wretch, as more commonly instead of becoming a Wretch like usual, the Wanderer will begin laughing uncontrollably and cease any movement, not being heeded by lack of breath or tiring. This will continue until they are left alone on the Level; either through other Wanderers escaping, disappearing, or dying. On return to the Level or new exploration, they will not be able to be found on the Level once more. Destroying the Level itself or taking any of the items inside yields a similar result, being somehow replaced or fixed when nobody is there to see it.

Even though this house is infinite, another section of this Level can be found known as the studio.

The Studio:

The Studio is an area of this Level that can be found while walking through the house area. One will enter this area when stumbling upon a room with a missing fourth (4th) wall. In this area will be more recording equipment, set pieces, dressers with cosmetic items, etc. when you enter this area the entire room you were previously in is now a part of a sort of filming set. Many different halls and rooms can be found that are different from the house area.

it is not recommended to enter this area as it is not fully explored and could be very dangerous. it is advised to re-enter the entrance that brought you to the studio area. please leave this area immediately until further study by The M.E.G. Team "Compass Point".

The Family:

A group of six (6) Facelings reside in the Level as if they are the family that lives in this Level, each with varying appearances matching a typical American nuclear family. These Facelings have the Level 11 effect. and seem to act out various scenarios that would normally be funny or wholesome. Due to the strange nature of their performance, they come off more as disturbing than anything else. Not every Facelings is involved in each scenario, but it is unknown where they go in-between such scenarios.

No one knows what possesses these empty husks of humans to perform in the way they do… but they tirelessly jerk and twitch in a strange, mocking way similar to acting, day in, day out. Often they will face a certain direction as if there is something there to react to their acting, but nothing can be seen. These Entities will not notice the Wanderers at first entry, though as soon as the Wanderer interacts with them, they will seemingly incorporate the Wanderer into the show, acting as if they were a guest star, or perhaps a side character. A canned laugh track can be heard almost everywhere in the Level at once as a 'punchline' is delivered. At seemingly random points in the ‘show’ the Entities will disappear suddenly, followed by any Wanderers being moved suddenly to their location, such as a backyard or a bedroom. This movement is almost always jarring, but the Facelings will never take notice of it and continue on as usual, this effect ceases when inside of the Studio.

Any attempts to hurt the Facelings will seemingly interrupt the show. All power will go out, all Entities will stop moving (harmed or not), and it will immediately turn to night despite the previous time of day. A spotlight from an unknown location will shine onto the wanderer who attempted to cause harm. When the light turns off, the aforementioned Wanderer will be gone. A method for recovery of those lost has not been discovered yet, though it may have something to do with the canned laugh track. The track has steadily grown louder since its discovery, coinciding with such Wanderer disappearances.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases or outposts on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


On any other Level of The Backrooms, most commonly Levels 0 through 8, old fashioned televisions can be found constantly streaming what appears to be ‘episodes’ of Level 104. Though it is unknown whether these are prerecorded or just… appear on the television. Attempting to interrupt the broadcast in any way, changing the channel, adjusting the antenna, etc. will somehow transport the wanderer into Level 104.


A definitive exit has not been found, however a wanderer found and subsequently killed on Level 104 said that “finding a door out of place” is the way to exit this Level. Finding a gate in the otherwise sunny backyard-like areas of Level 104 and opening said gate will suddenly transport the wanderer to a similar looking house in Level 9.

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