Level 1.1
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Class Variable

  • Varied Safety
  • Unsecured
  • Varied Entity Count

A picture of Level 1.1 a short distance down the hallway in Sector 1, with the camera pointing back towards the entrance.

Level 1.1 is a Sub-Level of Level 1. It resembles a long, straight corridor continuing for an unknown distance.


Level 1.1 is a straight, narrow corridor in Level 1 that stretches on for an undetermined distance. The walls are made of cinder blocks painted white, and the floor is blue tile. Much of the level follows this blue and white colour scheme. Occasionally, exposed piping and ventilation ducts appear through cracks and holes in the walls and ceiling. Much like Level 1, Level 1.1 is abundant in resources because of the many crates filled with supplies scattered throughout the level. However, these crates become less frequent the further one ventures into the level, making it difficult for explorers to travel long distances. Explorers are not separated upon entry in Level 1.1, making it possible to travel in groups. This has led many explorers to embark on expeditions through the level. Many attempts to reach the end of Level 1.1 have been made, but none have succeeded. This is not due to inaccessibility or the distance to travel, but the dangerous variance in overall safety and entity count.

The further one continues down the corridor, the more unstable the level becomes. There are four distinct sectors of the tunnel (as well as one unconfirmed sector) ranging from completely stable to very unstable. The later sectors are extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Sector 1

Sector 1 is the first sector of Level 1.1, and the most explored. It is easy to access and has a large number of resources located in crates. The height of the ceiling varies, being anywhere from 7 to 12 feet high, however, the width of the hall stays consistent and is about 12 feet wide. The humming of fluorescent lighting is present in this sector, much like Level 0. It is common for Sector 1 to have many explorers at once, however, the amount of explorers in the sector at once drops significantly after Outpost 2. There have been no documented dangerous entities in this sector. Sector 1 continues for an estimated 10-15 miles.

Sector 2


A flat area of Sector 2. This picture was taken during a M.E.G. operation to explore the level.

Sector 2 is the second sector of Level 1.1. While considerably more dangerous and unstable than Sector 1, experienced explorers should have no trouble navigating it. Many of the sector's features are glitched. In parts of this sector, it is possible to noclip through a wall into other areas of Level 1. The floor in Sector 2 is often slanted at odd angles, creating steep hills and drops. The sector becomes increasingly more difficult to navigate, as the angle of the floor changes drastically the further one ventures into it. The colours of the corridor may change to abnormal hues, identical sections of hallway may repeat over and over, and pipes and ducts may block parts of the hall. It is estimated to be between 5 and 50 miles long but is difficult to measure because of the confusing nature of this sector. If this sector is as long as the most reliable estimates believe, it is the longest sector in Level 1.1.

Hostile entities are scarce, but Smilers, Hounds, and Skin-Stealers occasionally appear in this sector. Explorers can easily seek shelter in some of the outposts located along the length of this sector. It is recommended that explorers travel in groups from this point onward. Staying alone in later sectors leaves one susceptible to attacks from dangerous entities.

At various locations in Sector 2, markings can be found on the walls, floor, and ceiling. They appear to be written in an unknown language and have not been able to be translated.

Sector 3


A picture of Sector 3 taken from the end of Sector 2.

Sector 3 is the third sector of Level 1.1. It is very unstable and difficult to navigate. Even seasoned explorers would have a hard time traversing this level, but one outpost has been established midway through this relatively safe sector. Because of the instability of this level, it is more likely that one can noclip back into a different area of Level 1.

Much of this sector is shrouded in darkness, and overhead lighting or flashlights do not appear to change this state, however, there are occasionally areas of bright light in parts of the sector for reasons unknown. No apparent light source has been found. The ceiling in Sector 3 is much higher than that of Sectors 1 and 2, being about 20 feet tall. The width of the corridor varies from 6 to 20 feet wide in this sector. For unknown reasons, Sector 3 exhibits a faint smell of antiseptic, which is not present in other sectors. Smilers commonly inhabit this level. Encounters with other entities have been documented, but are difficult to prove because of the darkness of the sector.

Sector 4


The only known image of Sector 4, taken shortly before the photographer retreated to safer sectors.

Sector 4 is the last confirmed sector of Level 1.1. It is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Not much is known about this sector other than what is apparent in its image of it. It appears to take on a black-and-white colour scheme, and is incredibly unstable. Reports from the expedition that discovered it say that the sector undulates wildly, making it nearly impossible to navigate. Survivors reported experiencing acute vertigo, nausea, and loss of equilibrium. Much of this sector has no collision. Noclipping through the level drops one into a presumably endless void.

