Leo Castellos

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Name: Leo Castellos

Possible Location(s): Level 222
Known affiliations: The Lost

Leo Castellos is curator and manager of Level 222, his museum. Born in Athens, Greece during the year 442 BCE, he is one of the oldest POIs on file. He appears to be in his 30s, despite his true age. He is an expert in entity biology and behavior, creating a museum to show off his work.

Dear Archivist,
I rewrote the existing description of myself, and I would really prefer if you leave what I've written on this page as it is. I found the old one rather… lacking. I apologize if this messed up your system, as I don't really know how to use computers.
I almost forgot to mention, I have a new entity catalog template. If you recall, I gave your organization the one widely used today. That one was merely a prototype, you may use the newer version I included later in this page.



I would formally introduce myself, but the summary of me above has already done that. It is correct in the fact that I am over 2000 years old now. I was quite surprised that I never aged once I fell into this place, as you probably were too. I don't have a very interesting backstory, unlike many other people here. I grew up to become an architect, but one day I tripped over a rock and fell into "The Backrooms" as you people seem to call it.

I wandered various places for what felt like years. Given my age, it probably was years, actually. It turns out that a wide variety of creatures inhabit this reality, and I wanted to understand them. With no idea of what to do with my new life, I decided that studying these entities would be a worthy endeavor. I'd love to go into all my notes and observations but it would clutter up this page, so I won't. The life within the Backrooms doesn't follow the rules of biology in the normal world. Inanimate objects can be fully sentient, along with creatures whose biology doesn't make sense. Life finds a way here. In a way that I don't understand, but a way nonetheless.

After a long day of chatting with one of my friends in Level 11, I decided it was time to go. When I was walking down a street to leave, I came across what looked to be an art shop. I decided to go inside for a quick look, but I didn't end up in the store. I found myself in an art museum, partially filled with pieces. I've accumulated quite a collection of entity specimens and documentation over the years, so I moved all of it here. I decided to renovate this art gallery into a museum to call my own. My museum has been designated as Level 222 if you want to come and visit. I would really appreciate it if you stopped by and looked around. I've poured my heart and soul into my studies, and I hope it pays off.

I guess I should mention my affiliation with The Lost, more specifically, The Lost Legion. They are one of the Allied Nations mainly consisting of ancient Greek and Roman wanderers. I'm still technically a part of their group, but I decided to leave their main outpost in Level 2. Some of my close friends stop by sometimes, and, on occasion, meetings between The Lost Suns and Legions occur in my gallery.


Why is the header for this titled Behaviors? I'm not some animal, I'm a person. Behaviors is a rather odd term to describe personality and routines.

I currently live in my aforementioned museum, but you can often find me around Level 11. Many of your people seem to consider me a "chill" person, as they put it. Although the term would imply I am cold, apparently it's a compliment so I will take it as one.


Did I mention that I like scones?

As I previously mention, I am affiliated with The Lost… sort of. Originally, I was a part of the Legion. I disagreed with their aggressive and nomadic ways and just wanted to live my life out in peace. I still talk to some of them, but I cut most of my ties with them. It was nice to meet others from where I'm from, though. I miss my old life, but there is no way I could return, even if I could go back home. Society, as you would expect, has changed over the two millennia I've been gone. If you're from the past few decades, I would love to speak with you and learn about what life outside of here was like.

My favorite food is cherry and honey scones, I would really like to have some. I am horribly allergic to dogs, so please keep them away from me. This is just turning into a "Fun facts about Leo" page, isn't it?

Additional Info: Notes Template

I've also decided that I would leave a template of my entity notes in case anybody reading this file is interested in studying these creatures. I love to seeing what all of you discover!

If you ever do need help with your research of entities or discover new ones, just head on down to my museum. I would love to discuss it with you!

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