Joke Level 818

Alrighty, professional coldposter here! Let's see, hmmm, 818! Perfect! No one will ever find this one…

First of all, remove the rate module, heheheh…

Alright, next up… Level class… Eh, who cares?


Class Epic

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Can't forget to photoshop in an image that slightly resembles something from the level.


A wall containing a large Rune.

Okay, now. Can't forget, it's not a coldpost if its good! So, let me just put some grammar mistakes… Mhm… And of course, I shall never bold the name of the level.
Level 818 is the 818'nd Level of the Backrooms.

Well, hmm, let's see, I don't seem to have any level ideas so I'll just steal some ideas from my friends. Oh wait, I don't have any. Well, whatever. Anyways!


So, good ol' description… Yet again, following the coldpost rule of thumb, I'm going to go ahead and casually forget to put the level number, and put some bad grammar.
Level n is labyrinth of black hard plastic-walled halls and some rarer types of rooms.And, no, I am not going to be describing these rooms. The walls appear to be made of some hard, metallic plastic material, which doesn’t clang when hit.That's good, repeating myself, and unnecessary detail!Rarely, you can find strange runes on the walls. The Runes can be small, or, they can be very large, sometimes stretching across entire hallways. This level is very bigAnd finally, forget to put a period! There we go.

Now for a bunch of unnecessary extra things to make this level seem good at a glance! Can't forget to have inconsistent colon usage.


Good old extra period.
Runes are glowing symbols found on the walls of Level 818.. They have several unique properties, and can come in many colors.

I'm feeling like putting an improperly formatted header… Yeah, sure.
The Runes within this level emit a constant radiation. The radiation is usually not dangerous to wanderers, unless they place their hand on the Rune.How does this work? Doesn't matter. If a wanderer has placed their hand on a Rune, side-effects will occur after roughly a day. These side-effects are not like the typical effects of radiation exposure, instead, they are more comparable to that of a fever. The radiation will not harm the wanderers whatsoever.Why not? I don't know. You can get rid of the effects by drinking Almond Water. Drinking the liquid contained inside the rune is highly unadvised.Explanation? Nah.

More weird formatting…


I don't even know if this part's supposed to be here, but who cares?
The level has a few types of entities wandering around the halls, such as Let's throw in… those dog things, Facelingsof course, the creepy smiley faces, and um…acid-bois.Why not?

Gonna go ahead and add a useless and short "paragraph" or two.


There are several rooms on Level 818, that are dispersed inconsistently throughout the level.


Halls are the most common structure that can be found in the level. These halls can stretch for miles. Pointless sentence, why not?They have all the criteria listed before.

Some more poor formatting…

Entrances And Exits::


The most common entrance is to find one of the doors on Level 21 labeled ”𝐗”, though there are some reports of no clipping through a painting of this level on Level 57.


The only known exit to Level 818 is to break open the wall above a rune. You can only break these walls by using a sharp, titanium, object. This will drain the rune of its thick, viscus neon liquid. Gonna go ahead and add something that doesn't make sense.Drinking it will transport you to Level 4. If you take this liquid, you can drink it later, to go to Level 4, as it is imperishable. However, it is unsafe to hold it for long as you will start to feel the liquid's side-effects.

Phew, finally done. I think that's all for today. I'm out!

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