Joke Object 47 - "the stupidest thing I've ever heard"
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Object 47, commonly known as "spectral cannons", are a type of weapon developed by M.E.G. operative Captain Liu in association with Backrooms Robotics.


A typical spectral cannon.

Why does it look like someone mauled an FN SCAR with the photoshop warp tool?

Oh hi aether. what's up?

your gun is shit

This is still only Mk IV

well it looks stupid

Spectral cannons function nearly identical to typical firearms, although admittedly a little worse. Their ammunition is prone to sudden teleportation, being transported to the blue channel far away from any target.

Then what's the point?

Captain Liu is currently working on a solution to hopefully anchor the projectiles to reality.

oh ok


The projectiles used have a 7.9mm diameter, and taper to a sharp point.

so the bullets are shaped like bullets


what a surprise

Their shape allows them to fly at 610 m/s, assuming gravity and air composition matches that of Level 11.

As bullets are hard to fabricate without the large factories, molds, and metal supplies humans have taken for granted in the Frontrooms, Liu has devised an alternative source. This gun is reloaded when it is plugged into a wall socket with a-

Wait what? no, no way. that can't be right.

what's up?

you plug it. into a wall socket.

it's ectocyclical necrosion, dumbass. I've explained it to you like five times already

right, you're making bullets out of ghosts now?

if that's what you want to call it, sure

I'm telling you, there's a difference between turning spectral energy into matter and flipping pinholes in reality

it literally does the exact same thing

yeah, except multiverse manipulation is ripping apart spacetime in order to rip apart metaspacetime


so We're All Gonna Fucking Die

not according to the hyperspectrometer. plus, all my calculations match up with what's happening, so it should all be going as planned

your hyperspectrometer is broken idiot
plus, these "calculations" are the same ones that said 35/5=9


ignoring all that, where do you even plug in the damn gun? do you just wrap the cable around the handle or something?

there's a socket on the barrel

that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard

says the guy who thought firesalt was edible



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