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i think this page might be a bit heavy on computer lingo but everyone i ran it by was okay with it and like got it and stuff so

by your local faceless homie of the hour scutoid studiosscutoid studios

From: Yellow
To: Amelia Vane

Thanks for consulting with me on this project. I'm glad to hear that the AI has been able to successfully complete all your tasks thus far. I personally have tested its natural language capabilities for a few applications such as automatically blocking spam e-mails, while intelligently keeping the rest, saving me a lot of time.

I think you need to go ahead with the plans for the next stage of development. The Everything Machine is basically your child project at this point, so you don't need to think twice about using it for this next stage. I don't care what exactly it is you do with the AI, just keep it working and try to expand its knowledge as much as possible as I have plans to use it for automatically writing GPD articles in the near future.

Thanks, Yellow.

From: Amelia Vane
To: Yellow

Hi. I have something to report. Yes. Big big something please look at the attachment thanks bye


From: Yellow
To: Amelia Vane

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