Level 101
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Class 1

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Level 101 is the 102nd Level of the Backrooms. It is unknown when it was discovered.


Level 101 appears to be a Mountainside Villa in the tropical Indonesian mountains, far away you can see an unknown city, though one person with a drone reported that nobody was in the city. Level 101 only has 1 type of entity, facelings with the Level 11 effect on them. These facelings dress up like real estate agents, and every once in awhile point at something and *try* to talk to thin air. Most of the rooms are spotless thanks to "The Workers" (see below). However, some rooms are covered in mould and dust, if you find these rooms, don't worry, it's safe, there are normally lots of supplies in these dirty rooms. Because "The Workers" didn't clean there, they didn't take their "payment" there. The Level has 3 main areas: the kitchen, with a restocking fridge, the pool, which is filled (debatable if the water is regular or almond), and the yard, which has a trampoline. The level has many bedrooms and bathrooms, which you can sleep in, however, it's not recommended to stay on the toilet for more than 1 hour, Because if the facelings catch you, they will chase you, and fine you, and if you don't pay up, they lock you in the fridge in the kitchen. You can swim in the pool, it's safe. The trampoline if your ticket out of that level, but of course, you can always live in the level, the people there are friendly, the entities are friendly, and the place is safe, secure. Don't jump off the balcony, it's a trap. There is now some new information from an anonymous explorer, it is said that when a faceling enters one of those dirty rooms, it will become hostile, it is unknown what the reason for the event is.

As of now, there are 4 door colours, red (avoid at all costs), yellow (go into the room if you see red), black (perfectly normal room), and transparent (doors that lead to the pool, yard, or kitchen).

Colonies And Outposts

"The Workers"

  • They have 15 members
  • They are recruiting
  • They make sure that Level 101 is in tip-top shape
  • Supposedly the workers of this villa until it no-clipped here.
  • Reside in on of the bedrooms
  • Most speak Indonesian, only 1 or 2 speak fluent English.
  • Collect supplies from rooms as "payment" for cleaning it.
  • Have a massive supply of food, water, etc.

M.E.G. (A.k.a The "Major Explorer Group") "The Residents"

  • Consists of 10 M.E.G workers and 5 volunteers
  • Devoted to explore the level, as it is speculated that it hides more than it lets on
  • Live nearby "The Workers"
  • Laid back
  • They normally slack off, rarely go for expeditions. Have a sudden urge to explore more of the level, and brought in some new volunteers
  • Have a decent amount of supplies
  • All speak fluent english, and semi-fluent Indonesian

Things in the fridge

In the fridge, you can find supplies, like: Almond Water, Some expired canned food, Soda, Pills (debatable if sanity pills), Sandwiches, and notes, for some odd reason, there are letters written on them with what appears to be sharpie.It is unknown of the fate of the writers. The notes include garbled messes such as: "JGNR WU" "TWP" and "KV UCY AQW". As new light has been shed, it is reported from "The Residents" that the sandwiches contain dog meat, and dog fur, as well. Another finding is that in the very back of the fridge, there is a container containing multiple skeletons, it is unknown whether that those belong to the dogs from the seance room, or perhaps and exclusive entity that not even "The Residents" have seen. With all of this new evidence heaping on to them, they have decided to be more active in uncovering the secrets of this supposedly "safe" level. But despite all of this, the food is safe to eat. And every once in a while, some Royal Rations will appear. It seems to have made this level fairly popular.

New Room

We have just received a new discovery, as one M.E.G worker has stumbled across on during one of their rare adventures. It appears to be a master bedroom, filled to the brim with jars of red liquid, amulets, bones, and chalk, almost as if a seance happened there. The walls, unlike most white-walled room, this rooms flooring and wall-paper are blood red. As the other M.E.G workers came in, "The Workers" absolutely refused to go in it, they said that "It feels like a haunted presence resides in it." Attempting to sleep on the bed leads to whispers and an uneasy feeling of dread, reported by one of the workers. Trying to use the bathroom leads to being eaten by the toilet, sadly, the person who was eaten was never seen again. So they had to bring a replacement. Strangely, there appears to be dog beds in a closet, it seems like whoever lived here wither was a dog fan, or used them for sacrifices. Nevertheless this room should be avoided at all costs, as even the facelings run away in fear when they come close to the vicinity of it. That concludes all they could find, as when they were going to have a bathroom break, the door to the room suddenly locked and disappeared. So, if you ever stumble across a red door with scratch marks on it, run to the nearest yellow door, "The Residents" labelled all of the doors that either lead to a secret tunnel towards them or "The Workers".

Entrances And Exits:


To enter, you can simply go to Level 11, find a rock climbing building, and climb the rock wall in less than 5 minutes, when you are about to reach the top, you will feel tired and pass out, and then you will fall for a minutes and end up in one of the beds in Level 101.


To exit, go to the yard, that can take up to 1 hour to 1 month. Then, jump on the trampoline for 1 hour, after 1 hour, you will go through the trampoline and fall for 1 minute, and then land in a bed store in Level 11. Another method of escape is to attempt to drown oneself in the pool, if done successfully, it shall transport oneself to Level 58. However, this method is not recommended, as it is not proven to work 100% of the time.

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