Kalag Backrooms Div.; Senior Archivist's Office
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The Senior Archivist's Office is the office of an individual known as Gani. It's used as a place of employment for their job with The Kalag Institute. The exact location of the "office" is currently a mystery, and the only hint at the actual existence of this room comes from the person occupying the room itself. A document written by the occupant was recovered from Level 11, and it's to be assumed the office is on the Level as well. The document has been provided for you to view at your leisure.


It's a slow day, everyone. Well, I guess this isn't to anyone in particular. There just seems to be a much-welcomed lack of people dying today, and my hands still have a need to write. I wanted to document my office, just for fun, I guess. Never know when I'll finally get out of this hellhole everyone calls "The Backrooms", so I should keep track of the nice memories while I can.

For example, my newfound interior decorating skills! It isn't much, but I've managed to get a nice overall feel in my new office. One of the perks of having an omnipotent being for a boss is that I manage to get all kinds of nice stuff from all kinds of time periods. I think the best example would be this vase (which I was able to get from my hometown! I put some sampaguitas in it) which originates from a few years after I was born. I've managed to get a nice color scheme, and I looked through buildings for a month trying to find myself a corner office.

The view's awesome, in my honest opinion. During my previous life, the highest up I would get is when I would climb up onto the mast of my old boat, but the view from these buildings is amazing. Even if they aren't entirely accurate to what it must be like in the real world, it's probably one of my favorite things about this office.

Other than that, it's a quiet area. As much as I wish I had literally anyone else on this job with me, it's nice to have some quiet around the office. Plus, I can turn my records up as loud as I could possibly want and no one's here to tell me otherwise.

As far as the entities everyone's concerned about, what with me having to work with them, I'm a bit less concerned than others would be. Aside from the normal precautions, like locking doors and lighting the office, I have the added bonus of not being able to die permanently. Entities here are rare, but even with the rare exceptions I'm more than safe. Plus, the stairs to get up here are one hell of a climb, so I doubt any entities would go through all of that just to get to me.

In general, this job doesn't pay nearly enough for what I have to do, but I have a fairly nice setup for while I'm stuck here. The people are interesting too! Even the dead ones, on occasion. I despise the conditions of being here, but I definitely don't have it half as bad as everyone else.



Despite the lengthy and detailed description of this location, none of our volunteers have been able to locate the office. It's to be noted that the office itself doesn't seem necessarily dangerous or unsafe, but caution is advised as usual when exploring areas with little amounts of information, and could be considered less dangerous by Gani than it would be to an average person.


It's thought to be accessible from somewhere on Level 11, though it's unknown exactly how to find the specific building.

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