Let's Count Together
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Let's count together. One… Two… Three…

Exceedingly cold mornings tyrannize the start of my days, and although I enjoy waking up much earlier than everyone else in town, I still feel an endless lack of something whenever I get up.
It is as if my enjoyment for anything I would do on a daily basis was simply removed from my head.
My days are filled with a tremendous amount of work in a big factory located not far away from where I live… We produce all sorts of consumer goods for both the locals and anyone willing to pay the absurd prices…
No. I get no payment whatsoever, but it does not phase me… A house is all I need to be alright.

But the house I was given was nothing but an old, undecorated mess of a mansion. I even took it upon myself to redecorate everything, and restore any damaged parts.
Most of the mansion simply lacked any uniqueness, and everything seemed out of place. The wallpaper was absolutely unacceptable, and I had to switch for something more biological.
But, either way, I could still enjoy my mornings. That was before I got to work, of course. But until then, I'd happily lay down on my bed watching the sunrise, enjoying a nice cup of coffee while watching old cartoons on the TV.

All of this has been nothing but an escape from the horrors that linger around the Level itself…
…"Nothing bad will happen", they said. "Do not mind the enticing and manipulative red shade in the sky. It is of no worry". "Everything will be fine".
They told us that.

Surprisingly all of my friends and co-workers are missing, and it appears that they have been unseen for a couple of days or even weeks, to be precise.
And those who are not gone simply ignore me or treat me as someone inferior, and do not really act like the friends I expected.

But that's alright, they'll soon help me…

I was told to stay at home tonight. The psychologist had told me that he noticed some strange behavior I exhibited. I did not get phase by such, I merely accepted, as I knew I was not doing mentally well.
I was forced to stay at home so I could not hurt myself or others; I didn't bother trying to reason with him or anything, I had accepted my fate.

I knew I would bore myself to death if I remained at home by myself, so I invited a dear friend of mine, to come over and have dinner with me. It would be a beautiful, delicious dinner underneath this bloodbath of a Level.

Oh, I think she is coming! Great, just in time!
Come on help me out here… Hide behind the closet door and count with me, okay? I promise this will be a fun game.

Let's do it together…

(The guest knocks on the door, and upon realizing it was unlocked, proceeds to enter. Presumably, they had known each other for long enough for the guest to feel alright entering the house.)

Red skies fill the landscape, blood rage ensues upon us.
1… 2… 3…

(Heading to the living room, the guest calls for the owner of the house multiple times, only to get silence as a reply.)

Unrecognazible subjects, and sights forbidden to mankind.
1… 2… 3…

(Awaiting to be received, the guest walks around the house to find out what is going on. Maybe the owner of the house was trying to prank them or something.)

Witness the depths of creation and what no human was ever intended to see.
1… 2… 3…

(Upon walking down a corridor, the guest notices a red fluid leaking out of a closet of which the door had been breached with a sharp tool. Taking a look inside the guest finds a dead body, with a severed throat.)

You're doing wonderful. But be careful, he's close…
Come on, let's continue.

(The guest, close to freaking out, slowly makes their way back to the entrance, only to find the door was locked.)

You may never escape his wrath.
1… 2… 3…

(The lights go off.)

But hear my words, you'll be safe.
1… 2… 3…

(And all you could hear were footsteps, as you try to peek out of the closet slowly.)

And finally we…



"You won't believe this dude! My wife just bought this old mansion and we are going to be living in it!"

"I know… I know I told you that this Level was giving me the freaks, but look at this fucking place!"
"I mean…" (Shuffle) "…just look at this stuff! This is such a nice place to live it!"

"I just hate these walls, damn rich people and their weird tastes for rustic shit…"

"What even is this? Thin layers of paper on a wall?"

"Look man, I have no idea what the fuck this stuff is, but it peels like so easily… It's almost entertaining."

"I know haha… I must be pretty bored huh? I mean it was a long trip, you've gotta give me that.

"But… Heh… These are some odd patterns as well, they look like veins engraved on a thin layer of paper. There are also some numbers and names written on these…"

"What are these supposed to…" (Door slam)

"Sir! I need you to step away from the walls! Please."

"What's wrong…? I am just removing the wallpaper from the walls…"

"S-Sir… That is not wallpaper you are peeling off the walls…"


"Let's Count Together" by MyrandFoxMyrandFox

Entry for the Spookycon 2021

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