Level 0?
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Level 0 is the 1st Level of the Backrooms.


Level 0 is a collection of randomly segmented rooms and hallways with a consistent rusty brown tone covering the walls. The floor is made of hard grey concrete, with occasional stains of blood. The roof is lit up with powerful lightbulbs specially designed by the M.E.G. The sound of working machinery can be heard though this level. Hounds and Skin Stealers can be found, but uncommon. Grey pipes run along the walls, and can emit “The Steam” if tampered with. Rare minerals lay in the walls, so the M.E.G inserted pipe systems in the walls to suck out these rare minerals. However, The Steam also lives in the pipes.

The Steam:

The Steam is a creature that lurks in the pipes of level 0, trying to stop the M.E.G from stealing the rare minerals. When the pipes are disturbed, The Steam can emit from the pipes. The Steam will float towards wanderers and dissolve in their face. Wanderers have reported loss of vision, hearing, and going insane faster. The M.E.G also noticed that people who are affected by The Steam will have no pupils. The effects of The Steam can be treated with a healthy dose of almond water.

Colonies And Outposts:

The Splinter Warehouse

The Splinter Warehouse is an outpost consisting of 3 members of The Splinter. These members of the splinter live in the warehouse, and give out supplies to other Splinter members, such as food, weapons and almond water. They are very aggressive to people of the M.E.G.

M.E.G Mining Site

The M.E.G Extraction Site is where the minerals extracted by pipe can be processed and refined. It consists of 10 M.E.G members, but allow Wanderers and M.E.G members to stay. They also trade and sell minerals. They are aggressive toward The Splinter.

Entrances And Exits:

Entering a door named “Factory” will bring you to Level 113, and there is also a factory door to this level there.

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