Level 0.1
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Class 3

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Level 0.1 is a Sub-Layer between Level 0 and Level 1 in The Backrooms.


Level 0.1 consists of many cube or rectangular shapes in random and chaotic structure. The entirety of the level is lined with carpet on all sides. The carpet is usually a dark blue with other mixed colors, but the carpet slightly varies from cube to cube. The carpet always has distinct straight lines that run parallel to the cube's edge.

Some walls have even shown to defy gravity allowing someone to sit, stand, or walk on them, however due to their rarity not much else is known. The entire level is filled with a thick light blue fog that limits vision to around 70ft. Staring at the fog, especially when the fog is thicker will summon a being that travels the level. The being is the only known entity on Level 0.1. Said being is known to have at least six limbs that usually reach out from the fog to grab the staring occupant. Many refer to it as QWERTY due to its long spider like appendages.

The area has shown to break clocks and divert time. Many felt as if they had been there hours or minutes but they could have been there for years or less time then they've felt in the area. It is known that people here felt hungry one moment and the next feel full despite never eating. The only known objects in this area are chess pieces. If you try to pick up a chess piece without touching it, you will still be able to do so, however doing so changes its size based on perspective.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known colonies or outposts on this level.

Entrances And Exits:

Level 0.1 is a mostly unexplored Level that can be found when travelling in Level 0. The only entrances known are from random cutoffs in Level 0. These cutoffs show no pattern and often can't be seen until you fall and enter. Most entries consist of a normal hallway or room cut in half showing mirror images from both sides when looking at it from Level 0. The illusion ends when you cross this mirror which is followed by a steep cliff going from 10ft to 30ft far. Most accounts consist of falling into Level 0.1. It is theorized that Level 0.1 appears when a portion of Level 0 No-Clips on to itself.

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