Phenomenon J5 - "Yes-clipping"
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An example of yes-clipping.

Phenomenon J-5, otherwise known as "Yes-clipping", is a phenomenon that occurs when one fails to no-clip. Several dozen researchers of the M.E.G. have committed strenuous hours of study into this phenomenon and its functions, and have brilliantly compiled the information that can be found in this article.



This is a diagram of me maybe-clipping. Note how the M.E.G.1 is nowhere to be seen because they are a bunch of douchebags.

When one fails to no-clip, or "yes-clips", they will be subject to a few different affects: the individual in question will promptly collide with the surface they attempted to no-clip into, causing mild discomfort and pain relative to how much force was put into the attempt; the individual will explode2; the individual will maybe-clip3.

The most prominent mystery of this phenomenon happens to be how one is able to collide with the surface that they attempt to no-clip into. Usually, no matter the scenario, one will conveniently slip straight through the wall on the first try. I mean, I’m the main character of this article, so why would I have time to waffle around colliding with a solid wall? That’s just silly. Either way, we need to do a little more research before entertaining the idea of breaking this complete anomaly down to a science.

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