Joke Level 743
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yoyoyoyo! I'm @, but you can call me AA. So i was like, walking around n shit, and i just start floating into heaven. Weird, i thought me being a serial killer would get my ass in hell. But hey, not complaining. Anyways i wake up in some clouds. Pretty fluffy i'd say, and im just walking around. WIFI is shit, but works. Guess i'll say what weird-ass things are in here.

some eye thing or something

Idek what the hell it is, but it is a literal pervert! >:(


All i gotta say is :floshed:

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Bitch does it look like i know?

Additional Content Plead For Help.

i fucking hate this im hungry and angy

Entrances And Exits:


Uhh… Oh yeah i entered through one of those forest levels.


Uh, wait! no, no. Yeah i have no fucking clue what i'm doing.


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