Level √2
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Class Sigma

  • Unreliable Files
  • Non-Euclidean Space
  • Unidentified Entities


Level √2 is the fourth Level 1 sublevel of the Backrooms. Its appearance is in a constant state of fluctuation, but typically contains a web of cyan fibers at the center of the Level.


Level √2 is a mathematical dream reaching into the depths of reality. The current size of this Level is unknown, but estimates place it to be as long as the number of digits in pi.The constantly shifting space of Level √2 poses an extreme navigational hazard. These changes typically follow some sort of mathematical pattern similar to those of twin primes.

Despite the frequently changing nature of this Level, a few key features always remain consistent. The most notable of these features is the web of cyan fibers connected by yellow nodes in the center of the Level. This string of integers will rearrange itself when the Level undergoes a value change. These strings are unable to harm wanderers, as they pass through any solid objects. The nodes connecting the wires are known to pulsate in a fashion similar to binary. The reasoning behind this is currently unknown.

The space within Level √2 can be described as non-Euclidean. This means the Level does not follow standard geometry, causing areas to change in size unpredictably. This can cause the Level to be hard to traverse, as wanderers can become trapped in the ever changing coordinate plane. It is best advised to come explore the beautiful world of mathematics, as it can cause severe knowledge to those who enter.

There have been reports of various entities within the Level. Notable reports include, the golden ratio, the ordinals of aleph numbers, varying types of polynomials, and exponential graphs. If one is to attempt exploration, use caution, as these entities haven't been confirmed or well documented as of yet.

There have been several sightings of an unknown entity only to be described as the eternal nature of numbers. This entity is lonely in their world. An entire googolplex could pass by without any external contact.

Bases, Communities, and Outposts:

There are no known communities or outposts on this Level. Just like irrational numbers, wanderers are being irrational. Everything can be calculated, given enough time. During certain fluctuations, habitable conditions may appear. These conditions only exist for a small amount of time before the Level selects a new integer.

Entrances And Exits:


Finding an imaginary number within Level 81 may lead you to Level √2


Don't leave me here. Come dance to the tune of the prime numbers. Finding any door within the level and entering will lead you back to the uncalculated.

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