The Blancherooms

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Class 1

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  • Unstable Topology
  • Non-Hostile Entities

Unlike Level 906, cameras work here.


The Blancherooms is very similar in appearance to the Cygnus Archive. Like the Archive, Level 906 consists of an infinite victorian library with books and other artifacts lining the shelves. Unlike Level 906, however, the library that makes up The Blancherooms is in a state of extreme degradation, and its layout is much more convoluted and disorganized than its counterpart. Stairways often lead into walls; floors sometimes slant at untraversable angles; and locations have been known to change drastically when out of view. Many books can be seen lining the shelves of the level, but upon closer inspection, one will find that every book in the level is volume one of the 1965 novel, "Dune" by Frank Herbert, translated to Portuguese. These books frequently contain a multitude of typos and unfamiliar sections not found in the original novel. When asked about the level, Blanche claimed to not have any knowledge of it.


Throughout the level, travelers can occasionally find unique entities which bear a superficial resemblance to Entity 140, more commonly known as "Blanche". These entities are generally non-hostile but should be treated with caution when approached, as their actions and behaviors are highly unpredictable. Interviews with several of them have been included below. For more interviews, please view the attached document.


"Benche" is an entity that resembles Blanche except that her torso is shaped like, and functions like, a park bench. Notably, she also has a second pair of legs which helps hold her up, and her two pairs of legs also allow for surprisingly fast locomotion. She seems generally amicable and regularly invites wanderers to sit on her lap and rest for a while.

Interviewer: Rita Cain
Interviewed: Benche

<Begin Log>

Benche: Hello dear, would you like to take a seat?

Rita Cain: No, I think I'm alright.

Benche: Oh, I insist! You look so tired; I'm sure it would feel very good to get off your feet for a short while!

[Benche scurries around so that she's situated right behind Rita]

Rita Cain: Well, okay.

[Rita sits down]

Rita Cain: Wow, your lap is so soft!

Benche: Of course, dear. It's my job to keep you comfortable.

Rita Cain: Why exactly is that something you feel obligated to do?

Benche: Ah. What a strange question… Why do any of us do anything? I keep people comfortable because it makes them happy, and that makes me happy. I can't help people overcome trauma or anything like Blanche, but at least I can do my own small part, and that's enough for me.

<End Log>


Blank appears similar to Blanche in shape and stature. The main two differences between them are that Blank appears as though she's rendered in greyscale and that she lacks a face. Blank is one of the most unpredictable entities on the level, so it is advised that wanderers take caution when interacting with her.

Interviewer: Rita Cain
Interviewed: Blank

<Begin Log>

Blank: Hello dear, would you like some tea? ea? ea? ea? ea? ea? ea? ea? ea? ea? [Each "ea?" is preceded by the sound of a cassette tape rewinding]

Rita Cain: Y— Yes…

[Blank manifests a porcelain teapot and two teacups out of the ether and begins pouring tea onto the floor approximately two inches to the left of the cups]

[Rita tries to move one of the cups under the stream of tea, but it won't budge]

Rita Cain: Uh… Blanche?

[Blank continues pouring for 47 more seconds and then stops]

Blank: My name isn't Blanche. That's her name.

[Blank manifests a third hand and points towards the wall next to her at a slight downwards angle]

Blank: My name is [audio failure].

Rita Cain: Uh… Nice to meet you, Blank. Can you tell me anything about yourself?

Blank: No. No. Yes. No. No. No. No. No.

Rita Cain: How long have you been here, Blank?

Blank: Since the dream started.

<End Log>

Blanche DuBois:

Blanche DuBois is a blonde woman who was found wandering the halls of The Blancherooms. She bears very little physical resemblance to Blanche and seems, for all intents and purposes, to be a normal human.

Interviewer: Rita Cain
Interviewed: Blanche DuBois

<Begin Log>

Blanche DuBois: H— Hello, is someone there?

Rita Cain: Hi, what's your name?

Blanche DuBois: Oh God! A real person! God, I've been in this dreadful place for so long… Do you know the way out?

Rita Cain: Not really, to be honest. The Database says that if you just walk around for long enough, it should take you to another level.

Blanche DuBois: D— Database? What are you talking about?

Rita Cain: Never mind that; just keep walking around, and I'm sure you'll find your way out eventually. Anyway, I still have a few more Blanches to interview.

Blanche DuBois: O— Okay.

<End Log>

Merch Blanche:

Merch Blanche looks identical to Entity 140 but with the notable difference that she is always seen wearing clothing and hats with drawings of Blanche printed on them. She sells a variety of Blanche-themed "merchandise items", which can be purchased through trade with her.

Interviewer: Rita Cain
Interviewed: Merch Blanche

<Begin Log>

Rita Cain: So, you introduced yourself as "Merch Blanche". What makes you that and not just "Blanche"?

Merch Blanche: Well, my parents named me Merche, but I always thought that name was kind of tacky. I mean, it's a terrible pun. Like, Benche I kind of get because it sounds like Blanche, but Merche is stretching it a little bit. So, I figured I'd just cut out the middle-man and say my gimmick right off the bat.

Rita Cain: Gimmick?

Merch Blanche: Well yeah, like, my gimmick is that I'm Blanche, but I sell merchandise— Well, I'm not Blanche. I don't even act like her, but you get the point.

Rita Cain: Is it— Uh, is it weird to you that your life is based on a "gimmick".

Merch Blanche: Not really. A lot of people have gimmicks. Like, your gimmick is that you're the stock interviewer character. I mean, you don't even get a plot until Level 532, and even then, it immediately peters out.

Rita Cain: What?

Merch Blanche: Uh… Nevermind. Say, would you like to buy a Blanchesicle? They're made from 100% organic Blanche!

<End Log>

Objects Sold by Merch Blanche:

Blanche Steak:
A piece of meat which looks similar to a normal slice of steak. Anyone who has taken a bite out of the steak has unanimously declared that it "tastes like Blanche", though the specifics of this taste change wildly between tasters. It is unknown how these steaks are manufactured or their connection with the real Blanche.

Blanche Stake:
An ordinary, elongated piece of wood which Merch Blanche says is very useful for hunting "Blanchepires", as well as putting up tents.

Beyond Shirt:
A black t-shirt which has the phrase "I witnessed the beyond, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt". The significance of this phrase is unknown.

Blanche Ranche [sic]:
A bottle of ranch dressing which has a chibi Blanche drawn on the front. No irregular effects.

Duna, Volume Um:
A normal Portuguese copy of the first volume of the novel "Dune" by Frank Herbert. When questioned about this product, Merch Blanche said, "there are a lot of these in the level, so I might as well sell them. I haven't actually read it, but I watched the movie, and I thought it was pretty decent."

Duna, Volume TWO:
A normal Portuguese copy of the first volume of the novel "Dune" by Frank Herbert with the word "Um" scratched out and replaced with a sloppily scrawled "TWO". When asked about it, Merch Blanche said that it would be the "perfect addition to anyone's Dune collection".

Entrances and Exits:


The Blancherooms can be entered by running your finger across the signature of any of the unique entities native to this level. These signatures can be found in Portuguese copies of the first volume of the novel "Dune" by Frank Herbert, which are scattered across various levels of the Backrooms.


There is no known concrete exit to The Blancherooms, but wanderers have reported finding themselves in another level after wandering around for long enough.

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