Kain Petrie

The leaves shrivel away at the sight of my hand.

How fitting for nature to take away everything from me.

As I did for you.

Left only with my life, I wander the halls, the meadows, the dirt.

How different is it really to be above the ground?

You don't need to cease life to truly die.

Not a stone to my name except the ones within my pocket.

So I keep going, weighed down by my past.

Some sins cannot be forgiven.

Lost in the depths of despair, but I have nothing left to lose.

The earth coats my feet as I walk through it.

My mouth feels like shattered glass.

Would my tongue still work if I tried to use it?

I see no point in trying to find out.

I raise the canteen to my lips.

But all I taste is blood.

I can taste it on my lips as I close my eyes, and in the morning, it remains.

My shoulders need only to lift my head, but the memories weigh so heavy.

If only I could hear your voice one final time.

See your smile.

To see that, I would trade for my lips to never curl up again.

Blood always mixed with tears.

But now I have nothing left to bleed.

If only the roots could take hold again, but the soil is long dry.

It cascades over the ground, blown by wind.

All that's left are bones, but I can feel you within the plants.

See you in every flower. Every leaf.

Your cold eyes plead.

But in the end, there's nothing left for me to give.

Kain Petrie

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[NAME]: Kain Petrie

Last Known Location(s): Level 499
Known Affiliations: Amor Incrementum

Kain Petrie is a former member of the agriculture-based religious group, Amor Incrementum. He has long, dark hair and appears to be of Greek descent. He is usually seen barefoot, wearing a tattered black cloak. Petrie has frequently been sighted roaming the halls of Level 499, and he has refused any attempts at communication, often running away when spotted by wanderers and M.E.G. Members. He is believed to have been a high-ranking member of the group, but at some point in August of 2020, he left Amor Incrementum for unknown reasons. Before his disappearance, he was very well respected within the group, often giving sermons and leading various religious practices.

Relevant Documents

The following is an excerpt from a sermon Petrie is alleged to have given a few months prior his disappearance.

Since my joining of Amor Incrementum, I have learned many things, and I am passing this knowledge onto you, for if a crop is not correctly cultivated, its yield will be weak and diseased. So I impart to you the knowledge of this world.

The first thing you must understand is that this is not your realm. Not just this place, but everywhere. Nature has been here long before you. Long before humanity even existed. You are merely treading across soil that is embedded with her roots. You are like a bird's nest sitting atop the branch of a great tree, perilously close to the edge, for if nature wished it, she could easily crush you between her branches. No, this is not your realm, and so you must treat it with respect. Would you track mud into the house as a guest? Then you must treat nature the same way, for this world is her house, not yours.

We depend on nature too, and nature chooses to let us live. We must appease her lest we be like the mosquitos who suck the blood from a cow, desperately trying to sustain ourselves while the fact that we could be swept away at any time is held over our heads. We would not be alive without nature, none of us would, and for that, we must repay her. We must give our bodies to her as she did to us and let her feed as we have so greedily done to her for our entire lives.

Do you remember picking wild berries in the forest when you were young? How the sweet nectar dripped down your throat as you reached for another handful? But were you thankful for the pure joy that nature gave to you? That nature had been giving to your kind for generations? Of course you weren't. You acted just like the animals you are, rushing desperately to the feed trough to steal whatever you could. For this ungratefulness, you must repent, and I can help you. We can help you. We can help you appease nature and earn her forgiveness. It will not be easy, but you must, and we will be there for you all along the way. Just remember that no matter how far you climb, you're always just one missed handhold way from falling down below.

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