Level 100
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The beach and ocean of Level 100.

Level 100 is the 101st Level of the Backrooms.
Level 100 is a thin line of a beach, surrounded by an ocean on either side of the path.


Level 100 is comprised of a straight path of sand with an infinitely expanding ocean. The sand looks smooth, with the path itself going on for an unknown amount of time. From the singular explorer that travelled here however, the sand trail doesn't seem to have an end or start point. While going along this trail, one can occasionally encounter random objects. These objects will usually be personal belongings like cell-phones, photos, articles of clothing and other small items that would be carried by an individual.

Information on this Level is limited due to only having been explored once. From the information learned, it seems that going far enough down the beach trail eventually leads to the occasional gravestone. Carved on each one is a drawing of a face, although each drawing is childish and rudimentary, the explorer described them as looking calm and though they're at peace. As well as faces, all the headstones have dates on them. It's currently unknown why they're there. But they are theorised to be the date of death, given that they're on a memorial.

Both sides of the ocean of Level 100 are infinite, as even after swimming for multiple minutes, the explorer stated that the horizon never changed and the ocean just kept on expanding outwards. After taking some time to recuperate, the explorer decided to dive into the ocean depths. The ocean was mostly featureless, comprised entirely of sand. One can get clear visibility under the water, which easily displays the endless descent of the ocean floor. All comprised of nothing but sand, which eventually solidifies and clumps into rock.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, communities or outposts on this Level.

The Shadow

The Shadow is an entity that is viewable only in one's peripheral vision, although there have been reports of The Shadow on many Levels in the Backrooms, the main residence for the Entity is theorized to be Level 100. Although it was initially believed to be invisible, new research has shown that the Entity has extremely sophisticated Camouflage, being able to accurately mask itself in the environment to the point where seeing it is almost impossible, leaving only its shadow visible.

M.E.G. Interview Log 8872

Date: 31/08/2018
Interviewer: Alex Patr
Interviewee: Holly Clove

<Begin Interview>
Alex Patr: So, could you explain what happened Miss Clove?

Holly Clove: W-Well, I was in Level 11.. I was just going around on my own, everything seemed fine until I heard some chatter down the road! I was curious, cus I thought it was you guy's speaking. But it turned out to.. well, it wasn't anyone M.E.G., it was some different group. They started chasing me, for whatever reason, and so I started to run. I didn't want to enter any of the building becau-

Patr Cuts Clove off

Alex Patr: We know, just explain what happened. Not to be rude, but we're interested by your discovery.

Holly Clove: Right, well after being chased for a while I decided that I could just play dead. In hindsight.. It's a terrible plan. But I thought it'd be worth a shot. I got out of sight of them for only a few seconds, and used that as a chance to lay sprawled out on my stomach. I was near those faceless guys too, so I only assume the attacking people thought I was killed by that!

Alex Patr: And then what?

Holly Clove: After that they just left, but I was worried they were tricking me. It did seem like too much of an easy win.. After laying there for a while, I felt something pick me up. Before I had a chance to react I was stood on a thin strip of sand. Th-There was some water either side, and it was all very bright and warm and tropical. I also couldn't see what took me, but I think it was some shadow creature? maybe?

Alex Patr: Did you find anything there?

Holly Clove: Mhmm! As I walked there were random items on the beach, I didn't pick them up, but there were pictures of people, phones, whole bits of clothes, and some other stuff like lighters. Just stuff people would carry, y'know?

Alex Patr: anything else?

Holly Clove: There were some headstones the further I went, they didn't have names, only calm and relaxed faces and dates. It was weird, I didn't touch anything.

Alex Patr:You mentioned a 'thin strip of sand', was there anything else there?

Holly Clove:Yeah, it was all just water. I went for a swim, just going outwards for multiple minutes. I saw no change in the horizon. It was just ocean, forever. I took some time to get my energy back, and then dived down. Th-The seabed just went down forever, and all that sand just became rock. It was actually really clear under there too!

Alex Patr:How'd you get out?

Holly Clove: Well after I got out, and got a quick photo, I decided to walk around a little more. After a few hours I got really thirsty, so when I found a bottle I was pretty happy! So I picked up the water bottle on the beach, only to be grabbed by the sides and taken to Level 0.

Alex Patr: Anything else Miss?

Holly Clove:uhh.. nope, that's all.

Alex Patr:Well, thank you Miss Clove. That's all now.

<End of Interview>

Entrances And Exits:


The true way of entry is currently unknown, since any attempts to recreate the original way inside have proved fruitless. Nevertheless, the previous way of entry was to play dead until The Shadow transported you to Level 100. This first time this happened was on Level 11.


To leave, one has to tamper with the objects and presumably gravestones scattered along the beach. Doing so will attract the presence of The Shadow, who will then transport you to Level 0.

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