Masses of extremely dangerous entities inhabit this sector. They do not appear to obey the laws of gravity and float freely through the level. Some entities are glitched and generate with mutations (one explorer described a Skin-Stealer in true form with the wings of a Deathmoth). Very rare or unique entities such as are also known to generate here, leading many to believe that an anomaly caused the sector to duplicate entities and mutate them.

The group of explorers who ventured into Sector 4 returned with seven less members, two badly mutilated, and six that had mutated. Those that were mutated had extra arms, abnormal holes in the body, and other oddities with no ill side effects. Sector 4 was recently cordoned off by the M.E.G. in an attempt to prevent further incidents like this one. A sign at the end of Sector 3 reads: Warning! Do not pass this point. Death is imminent to all who enter Sector 4. Despite this warning, several explorers have vanished from Level 1 and it is theorized that Level 1.1 was the cause of these disappearances.

Sector 5

Based on accounts from members of the party that ventured into Sector 4, there may be a fifth sector. Several members spoke of a “further level” that they saw when they were in Sector 4, however many of these explorers died shortly after or were driven insane. Because of this, the M.E.G. has not confirmed any of these claims. The only description consistent among survivors was that of a beacon of light that drew explorers towards it through unknown means. Below is a video transcript of an interview with some survivors.


Two warring groups fight for possession of Level 1.1, the Tunnel Gang and M.E.G. Team Corridor.

M.E.G. Team Corridor

Team Corridor is a group commissioned by the Major Explorer Group (M.E.G.) to explore and document Level 1.1. This includes organizing expeditions to document less well-known sectors and cataloging entities found in the level, among other things. It consists of about a dozen permanent members, as well as some temporary M.E.G. researchers and explorers that explore the level. Team Corridor also manages and supplies some of the various outposts on this level.

The Tunnel Gang

The Tunnel Gang is a group of vigilante explorers who lay claim to Level 1.1. They are led by a man known simply as Blade, however further research has determined that he is a former member of M.E.G. Base Gamma named Miles Mason. They are relatively hostile and are constantly warring with the M.E.G. for control of the level. The Tunnel Gang believes that the conceptual Sector 5 may be an exit to the Backrooms, and have made multiple attempts to do so. There are 6 permanent members of the Tunnel Gang. They have gained possession of an informal outpost at the end of Sector 2 (see “Jakob’s Hut”), which they now accept as their headquarters. Although hostile, they are rarely dangerous. Their weapons are extremely primitive, fashioned out of the scraps of supply crates left around Level 1. For this reason, many explorers have been able to fight them off for access to Sector 3.

The M.E.G. has elected to leave the Tunnel Gang alone and has even attempted to make peaceful negotiations with them, all of which the Tunnel Gang declined. One M.E.G. representative reasoned that the Tunnel Gang provides materials for explorers venturing further into the tunnel without the M.E.G. having to use more materials restocking it.

A notebook containing a short written exploration log was recovered by a lone explorer in Level 1, presumably written by a member of the Tunnel Gang. It has been transcribed below.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities


A basic map of outposts and other safe locations.

Several outposts and safe places exist in Level 1.1. These outposts are stocked with various supplies and resources for explorers. Outposts located in the earlier sections of the level might be permanently manned, but later outposts are often uninhabited and only visited to be restocked every few weeks or months. Many of the five outposts have been established by the M.E.G., but some are independent outposts. Outposts are usually located in an area where there is some kind of variation in the tunnel. This includes small recessions in the wall where the hallway might widen to 20 feet or more, or large rooms that can be accessed via short side hallways. It is unknown what causes these anomalies to appear in an otherwise uniform hallway.

Entrances and Exits

Level 1.1 can be conveniently accessed by traveling due south of M.E.G. Base Alpha in Level 1. A sign is posted outside of the entrance signifying its existence. Level 1.1 does not appear to be accessible from any level besides Level 1.

Level 1.1 can be escaped by backtracking through the corridor and exiting through the entrance to the level. Noclipping can also land explorers in a random part of Level 1, however this is unpredictable and should only be used as a method of escape in emergencies. Note that noclipping out of Sector 4 does not appear to return explorers to Level 1. There are no documented ways to access levels other than Level 1.

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