Joke Object 333 - "Green Lighters"
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An image of a standard Green Lighter taken by an individual who is currently unidentified.


Green Lighters are objects which take the appearance of a standard green lighter, though having anomalous properties which differentiate them from their Frontrooms counterparts. Essentially, Green Lighters may be the explanation to the appearance and disappearance of levels, entities, and other life forms and spaces inside of the Backrooms. The most frightful prospect is that, with the assumed properties of Green Lighters, everything and anything could be erased completely at the push of a button. Of course, being objects, Green Lighters cannot actually click buttons, and they are not conscious beings, though they do seem to exhibit a level of decision-making of some sort. To put it more specifically, Green Lighters effectively have the ability to release cold or hot flames which can either freeze something into place in the Backrooms, or burn it out of existence.

Physical Properties:

Functionally, the basic properties of a Green Lighter are exactly the same as one that can be found in the Frontrooms, being able to light anything on fire through a gas-powered switch on the top of it. However, a differentiating factor that Green Lighters exhibit is that they have infinite fuel, somehow. The lighter fluid within Green Lighters never depletes despite heavy usage, and can only be determined by shaking the lighter because it is indestructible; the lighter cannot be damaged in any way whatsoever, being completely unable to decay. Aside from its anomalous properties, Green Lighters are very useful in everyday survival, and are a key component in most wanderers’ lives in the Backrooms.

Non-Physical Properties:

Most of the non-physical properties of Green Lighters are speculative, though there is merit to them due to the small pieces of evidence that have been collected. Green Lighters, as stated previously, are able to physically burn levels, entities, other objects, and more out of existence through their hot flames, which are seemingly activated at random; however, the randomness of this activation has been debated due to the unconfirmed presence of an entity which controls these items—


Hi :) You shouldn’t snoop around in other peoples’ business.

Overseer A: wait what in the world

???: Hello.

Overseer A: What the— how are you accessing this page and who are you? This pages access is restricted to high ranking M.E.G. personnel only. If you don’t exit this page immediately you will face consequen—

???: "pages" should be "page’s" here, and you fail to link the M.E.G. page. "high ranking" should be hyphenated. Additionally, when writing formally, you mustn’t use contractions, though I do understand that you may not be intending formality in this message.

Overseer A: What kind of a joke is this? Leave this page now.

???: No. How about you leave?

Overseer A: What do you mean how about I leave I’m the one who’s—

Overseer A’s access to this page has been removed.

RatifTheRatGod!: There we go. That guy sure didn’t know how to handle critique. Anyways, I’ve got more important things to do.

RatifTheRatGod!: @ghostchibi Make me a greenlighter.

ghostchibi: Not yet.

RatifTheRatGod!: Fuck you.

ghostchibi: Eat sand.

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