Joke Level Fridge
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Class 3

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A photo of Level Fridge with its human-like Entity in action.

Level Fridge is an infinite series of halls lined with Refrigerators.


Level Fridge is not dangerous at first, but the Level's Entity has some hostile effects. This Level is filled with different types of refrigerators, some of which have power. The refrigerators that are powered have meals inside of them. These meals will be hot if eaten hot, even though the refrigerator itself has cold air. When observing Level Fridge, you notice that you are scaled down compared to your surroundings outside the normal sized refrigerator halls. The entire Level is a enormous fridge store. Any attempts to walk towards these refrigerators will result in failure. When attempts are made, you will never appear to get closer to the refrigerators outside the normal refrigerator halls. One of these Refrigerators includes an 'X' written on the top left corner. No one knows what this means as of now.

The only entity present on Level Fridge is "The Refrigerator Guy". The Refrigerator Guy is a humanoid East Asian Male with a yellow shirt, who can be observed walking down the halls of Level Fridge with a smile on his face. If the Entity spots any Wanderer, he will proceed to walk towards the Wanderer. Once within reaching distance, he will place his hand on a refrigerator, whilst repeating the phrase "I Love Refrigerators!" Once the phrase is stated, an effect can be noted with the Wanderers. It will start with the Wanderer in question repeating the phrase, followed by the Wanderer following the Entity. The more movement made after this the Wanderer will slowly start to freeze into a block of ice after a few hours of following. The Wanderer will be stuck in the ice for another hour until eventually transforming into a refrigerator.

This will have the Wanderer temporarily become a sentient refrigerator and can communicate to others via telepathic communications. This will grant the Wanderers new abilities such as food generation, water/ice dispensing, Level Transportation, infinite knowledge, telepathy, laser beams and vehicle transformation. The Fridge body and effect is sadly temporary and will be lost after a few weeks of exposure. The fridge body will disappear and you'll return to your normal form.

Here are a few reports from Wanderers that had experienced these events.

That was weird man, although I always wanted to be a Transformer since I was a kid. -Reed L.

You know, it wasn't as bad as I thought, you know, being a refrigerator and all. - Saffron K.

I love Jerrfrigerators! -Jerry

I don't fucking know, I dispensed food!? - Overseer-C

I'MA FIAH MAH LAZAAAA- I should have done that earlier. - Overseer-B

I couldn't say 'Gonk' physically anymore. - Overseer-A

You know no one has ever thought of me as a freezer before. - The King

Hey! Not bad for a hunk of junk, I can probably turn this into a game! - Entity 99

Come join us in the fridge, there is so much great food for a party! =) - Partygoers

… - Faceling

Wait, that's illegal! - Argos

"…I stank of cheese for a month." - ████████████

Colonies and Outposts:

The Fridge People:

  • This Group was created to live in Level Fridge.
  • The Group has around five (5) people.
  • They use the refrigerators to their advantage.
  • They are considered the most powerful Group in Backrooms History and we must hail them as our new overlords.

Entrances And Exits:


To enter, you can enter by finding a refrigerator on any Level and walking inside and shutting the door behind you. Doing so will cause a massive explosion and send you flying into Level Fridge.


To exit, some refrigerators are entrances to other Levels, or you can ask The Refrigerator Man nicely to leave. All hostile effects will be inactive by this point.

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